Casually dying from role play withdrawals

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  1. So guys, girls, etc; I have a mission for you! To help my craving for an amazing role play! I've realized the past mistakes I had were simply me not putting my foot down with what I wanted exactly in my role plays. Finally, I'm ready to stand for what I want so I can cater to both of our rp desires. With that said, let's jump into my boundaries.

    Terms of le role play
      • While the topic of self-harm isn't bothersome to me, if it gets very very graphic and descriptive you could end up triggering me. So if you're nervous about that, don't go into detail or just stay away from it altogether. The same thing applies to suicide.

      • CanonxOC only for fandom role plays. OCxOC Is fine for original role plays. (Doubling is accepted and encouraged)

      • I'm willing to talk OOC and this also means that you can absolutely ask for my Skype if you'd like it.

      • Yuri (girlxgirl) or het only! I'm just not really crazy about yaoi.

      • Please try to keep your responses to a maximum of 4 paragraphs as even 4 seems to overwhelm me

    • If I'm doing something you don't like or that you're not comfortable with, please tell me! One of my goals for role playing is for my partner to enjoy it just as much as you do.

      Before I start listing off fandoms, I want to let you know if you want an original role play we can discuss those. The formatting of my fandom listing is this- I’ll write a category and in that category will be for example the name of an anime and under that will be the preferred love interest. If you happen to have the same love interest, please let me know and I’d be fine with changing it in most cases.

      ☆- If you spot this, it simply means I’m craving it at the moment but I won’t turn down other fandoms on this list just because of what I’m craving. Have fun and do what you want



      Fruits Basket

      Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

      The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
      (Yuki )


      (America or Prussia)

      ☆ Puella Magi Madoka Magica

      Television and Movies

      (To be discussed)

      The Regular Show

      Sonic the hedgehog (Pretty much any game, comic series or show c: )

      Video Games

      ☆ Portal 1/2

      Assassin’s Creed (I and II)

      (Human!Enderman) ​
  2. Ooooh, the Madoka Magica one looks fun! :3
    If you want to play Kyoko I'd happily play Sayaka, or we could do an OC one.
  3. To be honest, I'd prefer to do OCs ^^;
  4. Works for me, I'm a bit new here so excuse me if I say some 'noobish' things. :3
    Should we discuss this roleplay in a PM or something like that?
  5. It's all good! Yeah, I'll send you a message c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.