Ceddy's Roleplay Basics

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    I have been travelling around the roleplay world for a good number of years now, so I like to think I have a bit of experience backing me up. Everywhere I go I find things that I like and that I don't like; this is to be expected as everywhere, and everyone is just a little bit different then the next. So here is my take on your basics and what things are the most important.


    No matter what, the first thing on your mind should be "Am I enjoying this?". You could have an epic ass character with a professionally done picture, but if your not having a good time, you wont get very far.

    Players: If you are in a story you don't like 100% but have a character that you enjoy the hell out of playing, no matter what. Hey, that works, as long as your interested; or if you have a mediocre character, but you are playing in a story that intrigues you enough to overcome your lack of liking your character, that works as well.

    Remember: If you are not enjoying a roleplay, kindly find a way to excuse yourself from it. The rest of us wont fault you for not enjoying the same things.

    Game Masters: On you falls the biggest burden in this category. Because it is your story, and your character(s), if you have any, that will set the tone for the rest of us. It falls squarely on your shoulders to both keep your idea alive, and make it interesting for the players.

    Remember: If you are not enjoying your own roleplay, find someone who is interested to take over for you. Help them along of course when they need the assistance, but don't torture yourself into leading a game you don't enjoy.


    This one is easy, or at least should be. Nobody likes a player who constantly derides everyone else for any and everything they can think of. If someone screwed up, be polite about pointing it out to them. Constructive Criticism is the key phrase here. If it means sending them a PM to tell them they missed something so be it, but don't go into the OOC thread and type up a half page post about how they are stupid and retarded because they misspelled the word "inaniloquent". Everyone makes mistakes, there is no need to be mean and derogatory about it. Do you want someone to do it to you? Golden Rule people, remember it.
    Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

    Separation of RL and RP

    This is a big one I have noticed. It isn't a huge problem here on Iwaku, but in the roleplay community as a whole, I have seen a hideous amount of problems arise from this. Keep a line between real life and roleplay. If you have a RL problem with a player, there is no need to take it out on them in RP, and vice versa. Now this line can be blurred at times, which is understandable, especially in the Iwaku World players where you play as your Forum Persona. Either way, don't let something on one side of the line, ruin anything on the other side of the line. This can ruin the game for others around you, especially if you are targeting one person in particular.

    Remember: Just because you are having fun, does not mean you can ruin the fun of those around you.

    So all-in-all Its pretty simple. Have fun and respect those around you. If you follow those two, the third is easy as a piece of pie on a summer morning. Now go out there and enjoy your games~