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  1. Introduction:

    Hello! As you can see, I'm ChaoticPeace - but many just call me Kiki. I am new to Iwaku, but I've been roleplaying for about three years now. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I am a female, and I am under the age of eighteen. I say this as it may matter to you, though I personally have no preferences as to whom I roleplay with. :D

    Roleplay Length, Style, and Time:

    I love long roleplays, so if you like to write multi-paragraph replies I will be very happy. However, as long as I can get at least five sentences from you I will be satisfied. The only thing I will be a little strict on is keeping your replies the same length as mine. That isn't to say that it must be exactly the same, but I would just like it to be around the same length. If we double that will apply to the two sides as well, being of very similar length. I adore doubling, so never hesitate to ask about that! If we don't double, however, you'll be hard-pressed to get me to play a male character; I'm sorry! As for reply time, it tends to vary with me; my schedule can be pretty hectic, so I don't always know when I'll be able to reply. I know many people here prefer daily replies, so I will do my best to that effect. Please understand if it takes me a little longer, however. >.>

    Plot Candies/Important Plot Notices:

    Romance is a requirement in my roleplays - I'm sorry if that's a problem. Of course, I like to have more going on as well, so we can incorporate various other themes. For this particular roleplay request, I was looking for a more 'slice of life' styled roleplay. Of course, if you're a sucker for a fluffy, cute little romantic story, I'm good with that too.



    -Sensitive/Dark themes
    -OOC Chat
    -Roleplay through forums or PM's
    -M/F Couples


    -Lemons/Smut [We can fade to black if it comes up]
    -M/M or F/F
    -Addition of major plot changers without any discussion [Like deaths, pregnancies; life changing events and the like]

    Plot Ideas:

    Now for the fun part! I hope I don't throw you off too much when I say I was hoping to have actual celebrities in this - as in people who really exist. To clear that up, I was thinking OCxReal celebrity. An actor, singer, band member - whatever, or whoever you want, really. If I don't know the person I can do my research! If you want to double up, you could also have two OC's for your half.

    I was hoping for my half, or just in general if we don't double up, to do an OCxThomas Sangster Shush up and let me have my feels Roleplay.


    I am pretty well open for any plots here, so feel free to suggest things; we can also just make it up as we go along. However, here are a few things I managed to think up:

    1. Character A and Character B are both actors, and are casted as the leads in a romance movie. As the movie and filming progress, they slowly fall in love with each other as well. [Other genres could be added by was of movie; such as action-romance, romantic-comedy, ect.]

    2. Character A and Character B are already an established couple. However, as they face some big events and changes in their lives (Marriage, pregnancy, ect.) They have to begin to cope with all the press attention around them, and prepare themselves for the turn they've taken in their life.

    3. A simpler, fluffier plot line, Character A and Character B are close; more than friends, but not quite together. It simply follows their relationship and lives. Anything can happen, and we can discuss further plot ideas.

    4. Character A's long-time relationship recently ended when they realized that their partner had been cheating on them. Distraught, they lean upon their close friend Character B for support. (Optional: Character B has had a secret, but long-time crush on Character A, but has refrained from saying anything due to their relationship)


    So... that's it, then! Thank you for reading all of this! If you'd be interested, just comment here, or send me a PM. ^^

  2. Welcome to Iwaku. :) I hope to rp with you some time. You look like a fun rper.
  3. Thank you very much!

    I would enjoy roleplaying with you as well! Would you perhaps like to try this, or...?
  4. I'm more of a war/romance type.
  5. hallo.

    ideas 3 and 4 both sound adorable. i'd love to do either of them with you.
  6. Yay~! :D

    Perhaps we could try idea four, if you didn't have any specific plot-advancements in mind for idea three?
  7. if we'd like to base it mostly around fluff and character development, i have a few cliche, but cute little ideas to share for 3. but i'd also be totally up for 4. whichever you'd like to do more, i'm fine with.
  8. I like cliche but cute ideas. :D
    Would you like to discuss this further through PMs?
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  9. sure! ツ
  10. I'm interested in your second plot. PM me and let's see what we can work out.
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