Cboxes are DEADDDDD

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    That is all. Just frustration. I am done now.
    ((Comment if you have a cbox you'd be willing to make live. I AM BOREDDDDDDDDDDDDD *^*))
  2. Iwaku has one?
  3. ...

    The general Cbox is alive all the time.

    The Steambox is also alive, but that is an 18+ only chat.

    The rest are for roleplays that are planned beforehand via topic OR sometimes you will encounter some friends in the regular Cbox that will ask if you would like to roleplay.

    Aaaaaand that's pretty much why they are empty. They're about specific timing.
  4. Basically this. I don't use them too often anyway.
  5. I have nothing I can add on.
  6. As Joker pointed out, it does depend largely on when you go and where. The general box is the primary place for most.

    Also consider that if you get stubborn about it and stick in one box, it might draw others since they see it's regularly active. Just a thought.
  7. Generally speaking, only the general cbox and the Steambox are active as other folks have said. These are OOC chat boxes, and aren't used for roleplay but just for users to come and hang out.

    The Bordello Inn (now just called Inn) chat box is the most active of all the RP boxes, but is 18+ because smut can and does occur there. You can read more about the Inn in its thread in the Chat Roleplaying forum!

    The other RP boxes are usually empty unless there is a planned RP event for them. BUT! If you would like to pull someone in there for RP, you are welcome to do so. You can also ask in the general cbox if anyone would like to join you.

    Or, if you would like to arrange a chat RP event, feel free to post a thread for it in the Chat Roleplaying forum so you can explain a plot and setting, then allow folks to sign up, create characters and ask questions about the roleplay! You can then set a date and time for everyone to come in and play, and even make it a recurring event!
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  8. No one ever wants to be the one that logs in first and just sits there, so there's always people lurking and watching the cbox, but never logging in. c____c

    so sometimes I just log in and talk to myself until lots of people show up, then I go back to work and let them chat. 8D
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  9. what's a cbox?

  10. >_____>
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  11. I think it's kind of like a beatbox.

    You know, a beatbox. One of those big sound machines that hip-hop dudes carried around on their shoulders in the 80s and 90s?

    Oh wait, that's not right...
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