Cat girl X wolf man (female needed)

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  1. This plot could be furry or animal/human(examples down below)

    The man is found unconscious(and with plenty of deep and thin cuts) in the middle of the forest and she carries him to her hidden home and takes care of him until he recovers although he keeps having flashbacks into his past eventually leading to him recognizing her as he was one of the wolf men who attacked her old home and he gives her the option to kill him right then and there but she refuses surprising the man but he was happy about it and he explains he never should of joined the attack and later once hes fully healed he leaves although he comes back with a glum look on his face as hes been exiled from the wolf tribe and then the cat girl offers for him to stay with her he accepted although he secretly began to fall in love with her but he's to shy about it to confess to her but later on she admits to being in love with him and this breaks his shyness and he confesses as well


    Although my character wont look like this

    Or it could be human/animal



    Once again these are just examples!!

    I will not be using the furry pic (unless you absolutely want me to)

    And dont be mislead by the animal/human pic

    I dont do MxM so please dont use the pic its once again just an example

    Partner must not care about post length

    I prefer rping in third person

    No rape bdsm or anything like that

    I dont like using pictures of real people

    Now a short little kink list along with an important piece of information

    Also dont think my search is over when i find a partner ! I always like to rp with different people and people like to play different personalities so i will always look here

    And if your interested in knowing this stuff here

    Show Spoiler

    I have a minor foot fetish (footjobs only no sucking toes or anything like that)

    I think tsunderes are adorable

    Im minorly afraid of yanderes but i do like them

    Im horrible at fighting rps! So i will generally try to avoid them

    My characters tend to have a dark past but its never obvious although the angel x human plot my character wont have a dark past

    I prefer long term rps

    I hate those who abandon rps without bothering to leave a message >.<

    I prefer pm rp

    I cant stand rape(means absolutely no rape at all!)

    I like to play shy characters
  2. Still looking
  3. Still looking
  4. Still looking
  5. Always looking
  6. Still looking
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