Cats and dogs, Romeo and Juliet.

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  1. I'm looking for someone wishing to play a feline for a modern Romeo and Juliet play. I intend on playing a wolf. I can play either gender and will do this in any pairing. The two species are crime syndicates, out for each other's blood, killings are common, street fights, hit jobs... You name it. Can young love survive or will it go down with the state of affairs?
  2. I'd like to give it a shot with you. :)
  3. I'm glad you approve.
  4. I was hoping to do a modern setting... Or if you prefer a period piece we can. Would you prefer male or female? A slash pairing or straight?
  5. I would like to play a female. Modern is fine with me. I don't mind what pairing. I can do slash or hetero. That can be up to you.
  6. Hetero it is, when I get home I'll post a reference picture. I dont usually do character sheets. I ask for one from you and pm or thread?
  7. I don't mind PM or thread. :) I can post a picture too. I'll just base mine kind of off yours.
  8. Feel free to go looking for one... I'm currently occupied until close to 10 EST.
  9. [​IMG]

    How is she?

    Damn, that turned out a lot bigger than I wanted it to.
  10. Fine by me! Any questions before we get started?
  11. Nope. :)
Thread Status:
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