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  1. F R A N K I E

    The ED was surprisingly quiet. It was 8AM and Frankie was in the locker room, trying her hair up in the mirror. She carefully pinned back her curls, making sure to keep it neat. For work, Frankie wore little make up - Maybe some red lipstick and mascara, but nothing like a night out, something she did often. Once that was done, she quickly closed her locker and put her bag on the rack before leaving into the ED.

    "It's, quiet?" Frankie walked up behind Zoe as she passed her, asking with a confused face. Frankie liked Zoe. She was another person who liked to party and managed to do amazingly well in her job. She definitely looked up to her. More Zoe than Connie. Connie was simply intimidating. But Frankie had only been around for a month, she didn't really know her well. In fact, she didn't really know anybody that well yet. She got along with Zoe and Lily. She disliked Cal and the way he spoke to her but Frankie found his brother, Ethan, rather nice. Even if he was a little bookish. Frankie nodded at Zoe before walking over to Ethan in the kitchen room as she spotted him through the window.

    "Good morning. Making coffee for me?" Frankie grinned as she walked through the door quickly. She always had a way of being loud and almost overbearing at times. Especially when she was talking to a guy as timid as Ethan.

    D Y L A N

    "I'm really not interested." Dylan looked over to Lofty with a blank face. The curly head nurse had been talking about a band excitedly the entire morning and frankly, Dylan didn't care. Most of the things Lofty spoke about raised nothing but eyebrows with Dylan.

    "Ah, Zoe." Dylan found the perfect time to leave as Zoe arrived. He watched Frankie depart before walking swiftly up to her, holding an Ipad in his hand. "There is a small child over there with a broken arm." He stated, "But Connie asked for a CT can and I have only just got here." He said. Before work, Dylan walked his pet dog. The walk took a little longer than he anticipated and when he got back to the boat, Zoe had already left. He wasn't exactly late, but he already seemed out of the loop as to what was going on.

    He put a hand on his hip as he held the Ipad in front of Zoe's face, in hope that she'd be able to give him some idea, since Connie was running around without giving Dylan any idea as to what he was meant to be doing with the small child.

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    Already being a few good hours into her shift, Zoe was already running around, not only did she have some of the department to keep running smoothly and to stay on time with patient waiting times as she knew what would happen if them patients breeched the time they should of been seen and dealt with, anything to avoid a visit from Mr Henrik Hanson, He was one man who made the feisty and flirty consultant nervous. Narrowing her brown eyes which was focused on the computer screen in front of her as she was looking at a patients medical file she turned her head slightly and gave a nod as she heard Frankie's voice. " yeah..yeah for now" Zoe answered now verbally to the females voice.

    As the plastic bottle from the milk was placed down onto the counter Ethan let out a small giggle before raising his left eyebrow and turned to look at the female who was now approaching him. "Well..I could but I'm sure you have heard my coffee is not to everyone's taste..but since it's you ill try my best to improve" He giggled again turning his attention back to the hot kettle which had just boiled, he loved talking to Frankie, she was funny and took him for him, he could be himself around her and that was great. Back in the main department Zoe turned her attention towards Dylan and moved her head away from him slightly as the ipad he was holding was in the way, listening to him she took it with her grasp and studied it. "Yes..she was dealing with him earlier before flying off the handle" she replied looking up to him. "The mum said the child hit there head..she wants a CT to rule out a couple of things"
  3. Frankie rolled her eyes, finding Ethan's giggle adorable and amusing, "Well, I don't have everyone's taste, do I?" She raised her eyebrows, when Ethan moved away, she jumped for the hot drink. She took a sip before cringing, "Jeez, you're an acquired taste aren't you?" She chuckled, putting his mug down. "I do know that everyone has the same taste in one drink - alcohol." She grinned devilishly as she walked to the nearest mirror, straightening out her fringe, "I'm going out with a couple of friends, you and.. Your brother are more than welcome." She sighed at the mention of Cal, his flirting was disliked by her but her friends were desperate to meet, "See ya!" She nodded at Ethan, bumping her hip against his playfully as she left the room into the ED to find some work.

    "Well, I'd prefer to stay well out of her way.." Dylan mumbled, leaning into Zoe a little just in case she heard, like she'd pop up behind him or something. Just as he was going to say something else, the door burst open, a woman on a trolley was being wheeled in. Dylan looked at Zoe before rushing over. "Young female, around 20-25, jumped off a building around 20ft high. Ankles broken-" The paramedic went on. Dylan put his stethoscope around his ears and listened to the woman's breath, "It sounds like she's choking, we need to act quickly." He said, running into the emergency room.
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