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  1. In light of the recent Photobucket debacle, I've compiled a list of hosting image websites you guys could use as an alternative.

    Flickr, a Yahoo company
    Google Photos - All your photos organized and easy to find
    Postimage.org — free image hosting / image upload
    vgy.me - Simple Image Hosting
    ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs
    TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

    Chevereto - Image Hosting Script (These guys offer a means to set up your own private image hosting website. It's not free but it's less than what Photobucket wants from you)
  2. Wait... horror-esque like Monkuma's Awakening or scarier?
  3. I'm unsure if it's meant to be more like Monokuma's Awakening horror (which seemed more based on paranoia of "What will happen next?" Then straight up fear.) or if it will be more traditional horror.
  4. "Whenever we messed around in a movie theatre or whatever."
  5. More similar to School Daze (which was meant to be "scary" more than Awakening).
  6. Astaroth used one hand through her hair.
  7. "Would you believe both?"
  8. "Yes." He replied quickly.
  9. "I have to get dressed too."
  10. "OK, I'll run home and grab one."
  11. Slava - The Bogatyr

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    The great machine had rolled to a stop and completely settled before Slava so much as raised his head. His eyes were as unfocused as his thoughts, pain radiating from the back of his skull like he'd hit it against something while they machine fell from the sky, but that didn't matter. Gargoyles. A threat to the rest and a threat to himself. Luckily, one he'd fought a few times before; he'd been permitted to travel with Renaud and other templars still coming into their magic to exterminate nests too close to villages and the like.

    The bogatyr fumbled with his straps for an embarrassingly long amount of time, as irritated at the clumsiness of his fingers as he was with the lights popping in his field of vision, but he got himself free and quickly found his shield and saber. The saber wasn't much use, not for what he had in mind, but he'd need it sooner or later. Again, he fumbled with the straps and buckles, scowl deepening as he pulled on his belt - inwardly cursing himself for not wearing it while sitting in the machine - and tightened his shield to his arm. Then he was out of the machine and walking towards the others with the pace of a determined man, ignoring his dizziness as well as he could in favor of getting to the group.

    "To me! We must move!" he called out, stopping somewhere in the midst of the knights scattered across the field and closing his eyes. Channeling the magic was as easy as breathing, even after all these years, though shaping the construction he wanted in his mind was more difficult than it should have been. It was still only seconds before the shield formed, however, transparent silver that had a sheen so much like the steel armor he wore gathering in the area around the knight. It was a dome, five or six meters in diameter with its tallest point above Slava and sloping down to the ground as it stretched further from him. The knights could freely pass through it, along with their arrows and magic, but the gargoyles would find it to be as unyielding as the steel the magic came from. It wasn't impenetrable by any means, but it was enough protection to get them to the trees. Hopefully.

    The shield held even after Slava cracked open his eyes. He could walk and gauge how the others fared, but fighting was to be impossible with all his focus going to maintaining the spell. It looked like his blade wasn't needed, as the rest were making quick work of the gargoyles. It felt pleasant to have such a competent group at his back. His eyes were drawn to Henrietta out of all of them, though, taking down more than her share of gargoyles with a kind of accuracy he had to admire.

    "Impressive shooting," he told her when she drew close enough to him that he didn't need to shout, giving her a nod before turning his eyes back to the sky. The compliment was well deserved, so he didn't waste thought on assessing the reason why he felt it was necessary to give it.
  12. Looks good to me. Did you want that to be the RP beside the Pokemon one? Or you wanting it to come after the manor one?

    Although....at the moment, I am kind of wanting to do the H20 RP. Hmm....it probably be a short rp though. That means we could either do it real quick, and then do the pokemon one, or wait, and do it after the pokemon one. (Its basically a romantic-mermaid rp but with them being humans that turn into mermaids, not born that way) Hmm...although I guess I could come up with a story to make it last longer.

    Maybe do the H20 RP next along with the ...hero one? And push the Pokemon/Manor rp behind it?
  13. "Sure." Lucius wasted no time quickly getting dressed.
  14. "Have you asked?"
  15. "Alright." Anya smile slightly.
  16. "Where to start?"
  17. The unicorn nuzzled against her.
  18. Melissa skip off back to where she left Astorath, "It's so gentle. But why is she so trusting?"
  19. Astaroth smiled. "It likes you... And I'm not over there."