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    c a s u a l r e q u e s t

    Hello there - I'm Dori, also known as D or Doru. I've been feeling pretty bored and down lately, so I think a bit of roleplay might help pick me up. That said, I'm looking for some people to write fun stories with! n v n

    d e t a i l s

    I'd love to be friends with you so chat with me if you wanna.

    As I've said, I'm looking for roleplays to help me feel better. Roleplaying is a hobby for me and I do it to relax, so please don't get mad at me or anything if I take longer than you'd like to reply. I write at my own pace and I'd rather not place deadlines for myself to meet seeing as how this is, again, a hobby. I really don't want to end up even more stressed than before.

    Typically, I write about two paragraphs each including 4-7 lines. I'm fine with writing less than that, but I'd rather not go over three paragraphs.
    Please don't godmod or metagame, I can't stand it.

    Singles are fine if we're doing oc x oc, but doubling is a must if we're doing oc x canon. I don't enjoy writing canon x canon, so please don't ask for it, even if it's just for your side.

    I will admit that I am biased against heavily sexual roleplays. I'll write smut but as someone who's grey-ace, it's far from my favorite thing in a roleplay. I'm fine with it as long as it doesn't drag on for ages and take over the rest of the roleplay! And give it a little bit of character - it's hard to explain what I mean by this, but in a lot of smut I've read, the characters act the exact same every time. People are gonna act different while doin' the do based on their personality, and it doesn't have to be totally serious and heavy. Some dialogue, slip-ups and fluff tossed in makes it so much more enjoyable to read and write.

    I'm super accepting of LGBT+ characters and relationships, so I'm fine with nonbinary characters, boy/boy and girl/girl, etc etc

    If you'd like to roleplay with me but you aren't interested in the fandoms belows, please feel free to ask to do an original plot or another (anime / game) fandom. These are just the things I'm most interested in at the moment and I'm definitely open to other suggestions.

    l i k e s
    slice of life

    d i s l i k e s
    live-action series

    f a n d o m s
    fandom name.
    [ preferred love interest/s ]
    other details.


    [ duel monsters | ryou/yami bakura. gx | chazz princeton. ]
    I'm super into this right now, obsessed to the point of spending hours putting together decks I'll never be able to use practically haha. I'd be most interested in either slice of life or following the canon, but that's just because I don't have any original plots in mind. If you have any ideas, throw 'em at me.


    [ game | silver, n. anime | paul. oc. ]
    Always up for this, I have a few simple plot ideas. I'm not very familiar with Johto and Hoenn - I haven't played Crystal since I was a kid and I've never played a third gen game - so I probably can't play any of those characters for you.

    monster hunter.

    [ oc. monster-turned-human. ]
    This is my all-time favorite game series and I'm always down to roleplay it, but I've never met someone interested in it. Gonna keep tryin' though B') I have a handful of plot ideas for it.

    c o n c l u s i o n

    Comment on this thread if you'd be interested in writing with me and mention what fandom (listed here or not) you'd like to roleplay. I'll PM you if I'm interested! I'm brand new to this site so I'm not sure how well the messaging system works, but I typically roleplay over email or gdocs.

    Thank you for reading!!
  2. Hey there. I'd love to give an RP a try. My writing varies from post to post, but I always try to have something decent in there.

    I would love to give the Monster Hunter RP a try. Though I'm not terribly familiar with the game, I know the basics behind it and am fairly sure I can play what you would like.
  3. Pokémon or Yu-Gi-OH! :D
  4. I've been craving a Pokémon RP lately, so I'd love to RP with you ^^ What regions are you familiar with, and which one do you want to use (if you accept my request)? Or we can make our own ^^
  5. Teen Titans?
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