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I'm ready to get serious.

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    You know what.

    I'm done.

    I'm done with the messy searches with the fine details and all the boring stuff that most people don't even want to read. So I have two little rules for you.

    One, catch my interest and stick with it, treat me as if your applying for the job that you've always dreamed of getting. You wouldn't be rude or ditch a job now would you wouldn't. two no less then a paragraph and I mean complete sentences. I'm up for anything.​
  2. Oh, right right, you probably want some samples or something like to make sure I'm not talking out of my ass. and no I'm not trying to be rude or hateful to anyone..I just normally act like I don't care about anyone or anything.

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    " Is that all you weaklings have!" Said a voice from inside the Training compound. Along with the shouting of men the sounds of impact could be heard. To any who didn't know what was going on inside a look of worry may cross their face. Even if one was to look inside a look of worry may still cross their face. Inside the Training stood a man in leather under armor with a pair of steel Gauntlets and boots on him. Around him stood and laid thirty men who looked pretty beat up. Each one wielded training weapons which were dulled but still dangerous. " I told you guys. I'll promote anyone who defeats me in combat." He said as he took up a strange stance his hands were held in front of him as he leaned on his right food which was inf front. Only about fifteen men were standing the others were groaning on the ground it was obvious they were sore and beaten. To some this would be reckless of the man in the middle but for those who knew him it was reckless for the men attempting to fight him. It was a one sided fight against the larger quantity of men. The man in leather in the middle was Terrik Saito. A man who at the rank of Odin could take on a Frigg almost single handly. He was also a survivor of the Crimson Square incident. Terrik , now a frigg, was killing time before the Meeting of the Friggs. He was also waiting for His Odin to come with the breifing he was suppose to have.

    Terrik smirked as one man who wielded a spear ran at him he thrust the spear forward aiming to nail terrik in the stomach. The man however never landed his blow but instead was flipped over Terrik's head and he landed hard on the ground behind the circle. Terrik had grabbed the mans spear at the last second and used his momentum aginst him. He and turned and lifted the spear up and then let go of it. Terrik was now just starting to warm up. It was obvious people were starting to doubt their chances the man had defeated over half their group in only a few minutes. " Well if you are going to back off i'll come to you." He said as he smirked when he didn't have his heavy armor on he was faster and a bit more dangerous. Terrik leaped forward closing the distance between one man and him in a flash. He brought a fist hard into the mans gut as he Push off the man and spun kick the next man sending him into the group knocking a bunch of them down. Terrik smiled as he kept moving forward kicking and punching all those in his path until finally after about four minutes of fighting there was only one man standing left. "Well i guess your the last." Terrik said looking at the guy. Sadly before Terrik could finish him off the man tossed his weapon down and ran screaming in fear. "Hmmm Well that is disappointing."

    Terrik sighed as he lowered his fists his face had a bit of sweat on it as he smiled and walked up to some of the men who hadn't gotten back up and helped them up." You guys are getting better i sweated a bit this time. Next time you may actually do some damage to me. " He said as he smiled and clapped a man on his back but used a bit to much strength and knocked the guy to the ground. " Oops, Sorry bout that." He said as he picked the man off and laughed. He had walked away form the group of groaners as he grabbed a towel on the rack and wiped his face off. " Now where is Froy, He should have been here already. I'll make him spar me next as punishment if he takes to long. " He said as he knew how much Froy fear Training with Terrik the man was a monster as seen. Terrik picked up a cup of water set on a table as he drank it and sighed. It was almost the day he dreaded. The day his Friend Vanir was murdered. He always got testy on that day. The thought left his mind fast as he turned and looked around the training room. It had been two years since he was promoted once promoted he barely spent time in the capitol now he was here all the time.. He was glad to be home in the Capital but he missed wandering the countryside on a mission.
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  3. current craving : romance with a dark plot.
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