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  1. If you want a more serious rp go to my other Partner search:


    1: Please write in third person and paragraph form. None of this: "merp merp merp" - blah blah blah-. I am here to write stories and I intend to be literate.

    2: when making a character sheet with me I ask that you take time to pick out a creative name. I myself have an actual unique name and so does allot of my characters ex: Phoenix Acadia, Saffron Taye, Lilithia Lucifer La Deviant, Rosalia Lavantine etc. I just ask that it be original, and well thought.

    I also would prefer anime photos then real people.

    Smut ratio is dependent on you

    Pretty simple yo.


    Neko CosplayerxFurry Cosplayer
  2. The beauty and beast idea sounds fun to me.
  3. ~> Is in love with fairy tales <~
  4. As am I, especially the Grimm fairytales~
  5. Fairy tales are better then reality
  6. So, shall we discuss a fairytale in messages?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.