Castlevania: The Lost Chapters

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  1. Castlevania
    The Lost Chapters

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    Hello Guys!
    This is a Fan-based RP of the classic game we loved as children/teens in the 80's. Castlevania. Now, this isn't the story you fully know. This is Castlevania in between Games 1 and 2. So, O.C's are allowed. Here are my guidelines.

    1. No God-Modding. This doesn't apply if I deside for you to be on of the 2 "Game Masters" How you get determend is your RP style and how fair you are.
    2. I'm getting this out of the way. This is a very graphic and bloody RP story. So don't play this if you have a weak stomach. But the faint of heart can play, just don't play as the main bad guy. (Forgot his name.)
    3. You MUST have a CS and an OPENING!
    4. {GOING ALONG W/T RULE 3} An opening is an introduction to the story. Like when you add on to the story, however, they must be 3 paragraphs.
    5. Posting Requirements are 3 sentences to 2 paragraphs (3 sentences at least.)
    6. No making your character invincible!
    7. When cursing, if it's in anyway considered a strong cuss word, use the star things to censor it. (EX: you m**********r)
    8. Try to keep the story going at least some!
    9. Last thing! Your characters may die in this story. I will allow you to use up to 2 characters. After both are dead, you can be an assistant butler/maid or, if I think you did a very swell job, you can be a "Game Master".

    You Need To Put The Following Down.
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Age
    • Looks
    • Personallity
    • Fears
    • Weaknesses
    • Streanghes
    • View On Afterlife
    • Abilities (Choose 3)
    • Theme Song
    • Picture
    • Fun Facts
    Note: For the Theme Song, use this link!


    Thank you and it would be very thankful if you joined. Now if you read this, at the end of your characters CS, put "PLAYER START!" at the end of your character sheet in blue if your character is a boy, pink if a girl, and olive if transgender.


    How will YOU Survive?
  2. BY THE WAY....

    1st person to post this correctly gets to be Dracula!
  3. If they want to....
  4. Ohhh!!!!! Reserved reserved reserved!! I'd love to be Drac. <3
  5. Alright. But we need more people and you still need a CS.
  6. WIP


    Dracula Vlad Țepeș






    He would soon meet with the same fate as his wife.

    Inability to enter a home without being first invited in
    Inability to cross water
    Daytime coma
    Light is destructive
    Dependence upon the soil of their land of birth for rest
    Reflection not seen in a mirror
    Vulnerable to garlic.
    Repulsion to holy ground


    View On Afterlife

    Within a limited range, the Count has the power to control the weather. He often uses fog or mist to cover his movements.
    Telepathy, telekinesis and other mind powers: Dracula has the power to become invisible and to pass unseen among his enemies.
    Necromancy power. Dracula can raise the dead that will come as zombies at his command

    Theme Song

    Fun Facts

  7. I have never played this game, but I read the wiki on it so I have an idea for my character to be the vampire hunter. I read that only the people with the "Belmont Warlord Chromosomes" can use the main weapon of a whip so I figured she just wouldn't use it ?

    Name: Terre Knobson

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human, Caucasian

    Age: 23

    Looks: Terre is 5'2" with long red hair she keeps up and out of her face. She wears whatever she finds with her boots. She has a guarded posture.

    Personality: Strong and independant, Terre scares many people. That's fine by her, the civilians are no concern to her. Though 23, she has no interest in romance or marriage, something that throws people off. She keeps her emotions inside and is harsh to people.

    Fears: Being turned into a vampire or not being strong enough.

    Weaknesses: She doesn't know how to swim and can't really work with others.

    Strengths: She is very strong and trained in a variety of combat.

    View On Afterlife: She'll cross that bridge when she gets to it which will be sooner rather than later, considering her occupation.

    Abilities (Choose 3): She is handy with a sword, knows how to fight really well, and has a close to photographic memory.

    Theme Song: N/A


    Fun Facts: Cannot eat nuts, loves birds, and wears a size 7 shoe.

  8. Name:
    Ayssa Belmont




    Alyssa stand five foot 3.She is muscular and thin due to training, Dark brown eyes and shoulder length black hair

    Despite her looks. Alyssa is a bit of a ditsy girl. She is strong as she was trained to do but until the death of her brother she had no desire to follow in Belmont clan footsteps

    To see anymore loved ones slaughtered

    Death, Food, and a damaged arm due to the attack that killed her brother,guns

    Hand to hand combat, sword fighting

    View On Afterlife
    If not properly handled can lead to pure evil

    Abilities (Choose 3)
    Hand to Hand combat, Sword fighting, picks locks

    Theme Song:
    The Drift by Blackmill


    Fun Facts

    Loves to help others, favorite food is cheesecake, familial hatred for vampires
  9. Seems Like a Good Character forgot something, and when you add that into the CS, I will accept.
  10. Name: Jerome Adunnell

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 28

    Looks: Blonde hair and green eyes, with a constant smirk.

    Personality: happy-go-lucky, yet aggressive when friends are threatened. Isn't afraid of anything, according to him.

    Fears: Being left on his own

    Weaknesses: Tends to get rather cocky during fights and puts himself in danger easily.

    Strengths: Laughs in the face of his enemies, no matter how obvious it is that he's going to lose.

    View On Afterlife: Doesn't care. Just as long as he does something with the life he has now.

    Abilities (Choose 3): 1. Is as agile as a spider and can climb like one too 2. Holds all of the cards from Circle Of The Moon 3. Is extremely proficient
    with his sword.

    Theme Song:

    Picture: zerochanGuyCecil150662.jpg

    Fun Facts: Is extremely ticklish

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  11. Hey, is my character approved?
  12. Yours and Laguana's are.
  13. Awesome! I can't wait.
  14. Hey, is this thing still going ahead? It really interests me and I dont want it to die...
  15. @LagunaFairTribal
    It's still going on. Just, not right now. Still waiting for people to join. Also, I'm sorting things out since my "Idea for a Giantess Furry RP" which I got from another website is being classified as a fetish RP though it's not intended for that since...honestly...I have NONE of them. But, If you can find more people then go ahead. Also, If you looking for a RP to do until this RP starts (probabily around Mid-March) look up 'Room B13". It's a furry/neko RP but it does have some Castlevania elements in it...that will take form soon. *gives you Big-A$$ Cookie for your troubles*
  16. *Takes the cookie graciously* I'll look into that roleplay if I get the time. Thanks! ^-^
  17. sorry, but it was shut down.
  18. Ah, whatever :P I'll just keep waiting for this one ^_^ Maybe I'll invite some friends so we can get it started
  19. Just posting and making sure this thread doesnt die. Really hoping it isnt dead already :P
  20. The RP is now begun! EVERYBODY!

    Now, who would do the honors and start the RP on a different forum?