Cat with two faces

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  1. Can I eat it?
    total jk. xD. .
    I adore that it has two names. <3 It's so freaking adorable.
    I want. o_o I want.
  2. That's an adorable kitty! :D I think it's amazing that he's 12 years old! It really makes my heart melt when I hear stories about people that are willing to look past animals' disabilities and care for them anyway. While there are cases where quality of life has to a deciding factor, it takes a special kind of person to try to help the ones that have a chance to live. :3 <3 And on top of that, Blue-eyed Ragdolls = cutest things ever. :P
  3. I totally agree, Kura. I mean...not only is it heart melting, but how cool would it be to have a cat with two faces! So unique and original. Truly amazing.
  4. Q________________Q
    how is that cool? that POOR KITTY ;___;
  5. I was actually talking about this with Cotillion just the other day.
    Are you mind stalking, October? O_O

    Anyway, for my contribution to said conversation, there's also this:

    ^Click for story
  6. 20111001225011.jpg

    This is nowhere near as severe as the kittens, but just to show the different things that can happen.. I wanted to post this earlier but had to dig a bit to find the picture. XD This big guy's name is Tucker. :3 He is one of actually two or three that I have seen where I work that's had to have a nostril surgically made for him. Just thought I'd share, since he's a total cutie pie as well. ;D