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Do you have an animal muse?

  1. Yep! I have a cat.

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  2. Yep! I have a dog.

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  3. No. I wish I did.

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  4. No, and I'm happy that way.

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  5. I am an animal muse.

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  6. I have chickens that whisper advice to me.

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  7. Are you kidding? I have a whole zoo!

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  8. Meow.

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  1. When I'm writing, I sometimes like to sit by my cat, Mao. He's very fond of "helping". Trying to tap the screen of my laptop, or biting my pencil is always a big contribution. ^.^ Even with all his assistance, it's still fun. Do you have an animal friend that boosts your creativity?
  2. Sometimes I take my snake out and set him on my desk. He usually ends up trying to burrow into my keyboard, or hide underneath it. Eventually I feel like his quote of stupid has been filled for the day and I put him back.
  3. The idea of having an animal friend to help me is quite lovely to me, but I sadly don't have one. On the other hand, I have menacing characters in my head that won't be quiet a good chunk of the time. It's great for working, so long as I can keep up with them without being distracted by another...Or they start getting off track.
  4. My cats like to help. Salix nuzzles my hand when I type or hits the capslock when he thinks shouting is called for. Caffeine leans up and taps my arm.
  5. The rat guys aren't too musing but they are amusing when they start to tussle while I'm at my computer. Or just watching them blob around and sleep on top of each other.
  6. You gotta be kitten me!

    but yes, I have 5 cats -.- and they occationally try to "help" by amuzingly fighting with each other. ever see two cats set a trap for the third?
  7. Stewart, my Crestie Gecko loves cuddlin up to my neck or sitting on the arrow keys. He's fond of them.

    If I'm having trouble picking colors for a drawing, I'll consult him. ^.^;;; I sit him infront of the markers and see which on he crawls to first.

    He also licks my neck. A lot. It's not gooey or anything or slimy... it's got the tiniest bit of stickiness.

    He's my sociopathic gecko and I love him.
  8. My family has a cat, but unfortunately, he does not seem to interest my muse. Even though I love him and pet him a lot, not to mention that he even stays in my room a lot of times, he just does not serve as an inspiration to me. I have no idea why, because he is a playful cat who always tries to eat everything and his purring is so loud, but I guess he is not one to provide me with ideas. Come to think of it, I rarely include house animals in my stories, so maybe I should expand my horizons and do some short sketches with them.
  9. I would have my have one, but sadly my step-mom is allergic. But! When I am out on my own, I plan on owning 2-3 cats and perhaps a dog. Maybe a ferret, because why not? Maybe a chinchilla and a duck. I love animals, so I would love to own a lot. The only trouble is paying for them T^T
  10. Can't say i ddo, but if i did it'd be awesome.