Celebrity Crushes

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  1. So, I realized after watching one TV series for the sixth time, I came to the conclusion that the actress duo are really kind of sexy. And that thought led to celebrity crushes.

    As such, this has led me to asking this question - Who are your celebrity crushes, and why?

    Mine is Angie Harmon. Why? Because she's a badass, sexy woman. And I seem to have a thing for badass, sexy detectives. The evidence for this is, I have watched Rizzoli & Isles, both seasons, more than 6 times. And, because I'm waiting for season 3 this summer, I decided to go back and watch other shows I've seen her in. Like Women's Murder Club where she plays yet another badass, sexy detective. And she's got a sexy voice, not gonna lie.
  2. I went through my teenage years with a crush on Orlando Bloom and I still watch pretty much all he's in but it took me until my 20's till I actually admitted it to myselfXD Now I can say I have four celebrity crushes, the three newest being Johnny Whitworth, Ben Barnes and Matt Boomer. I guess they all share the same general traits, dark hair, dark eyes (except Boomer), sexy voices and captivating smiles;) This also got me thinking that I do seem to have a thing for dark haired men and of course an English accent, or Irish, goes a long way with me, not gonna hear much of that in Sweden though unfortunatley.

    Still if I had to choose just one celebrity crush it would be Orlando Bloom, I cleaned recently and I actually found two large posters of him from Lord of the Rings that my mom gave me when the movies came out, I haven't the heart to throw them away even though they are rolled up in a corner somewhere:)
  3. My previous celeb crush was Gerard Butler. o___o he's so manly and beardly.

    But my NEWEST crush is that guy who plays NICK on the New Girl. I think it might just be the character he plays in that show. But I really, really adore him. XD
  4. Mila Kunis. Biggest crush ever.
  5. Amaury Vassili. Sexy AND an incredible pair of pipes on him. He's personable and his actions when not on stage are goofy and enthusiastic.
    Nick Baxter. Cute and a super talented tattoo artist. He's won awards for his talent in the field and he's only getting better with more experience.
  6. Ok, celebrity crushes here we go. First I should explain two things: 1. This list changes on a frequent basis and 2. this list does not include the celebrities I like for just one feature (eyes, voice, etc.)

    Joe Manganiello - He makes a super hot werewolf on True Blood and is just all together nommy to look at.

    Colin Farrell - Very hot individual, especially when he doesn't hide his accent. I have a thing for accents.

    Dave Navarro - Musician & good looks. He's a winner!

    Peter Steele - RIP, love his music and everything about his looks.

    I have a thing for tall, dark and handsome. Not all qualities have to be present. And a bit of mystery is always intriguing!
  7. i still love
    helena bona carter because i have only seen this bitch last in two movies ((chocolate factory and alice)) but i love her she plays such a odd ball that i cant help but love her.

    johnny depp because he went from being eaten by a bed to the mad hatter and i have been in love with him every step of the way...*hugs lifesize cutout*
  8. DANIEL RADCLIFFE. I've had the biggest crush on him ever since the first Harry Potter movie and my crush has been growing steadily ever since.
    He's so cute and adorable during interviews and such <33 I feel like I grew up with him.
    Did I also mention he loves Spongebob AND AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER
    oh god I'm melting just thinking about him.
    He looked so suave in The Woman in Black
    fangirlfangirlfangirl ;u;