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  1. Celestial Avians

    You are different. You have known that ever since you were a child and your tattoo first appeared. A silver map of lines and dots upon your skin whose meaning had eluded you for the longest time. And then, one day, you found it. Your tattoo. In the sky.
    Not long after your discovery, your parents enrolled you in a boarding school located in Montana. The place was beautiful. The buildings themselves were exquisite and expertly built. The scenery was breathtaking; surrounded by lush forests and tall mountains. And yet... something felt off. Eerie, almost. But you had classes to focus on, and so you pushed the feeling out of your mind. It returned however, when you saw another teen with a silver tattoo.
    There are others like you. And you want to find them.

    However, there are also others like you that you do not know about. They bear the silver tattoos, but their intentions are far more grim...


    You are a teenaged human now residing in Montana at a prestigious boarding school called Night Branch Academy. There are students here from varying backgrounds and places. Honestly, it's a bit overwhelming, but you'll adjust.
    You recently discovered that your mysterious tattoo was that of a Latin bird constellation. And you've also learned that some of the other students here have similar tattoos. You've decided to seek them out to find out what they know about the strange tattoos.
    You've also noticed that recently, strange things are happening at Night Branch. It gets dark out far quicker than it should at the end of summer. Strange animals have been seen prowling the academy grounds at night. And against your better judgment, you're determined to find out the cause.

    Constellations - Birds
    The birds are naturally champions of good and light, hoping to return the world to balance in times of darkness and unrest. There are nine birds in total, with Phoenix as the leader.

    Aquila, the Eagle: Jory, played by a1joryj
    Apus, the Bird of Paradise: Soule, played by Pandamonium
    Columba, the Dove: Selene, played by Manakete
    Pavo, the Peacock: Kenna, played by Adira
    Corvus, the Crow: Brennan, played by Ace
    Cygnus, the Swan: Eva, played by Intricate Fabulist
    Grus, the Crane: Shai'ahn, played by Phi Chisym
    Phoenix, the Firebird: Philomena, played by ResolverOshawott
    Tucana, the Toucan: Caelus, played by InfinitExel

    Gallus, the Rooster: reserved, played by Phaz
    Noctua, the Owl: reserved, played by Phi Chisym

    Constellations - Serpents
    The serpents are bringers of darkness and death, always seeking the plunge the world into chaos. They are stronger than the birds and far less pure. There are five serpents in total, with Opiuchus as the leader.

    Draco, the Dragon: Keith, played by dreamthief
    Hydra, the Water Serpent: Monica, played by Phi Chisym
    Hydrus, the Water Snake: Whitaker, played by Ace
    Opiuchus, the Serpent Holder: Winter, played by Intricate Fabulist
    Serpens, the Serpent: Eden, played by Whirlwind

    Roleplay Rules

    No controlling of others' characters unless you have permission from them.
    No killing another character unless you and the character's roleplayer have both agreed to it.
    Please inform us if you're going to be absent for an extended period of time.
    Swearing is allowed. Use it when you want, but refrain from overuse.
    Please don't go into overly sexual scenes in this roleplay. This isn't the place for that.

    Currently in the roleplay...

    12/26/2014 - Signups have begun.
    12/29/2014 - The roleplay has begun!​
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  2. Students, new and old, chattered amongst themselves in the academy auditorium. They were all sitting in distinct groups determined by grade. The crowd looked relatively uniform, but a few odd students stood out sorely... mostly the ones with hair dyed in bright colors like blue and red.

    The auditorium lights dimmed and an older woman walked onto the stage, her black heels clicking rhythmically as she walked. Her style of dress was proper and businesslike, and her hair was stiff as she walked. She halted at the podium set in the center of the stage and turned sharply to face the audience. She was smiling radiantly, the auditorium lights illuminating her golden hair like an odd sort of halo.

    "Welcome, students new and old, to Night Branch Academy. I am your headmistress, Elaina Green, though you will refer to me only as Headmistress Green." Her tone was pleasant, yet firm. It was clear that she liked order and wouldn't stand for disobedience from anyone. "We at the Academy are delighted to have you, and are all looking forward to spending the next 36 weeks with you. The Academy will become your new home during that time, and its students will be your family." The headmistress paused expectantly and the older students, knowing what she was waiting for, began to clap. Once the noise died down, she resumed. "Now, you all signed up for your classes when you enrolled. You will all be receiving your schedules and your dormitory arrangements soon. If I can have your attention for just a bit longer, I'm almost finished. This is very important.
    If any of you feel at risk, threatened, or afraid, please see a teacher, your dorm parent, campus police, or myself immediately. We strive to create a safe learning environment for all of our students, and we need your help to ensure that our high standards of safety are met on a daily basis." She nodded matter-of-factly. "Now. You are all to report to your dormitories immediately for orientation from your dormitory parent and to receive your class schedules. If you need help finding your way there, please ask an older student or a teacher. And again, welcome to Night Branch Academy. You're dismissed." Headmistress Green smiled cheerfully, sending the students off with a pleasant wave of the hand. The lights brightened again and teachers opened the auditorium doors to release the students.
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  3. Eden’s coffee colored eyes moved slyly around the auditorium. It seemed some of these people already knew each other. She knew no one. No matter. One of the best ways to make friends was to turn existing friends against each other and then claim the better one who now needed someone to talk badly with about their ex friend. The girl smirked, pleased by her own thoughts while she played with the ends of her long brown hair. It laid smooth and straight over her collarbone, falling to her stomach, covering almost all of her silver serpent tattoo. She wore a denim romper with brown ankle boots, completely comfortable while judging those around her.
    Eden’s thoughts were interrupted however as the hum of young voices lowered with the lights above them, most faces turning towards an older woman whose heels clicked with the power she exuded over the place. A small frown tugged at Eden’s lips while the old bitty rattled on, even rolling her eyes at the suggestion of running to a teacher if anyone felt threatened. Just grow some balls and put up with it, the teen thought to herself with an audible sigh once their intro speech was done.

    Eden stood up with many of the others, watching the building’s doors open. She wasn’t exactly sure where she was supposed to go, but everyone was flooding out so she simply followed. But just before heading outside, a bird that had gotten trapped in the auditorium fluttered down, almost nipping her head. Eden ducked before snarling slightly. “God I hate birds.”
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  4. ♡ ▪ Winter ▪ ♡ -- Opiuchus
    [BCOLOR=inherit]He heaved a sigh, eyes fluttering shut as he listened to hesitant applause. Few of the students held to a mouse-like quality, cowering into their [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]seats as if making themselves look smaller [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]would help them be unnoticed. It was a pro[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]found[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] contrast to his last [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]school full of attention seekers and misfits. But then again, you still had the majority. Winter took a glance around, noting the genteel pride and flaunting antics of the privileged. It was almost nauseating, almost, if he wasn't one of those privileged. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]As the students rose, he half expected them to salute to the headmaster in farewell. Thankfully, his speculation was wrong. Pushing himself from the wall he leaned against, his muscles tensed in disapproval. The movement was too sudden and the stiffness clung to him like snow to a wool jacket. He shook it off, though still feeling a bit jaded. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]"I need to get to my dorm."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]He followed after the other students, shoving a few out of the way who were a bit too chatty with their friends. A girl yelped as she fell to the floor.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]"Hey! What's the big idea?!"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]He stopped and glanced down, shrugging like[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] her outcry was nothing. "The big idea? You were slow and I don't like slow people. Move it or lose it." He flashed a small smile before walking[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] away, leaving a group of on lookers in dismay.[/BCOLOR] When he reached outside, a bitter nip of frozen air whipped through him and he forced down a shudder. Stuffing his hands deep into his pockets, he quickly headed for the dorms to find his luggage and get to his room.

    ●» Eva «● -- The Swan

    Okay, so maybe she had skipped the 'official' greeting to school. Maybe the reason for that was because she had gotten lost inside of the school. And possibly that happened because she was trying to find a signal for her phone. Eva clenched her jaw, teeth grinding against one another as she hurried down another empty hallway. She was well aware that she wasn't suppose to be here. She was suppose to be getting a room mate and her room.

    "Where is the exit? I swear I've passed this door before."

    She twisted back around only to halt when she heard the echo of voices and low thunderous footsteps. Breathing a soft sigh of relief she followed the sound and reveled in joy. All the begging and pleading had worked and now she was at a school far from home with no need to worry about squawking aunt's and awkward affairs. Pushing away a straying curl from her face, Eva hurried on only to find the gradual traffic of moving students.

    Eva huffed slightly and squeezed her way in, being herded out along with everyone else. But unfortunately, Eva had no patience for this. Eva kneeled down close to the floor and scuttled between the legs of her peers. Her face burned in shame as she realized what she was doing. "Of all the things I could have done and I do this?"

    But in the end it didn't matter. She made it outside and could finally breath. Placing her hand against her chest, she waited a moment for her heart to calm. Regaining her composer, Eva headed towards the building. "I'll have to call Auntie later", she murmured. The doors were beautiful work of architecture. Unlike the main building, there held a classic touch to them. Green ivy rode high upon the sides, clean and cut in a seemingly periodic fashion.

    Eva along with a few other students entered the dorms, but unlike the rest she headed straight towards the rooms.
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  5. His head swam with thoughts that he felt weren't his own yet they all sat so comfortably in his mind. The world though bright outside was even brighter inside as he walked down the halls and to the auditorium. Ceiling lights beamed down at him all on their own causing him to squint away from them. He wasn't quite sure when or how he got to where he had to be though the moment he opened the double doors loud cheers and clapping hit him all at once, making his heart beat wildly. His eyes opened wide and he looked through the man billions of faces. Well, billion might be an exaggeration. A wide smile spread across his face even more so as the crowd turned his way and began to exit the auditorium. It wasn't until people began to bump and push him did he turn and move with the crowd. He heard people all around him mutter and groan about the New Year and through it all he could make sense of none of it. It wasn't until a girl mentioned her dorm did he remembered he'd have to find a place to sleep for the night, or rather, he was given one.

    Truth be told, he was as high as a kite and was slowly but surely coming down from it. His parents knew and even his siblings knew of his addiction yet after time and time again of trying to get him to stop they finally gave up. Well, they wouldn't call it giving up. They sent him here to help him which he was fine with until he found out the next city anywhere around here was miles upon miles away. He was distraught with the idea and took it all out on his stash which his mother took from him before he could get to it. It forced him to use what he was planning to use here which was a dam shame. He had nothing now. Yet, he couldn't think of anything more but his family’s affectionate hugs as they told him goodbye and handed him his things. He craved human touch when he was like this and cuddling was his main problem amongst many when he got this way. Being hungry was another issue.

    It was only when his head began to pound lightly that he groaned and ran a hand through his hair. His vision blurred before going back to normal and the light only seemed to get brighter now, much more irritating before. Leaning forward he pounded his head against the wall. What wall was it or where he was he had no idea. He vaguely remembered someone telling him where his room was, or was it a chart? His thoughts swam and he looked around him to the hustle and bustle of other male students swarming into their rooms, laughing and chatting with their roommates. He turned his head and looked to the number displayed on the door to his left. It looked wrong. Turning all the way around and looking to the door across the hall he tilted his throbbing head that looked better. Pushing himself from the wall he walked across the hall, dodging who he could and running into who he couldn't until he turned the handle and nearly fell in when he found the door was already open.

    Catching himself on the door he was able to slow down his fall enough to land on the bed rather softly. A bed which so happen to be placed neatly in front of the door. He pressed his head into the plush pillow, groaning once more in pain and clutching the blanket underneath him. He was coming off his high and he was in pain and hungry. With that though he looked up from his the pillow and towards the dresser by the bed. The light from outside shone into his face just enough to get him to growl under his breath. If it wasn't for the giant slurpie cup sitting so close to him he would have ripped the curtains from the window and the sun right out of the sky. Of course, seeing as how the ripping the curtains would have made things worse and the sun was top far he instead reached out and took the cup.

    Sitting up and dragging himself to he was leaning against the head board and facing the door he brought the straw to his lips and drank. The coolness of the blue ice calmed him only slightly and helped his headache just enough for him to sigh and look around the room. His things sat in the corner right next to someone else’s things he didn't recognize. Well, who knew, they could have been his things he hardly remembered packing. It was at that moment that his head ache decided to come back with a vengeance and he brought his knees to his chest, clutching his head with his arm, curling into a ball with his slurpie close at hand.
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  6. Shai'ahn & Ilonzah

    "I don't see how this is right, or just, to send me away to a foreign land, to a private school, when I've never stepped foot outside my home and the country of my birth. Do you see any reason for this, Ha-neul?"

    The family driver lifted his eyes to rear-view mirror, wondering if the sweet girl's question was the last on her list. She was staling, which he understood perfectly. But, time was wasting away and if he didn't report to Mr. Davenport soon, he'll have a whole new problem to deal with.

    "Miss Shai'ahn, your parents know what's right for you," his deep Korean accent sounded. "They must have be listening to your silent pleads for freedom. They given in, and now you complain?"

    The tensed new student shrugged her shoulders with a shake of her head, not quite sure how to respond to her friend. "Well, I'd figured freedom meant going to public school...in Korea... Not thousand miles away from all I've known... And where are they? They send you to see me off, to make sure I adjust well to the unknown... Don't they really care about me, or just about..."

    "Shhh!" The older driver's eyebrows folded into a horrible looking V upon his forehead that always gave Shai the chills, turning the adorable assistant into that of some evil spirit of danger. "No words. Keep those thoughts safely tucked away where no one can hear them." She knew how serious he was on that particular taboo subject. Without arguing her point, Shai just sighed and nodded her head. That seem to make Ha-neul happy enough to change the subject - to the very one she was trying to avoid. "Silly child, enough with your chirping. You are late, and so am I. We must go."

    She didn't have a chance to start up another debate, for Ha-neul was already out of the driver's seat and opening her door. She wasn't sure how long they sat in the parked car. She barely recalled the moment they passed under the gates of Night Branch Academy, but unfortunately they were there. As the cloudy light entered the back of the car, Shai'ahn had her first glance at her new home. The campus looked empty - not quite intimidating without herds of people marching about. Maybe this won't be so bad...

    Ha-neul helped her with her bags and together they headed to the dorm building marked in her enrollment packet. As soon as they reached for the double doors...

    "Oh, hello there." A calming voice behind them scared Shai'ahn silly. Turning around with a squeal, she was face to face with a warm caramel faced woman gently smiling. She blushed with embarrassment for being frightened out of her socks by this gentle soul. The woman raised a hand to her for a welcoming shake, "I'm Ilonzah, the Girls Dorm Mother. I just noticed you walking up and wanted to let you know there's an assembly going on right now for new students."

    Shai froze in place with eyes as wide as pumpkins, "A-An assembly? Now?" It was one thing to start her first day there in a quiet, non-threatening environment. But to sit with a room-load of strangers in a strange place to listen about strange things was far too much for her so soon.

    Ilonzah instantly realized the young girl's fears and stepped to her side, tucking her little hand into the crock of her elbow. "Look, I'll take you to the assembly and sit with you, if you like. You really shouldn't miss the first one. There is someone in the dorm's front office that can assist your friend with your luggage."

    Ha-neul was reluctant at first, but knew that he couldn't hold onto Shai's hand forever. This was her moment to begin sprouting. He politely bowed to Ilonzah, "Thank you very much, Miss Ilonzah." He looked at Shai with a tilt of his head, "Are you okay, Shai'?" He asked, trying to give her courage through his strong stare. She nodded. He collected the bags from her and left them.

    Ilonzah cheered, "Wonderful! Now, let's get going before you miss all the fun." They began to cross the campus, quickly. Shai didn't speak a word, except to introduce herself softly, but her new Dorm Mother chattered about the campus and the location of various buildings as they walked. Once they entered the auditorium, the Headmistress was winding up her announcements.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"If any of you feel at risk, threatened, or afraid, please see a teacher, your dorm parent, campus police, or myself immediately. We strive to create a safe learning environment for all of our students, and we need your help to ensure that our high standards of safety are met on a daily basis."[/BCOLOR]

    Shai gasped and turned to Ilonzah, "Um, are there many - threats - that happen on campus?"

    "Not many. It's just a precaution that our Headmistress takes - to remind all students of the help provided for them - if there's any problems."

    "Okay," relieved, the tension in her stance seem to relax a bit. "That makes me feel better. I'm...not use to...places like this."

    Ilonzah smiled, "Well, places like this are not so bad. You'll be able to make friends, learn about new things, and soon you'll adjust." Just then, the assembly was dismissed and the two stepped outside before the crowd took over the courtyard. They filed into the crowd of girls slowly splitting off towards their dorm building. "What was your name, hun?"

    "Shai'ahn Davenport..." Her strong accent was barely audible under the noise of the now active campus. Her oval eyes darted to and fro, proving that the overbearing crowd was a bit distracting to her.

    "Well, Shai'ahn, if you need any help while you're here, just give me a call, okay." Ilonzah handed her a business card, one with her office number and her private cell phone. "I'm always available. If you've lost your way, or you need someone to listen, just call and I'll find you."

    Taking the card, Shai almost felt normal for once. Even as they stood there in the sea of bodies going here and there, which would normally send her into a panic, Shai'ahn didn't feel paranoid or confused. She was relieved to meet someone who was patience with her, even without knowing the reason for the need. "Thank you... I really do appreciate this." She stared at the card in her hands, holding it tightly like it was her new security blanket. "I-I'm new to this country...and to schools like this. It's just a bit scary to me."

    With a nod, Ilonzah patted the girl's shoulder, "Understandable. I'm originally from Haiti, so I know exactly how you feel. I won't lie, new places can be scary, but trust me, you'll conquer it. Come on, let me show you to your room. Maybe, I'll be able to introduce you to your roommates." Without a second thought, Shai'ahn walked with her into the dorm building and the start of her new world.
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  7. An Assembly. The word had a sweet, foreign tangibility as he rolled it around in his mind. Almost sweeter than his blueberry Slurpee that he slowly drained. With means to save some for later, he hid the artificially flavored and colored drink into his backpack's side cup holder. He stared at this gigantic room with an odd sort of wooden floors and large bleachers, his auburn eyes drank in this new experience.
    Soule was a boy who had everything at home, his childhood, his living quarters, his education. He and his many siblings never had a reason to have formal schooling, not when they had their wise, old parents.
    As he had scaled the bleachers now, pausing for a moment to pick lint off his plaid over shirt, he wondered why out of his siblings, he had to come here. He supposed being the only one with a rather intricate design of a bird birthmark was rather suspicious, he didn't feel very special compared to his other bothers and sisters. As he took a seat upon the hard surface, he'd start to wonder about it, starting to drift off and lean back against the seat behind him.
    His attention would suddenly snap back into reality, perking at the sound of a vocal scraping in the air. His curious and slightly pain filled eyes would direct themselves at the older woman who came to address them, sitting up and hunching his back with his elbows on his knees, his brown eyes large ovals. He waited silently throughout the whole thing, very intrigued and in waiting, until she took a step down. Wait- Soule's brow would furrow. Wheres the fancy drumming of the band and all the instruments? Cheerleaders and the like? He'd sigh, easily pushing the warning of the headmasters away when he realized this wasn't the kind of assembly that grow the students school spirit, the pep rallies, he believe they were suppose to be. He tried to understand that, and had made some progress, but just a boring speech?
    Soule would bring a hand to run across his brow, pressing his pointer and middle finger deep into the gap between brows, trying to rub away his disappointment. He felt rather silly now, thinking of the stereotype he had messed up. Frankly, he felt like heading to his new, and hopefully empty dorm, and not being bothered. It wasn't a hard task, considering he didn't know a single soul here. With a sigh that was both one of relief and of a man used to social solitude, he departed from the scene and flipped out his school planner from the blue starry mess of a sack that was his backpack. Licking his finger to comb through the pages till he found the folded paper of his schedule, finding his room in the map.

    Soule tilted his head back in defeat as he finally turned the water off, blinking away the water that still sprinkled from the shower-head. After fifteen minutes, and not a hint of warm water to be felt, and he had a deep, stomach churning fear that it never would. It was like the family bathroom in the morning all over again. On a more positive note, it had calmed him down from his so far disappointed views on the "school life."
    Stepping out into the cold air with a raise of goosebumps, he snatched the blue towel from its hook and quickly tried himself off like it was a contest, making his hair spikey and flat and his body mostly dry. Slipping into his jeans once more, further drying his jet black hair as he walked out, thinking of calling his parents and telling them his sad tales of school- Ahhh. A shiver would run down his spine.
    A crumbled figure would take over those brown, curious eyes. It was not only a crumpled figure, but one in his bed. But the worst part, the part he most feared in all his years with a chillness that ran down his shoulders, was the Slurpee in his hands, threatening to spill over its brim.
    "Ah, excuse me," he'd say lowly, brow furrowed as he lightly stepped over. "I'm guessing you don't have a fear of cooties?"
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  8. OOC (open)
    Sorry for taking so long to post, but I'm here now and shouldn't delay too much in the future. ^^"

    Both of these intro posts are sort of filler-y, I apologize for that too lmao, I just wanted to get something down

    When Branwen arrived at the Night Branch Academy, she was feeling pinpricks of nerves—not a wash of salty ocean water, but feather-soft, gentle jolts of adrenaline. Branwen wasn't nervous about anything in particular, except maybe that it was just a new place, a new school. She found a parking space and entered the building with time to spare. She sat in the auditorium, politely ignoring the students sitting next to her. When everyone got up, so did Branwen, taking her time to linger in the back as most students rushed to get out. She only had a vague idea of where she was going anyway.

    Eventually she got through the doors and followed where a majority of the girls seemed to be headed. Branwen had her black, thin hair pulled over one shoulder, and the first of her luggage following her on wheels. She eventually tracked down the right room number, and tentatively opened the door. She peered inside, and found none of her other roommates yet, but she did discover the beds. Specifically, three of them. Branwen tried not to sigh to feel too disappointed, and hoped at the least her roommates would leave her alone in the event they didn't get along.


    In one hand, Whitaker lugged a black carry-on, and his other hand held the paper with his dorm number. Behind him, looking particularly out of place, was an older man by the name of Manny. He wasn't a servant, though Whitaker's family was fairly well off, but rather a friend of Whitaker's father. Whitaker felt very little toward him, except a sort of acquaintanceship. His mother promised to call him later, his father would probably send his love through her. It was all very uninteresting and Whitaker felt bored imagining his whole day to be unpacking and meeting people.

    They got to his room, Manny showing signs of obvious exertion while hefting a couple of suitcases, and Whitaker opened the door. He kept his thoughts to himself, though Manny was more verbal.

    "Nice room, eh?" he said as he followed Whitaker in. Whitaker knew Manny was just saying things to make the situation seem better, as if it was a bad situation at all. Whitaker was just critical, is all; he actually rather saw potential in staying here, if everything proved to increase his skill or actually be useful for learning.

    Unperturbed by Whitaker's silence, Manny continued. "Do you want some help unpacking?"

    "No, I'm fine," responded the boy in a deep voice, already unzipping his carry-on.

    "You're sure?" Manny asked, hands on his hips. "There's a lot of luggage here."

    Whitaker didn't think so, but he said, "Yeah. It won't take long to unpack."

    Manny, thinking maybe he shouldn't have taken off so much time today, paused to watch Whitaker. "Is there anything else you need? Send love to your mom?"

    "She's supposed to call later." Whitaker hadn't looked at him once, and his tone seemed downright disinterested.

    "Well," Manny said, looking around the room, trying to find something else to say. Eventually he finished with, "I guess I'll leave you to it then." Manny moved closer, and for a moment Whitaker thought he was going to try to hug him, but instead he just patted Whitaker on the shoulder. That seemed far more appropriate. "Have fun here, kid."

    The sentiment fell short, but at least Manny left him, and he sighed as he began to put clothing in drawers, letting peaceful solitude wash over him while it was there.
  9. "God damn it" the blonde haired girl thought as she slipped into the packed auditorium. Her blue eyes lined with a harsh black liner glared though the sea of people as she sat though the long and rather boring talk from her new principle. Tapping her dark painted fingernails against the arm of the chair. The inevitable yawn was fast approaching as she rambled on and on until the words "you're dismissed" left her mouth. Those words were like the final drop if water needed to break open the dam.

    Teenagers flooded out of the auditorium. Friends were hugging and people scattered in every which way to find there dorms. Kenna slowly pushed her way though the crowds, shoulders first. When she finally did notice an exit opuntinity to escape the crowd she dive out as quickly as she could. Watching as a lost freshman was trying to get help. 'Yeah I'm sure everyone here is really helpful' she thought silently. Kenna liked people, but it wasn't a big surprise to see that nobody here seemed at all "helpful".

    When she reached her domority she took a seat, dropping her small purse next to her. She brushed her fingers though her freshly dyed blue and purple ends. She had decided late in summer that if she was going to a new school she was going to start over. Kenna had gone though a major change over the summer. Like a peacock spreading his brightly colored feathers, Kenna had taken her new freedom to dye her locks, buy new clothes, and for once feel beautiful. She looked up to see a few people but then glanced back down meddling with her shoelace.
  10. Selene sighed and brushed her hair out of her face, sinking down in her chair. These orientation speeches were all the same, from middle school onward... boring, time-consuming, and a way to make the school look better than it was. Nobody actually cared about whether or not the students were being bullied. Where were you all that time in seventh grade when I was mocked incessantly for not wearing makeup? What seventh grader is expected to wear makeup?! She thought bitterly, crossing her arms and scowling at her knees.
    "Hey, relax. None of us like this assembly, but it'll be over soon enough." A boy next to her whispered, half-smiling.
    "Oh, no, it's not that." Selene said quickly, blushing. She looked down, letting her hair block her face from the boy's view. How embarrassing!
    "You're dismissed." Selene perked up at the headmistress's final words. Everyone began to stand and she began to weave her way through the throngs of students, eager to get to her dormitory. She had an unfinished drawing of a centaur in her drawing pad that she wanted to finish.

    As she stepped outside, the brisk wind made her shiver. She wasn't used to this weather. At least, not during this time of year. In Indiana it was still relatively mild out.
    She shoved her hands into her pockets and shivered again, picking up the pace. She caught sight of a boy with interesting hair and squinted to get a better look. It was natural-colored, but still nice to look at. It was a relatively short, pleasant mix of dark and light browns, with a bit of blonde thrown in. "I wish I could have pretty hair like that... maybe I'll dye it." She muttered to herself, returning her attention to the building that the girls' dormitory was housed in. She jogged the last stretch and entered the building, dodging the view of a rather cheery-looking woman and ducking into her room. She noticed that there were three beds instead of the standard two.
    "I suppose this bed is mine." Selene murmured, sitting on the bed that had her luggage on it. "Looks like mom and dad left me a note... 'We hope you enjoy your new school, sweetie. Don't forget to write us and feel free to call us if you have an emergency. We've left some extra money in your flower suitcase for you. Love, Mom and Dad'... sweet." She unzipped her flower suitcase and pulled out the small wad of money. "A hundred bucks. Nice. I can get two new 3DS games with this... and maybe some DLC." She stuffed the money into her back pocket and got to work unpacking her things, humming as she worked.
  11. Branwen had only two suitcases with her, and after tossing the first one into the dorm next to what she assumed was an unclaimed bed, she left and went for the other one. The air was cold, but it didn't bother her the way it did some people. She had a thick, fuzzy jacket that kept out most of the bite of the wind. She could remember colder days when she was much younger, still living in Wales. When she got the luggage, she headed all the way back to where she came for the dorm room. Branwen thought about her roommates, wondered what kind of people they would be—the kind that wouldn't root through her unmanned suitcase, she hoped.

    Getting into the dorm building seemed like a miracle, since the cold had seeped into her muscles and made them dumb. She took a deep breath of the warmer air and began to carry the luggage to her dorm room, wondering if her roommates had found it yet. She made her way around a bulge of women chatting, and finally reached the room.

    Inside was a girl, and despite herself, Branwen was surprised. She cleared her throat loudly and put on her best casual-but-friendly smile. "Hi," she addressed the girl, assuming she was one of her two roommates. "I'm guessing this is your dorm too?" she asked as she stepped further into the room and set her luggage aside with the other one, then taking off her thin black gloves.
  12. Selene blushed slightly as someone cleared their throat. Probably one of her roommates.
    She looked back smiled pleasantly, continuing to unpack her things. "Yeah, I'm one of your roommates. My name's Selene." She couldn't think of anything else to say. Crap. "So, uhh, do you know anything about our other roommate? I haven't met her yet."
    What a terrible first impression. She scolded herself, pulling a dark gray beanie from her current suitcase and pulling it over her hair. But at least she seems nice... she's awfully pretty, too. I hope we can be good friends...

    As Selene finally put away the last of her clothing, she stood and dusted off her jeans. She lazily pushed the empty suitcase under her bed with her foot and set to work organizing her bedside table, sorting through the various items on her bed; chargers, 3DS, tiny desktop calendar, etc. The item she placed closest to her bed was a portrait of a balding elderly man with a short salt-and-pepper beard in a flowery wrought iron frame. In the picture, the man was smiling cheerfully. She smiled sadly at the photo, then began to plug things into the powerstrip she had plugged into the wall. There were a total of four cords; 3DS charger, laptop charger, phone charger, and alarm clock.
    Satisfied with the state of her small area, she sat up on her bed and looked at Branwen, ready to converse with her full attention.
  13. The hallway was a bundle of exhilarating estrogen energy bouncing off the walls as Shai'ahn and Ilonzah headed upstairs. Shai's nerves kicked in, as usual, but having her Dorm Mother there did help a lot. Maybe this place won't be too difficult to get use to, she thought just when her feet stopped moving and she stared at the open threshold of her new room. Already, she saw the two girls that were to be her roommates. They were inside, talking and unpacking their things.

    "Here you are, Shai'ahn. This is your room, and your roommates are here - wonderful!" Ilonzah entered the room, smiling warmly to the two girls inside. Shai'ahn followed with less enthusiasm, but still carrying a comfortable, first-impression smile she'd hoped hid her nervousness.

    "Selena and Branwen, I'm Miss Ilonzah, your Dorm Mother this year." She gave the girls her hand to shake, "It's very nice to meet you two. This is Shai'ahn, your third roommate. I ran into her a few minutes ago and decided to escort her here."

    Shai waved her hand with a very soft, "Hello," falling from her lips.

    "Shai, looks like your assistant found the room just fine. Your luggage is there near your bed," the Dorm Mother pointed across the large room to the third sleeping arrangement near the corner window. "You guys just make yourselves at home. I will be out and around the building today to help others fine their way. Later on tonight, we'll be having a Meet and Greet in the Lounge Hall. You get to meet the other female students sharing this building. We'll have snacks and movies, if you're interested in staying. I do hope you join us though. Your Dorm family are like a life-line if you're new to campus. Everything that you don't know about the school, you can easily learn from the older girls here. Just...think of us like a Sorority. It's well worth it."

    Shai'ahn wasn't sure what a Sorority was, but she wasn't going to express anything that clearly showed how naive she was about American culture. She stepped inside and sat her bags on the foot of her bed before sitting down herself. With a deep sigh, she looked around the room in awe. They were very nice, with individual desk, matching beds and dressers, large wardrobes for each of them, and a nice comfy couch, chairs, and a coffee table that sat before a clear area that looked like it was meant for a TV.

    As Ilonzah left the room, Shai gave the other girls a grin, not sure what to say or do without the older woman there coaching her. Awkwardly, she cleared her throat, "Um, so are you guys new here too? I'm...new to everything, it seems." looking away, knowing she's spoke too much already, Shai grabbed one of her bags and began to remove her things as she listened to the others speak.
  14. Branwen smiled lightly as her roommate—Selene—plugged in her electronics and tried to keep conversation. The young woman took it as a good sign that at least Selene was open to friendly starts. "Nice to meet you, my name can be a mouthful so call me Brennan." She hoped inwardly her roommates wouldn't ask questions, explaining herself was old the first time and some people made things so much more complex than they needed to.

    "I don't know anything about our third roommate, sorry." she admitted, sitting on her bed with her packed suitcase. She'd started to unzip it, but holding conversation with Selena seemed much more entertaining at the moment and Branwen was beginning to think unpacking was too binding to this place. She wasn't scared, but maybe a little apprehensive. She was always apprehensive the first day.

    Branwen focused on Selene's gameboy, perched on her bedside table and charging. She recognized the 3DS through her brother, who played more games than she did. Branwen liked games okay, but she only liked them best when she was playing with others, which usually meant on different consoles. Sometimes she played with her brother, sometimes she played with her friends, but never on her own. She was thinking about video games and her brother when Shai'ahn and Ilonzah arrived. Branwen turned to the doorway and only briefly looked at Shai'ahn. The girl was clearly nervous and Branwen didn't want to alienate her by staring.

    She straightened to shake Ilonzah's hand, mentally flinching as she used her other name. She was definitely used to it—especially among adults, her mother and family included. It wasn't a big deal, but Branwen chafed like clothes soaked and clinging to her skin at the memory of some of the more invasive, rude questions she'd been asked about it in the past. It was frustrating, in a way that made her want to sigh and go to sleep.

    Despite her inner thoughts, she smiled and sat back down on her bed when Ilonzah left. It didn't seem like very long ago at all that she had no idea who her roommates were, and all at once she knew what they looked like, their names, and all the details those two things bring.

    "I'm new here, but not to Montana. I've lived here for probably about four years." she said to Shai'ahn. "My name is Brennan, by the way."
  15. "It's nice to meet you, Brennan." Shai gave her a traditional welcoming bow, smiling warmly. She began to feel somewhat comfortable around her roommates. "I'm very much new to America. It's different...and a bit scary. And this school...I've never been to a school outside my residence before."

    She introduced herself to Selene as well, honoring her with a bow as well before she turned around to collect a stack of folded clothes in her hands. Carefully and meticulously, Shai placed them in her dresser draw. Continuing, she ended up with a very neat, color coordinated dresser.

    Looking over at the two students, she cleared her throat, "Um, do one of you know what happens during a Meet and Greet?"
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