Catching the Interest of a Vampire

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  1. This idea is still on the brinks and needs some thought, so if your interested message me and let me know. Or we can just start, and see where it goes because that's always fun too~!

    Takes place in a city of sorts, with a paranormal aspect to some of the residents in the city. Vampires, werewolves, ect. The human residents are aware of the odd monster running around town but there very cautious of them, and most are rather anti-paranormal. There are a lot of places, work places and bars as such, that are marked off -if not officially- mentally as supernatural hang-outs and not a place for a human.

    This is where our story takes place, between a highly-placed (male) human who is probably a board-men or council member of sorts. He ranks his job very highly and the multi-million dollar company is very anti-supernatural as well as most of its top dogs.
    A vampire in the city, a highly regarded one takes interest in this top-dog human. Her confidence and persistent attitude as well as unpredictable sexual appetite is bound to get him in trouble at work if anything happens, but she is absolutely bent on making a toy out of him. I'm thinking this roleplay would involve a lot of sex scenes in risky places (work place, back alley, ect.) and complicated but not really planned plot, so if that's not for you then this is probably not for you.

    I would like to play the vampire, she has a rather confident attitude and thinks highly of herself. She's very flirtatious, quite a tease, and would probably play both/either dom/sub depending on the time.
    As for the human, his personality and opinion on the supernatural are completely up to my partner! Isn't that fun~?

    I generally get in a few replies a week if not one a day, but sometimes (on days when I have very little to do) I will be shooting a reply an hour. As for length, I would appreciate at least a paragraph from my partner per post, I understand some will be more and some will be less but two-to-three liners are very hard for me to work with and my replies tend to be on the 1-3 paragraph (6-10 sentences each) side on average.

    As I said, message me if your interested and we can storm a bit.
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