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    Allow me to briefly describe myself. I'm Kara or, if you prefer a nickname, Levie. I'm eighteen but in three months I will turn nineteen. I have about six years of roleplaying experience under my belt, typically dealing with the third person novella format, and over that time I've had the joy of experiencing a variety of collaborative stories. My favorite genres are almost always in the fictional realm, and my most frequented categories are fantasy and sci-fi. Though I do enjoy a good ol' fandom-based plot from time-to-time, I mostly engage in originals as I love plotting and putting my creativity to the test.

    Having been out of the game for two years, I'm eager to get back into it and meet new, creative individuals.

    • I prefer to work with third person novella format.
    • When it comes to pairings, I'm fine with MxF, MxM, FxF, etc. However, I'm not big on romance-driven plots and themes and consider it to be a subplot. And I'm fine with OCxOC as long as we discuss it first.
    • Mostly I prefer to work with human faceclaims, the only exception being when we're actually dealing with anime.
    • For activity, since I'm just getting back into it I wouldn't expect replies at the speed of light. Depending on my overall interest or whether or not I'm dealing with writer's block, I can take a couple days or so. But don't worry, I never leave a partner hanging and will notify you if I'll be taking an extended amount of time to reply or if I'm not sure I can carry on with the roleplay. As a courtesy, I'm hoping you'll do the same.
    • I'm fine with multiple OCs or controlling multiple character in general. While it can make things a tad bit complicated it can also be loads of fun.
    • I'm practically fine roleplaying anywhere -- in a thread, through PM, e-mail, on a Google Doc, and some rare cases even through IMs on Skype. So whichever you prefer is a-okay with me.
    • Getting to know my partners is part of the fun, so if you ever want to start a conversation that doesn't have to do with the roleplay, go for it!
    • Last but not least, I will only roleplay with those who are eighteen and up.


    As I've said before I haven't roleplayed in two years and would prefer to take things slow. I'm looking for something casual, but there are a few cases where I'm willing to sit down and do a serious roleplay.

    For the casual ones, it simply means its nothing too serious or plot-detailed. It can range from slice-of-life to an AU to crossovers to even crack. We could even do a mini-series, basing things around a prompt. Anything, really. Those marked with * are the ones I will only do something casual with while the others can be either that or serious.

    I'm also open to originals, so if you have a plot you want to try out then feel free to suggest it.

    If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Now on to the list!

    • Fandom
      • Durarara!! *
      • Corpse Party *
      • Attack on Titan
      • Harry Potter (Riddle Era, Marauders Era, Golden Trio Era, etc.)
      • Fallout (3, New Vegas, or 4)
      • Dragon Age (Origins, 2, Inquisition)
      • Skyrim
      • Until Dawn *
      • Tales from the Borderlands
      • The Avengers *
    • & non-fandom can essentially be whatever we want it to be.
    ☼ ☼ ☼

    If you're interested or have questions, please send me a PM or comment below. Also, be sure to check the preferences and writing example on my profile.

    Well, thank you for taking the time to look this over, and I hope to be interacting with you all soon!

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  2. I would love to do Dragon Age with you! <3
  3. I would love to do dragon age or fallout with you
  4. Hello! I would interested in an Avengers roleplay, I have a character that I really want to flesh out. :)
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