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  1. Ok it's a bit overdue but I thought I'd give you guys a chance to see how my project on character design is coming along.

    These are the summary sheets of the Hero, Soulmate and Ally, the Mentor and Trickster are.. proving difficult.

    Hero is a fairly confident guy who believes he should put others before himself, but hides the fact he has little self confidence and puts on a facade of strength for other people. The shields on belts is not practical I know, but looks kinda cool, and is pretty unique. Also with skill applied they will be better for protecting others, which is what he cares about.


    The Soulmate is independent and confident due to an overprotective father. Her father crafts magical jewelery and trinkets to protect her.


    The Ally is a tinker, but isn't confident in his own usefulness. He comes from a society that tells him he must fulfill his role but that his role is not very useful.


    And these are my most update designs for the Trickster.

    The Trickster is some sort of spirit (I'm toying with him being kinda meta and breaking the fourth wall). He/she is the jester in the mentor's court, but is not that silly and is quite scathingly sarcastic (the kind of humour the Mentor find amusing.) and thus is kept around.

  2. o.o
    . . .
    This is amazing.
  3. Wow... That is awesome....O.O
  4. I definitely like the take you've done on the Hero and Soulmate. I liked the Trickster from the beginning. The Ally I'm not so sure on... Mostly it's the animal ears throwing me off, I think.

    Can't wait to see your next progress update. :]
  5. Ok update, since I've got my semi-finals for the Mentor and Trickster. So I bring you the Summary sheets for those characters:

    The Mentor is the Viceroy (A stand in for a King for when he cannot be there ie: in a colony) of a small colony for a now dead King. He took up the position as a favour until a suitable replacement could be found. Unfortunately no replacement was ever found and the Mentor is now quite fond of the country. He keeps his title as Viceroy despite splitting from the original Kingdom as a mark of respect for his dead friend.


    The Trickster I already mentioned. She(?) is the Harlequinn in the Mentor's court, amusing him with scathing wit rather than silly slapstick. More of a bodyguard than a jester really, as her(?) combat prowess is quite formidable but unexpected.

  6. n.n
    I adore the Trickster,
    and do think it could be fun staying with it as a she. :3
  7. I like the Trickster as a female character.
  8. I think the Trickster should be genderless/gender unknown.
  9. I also prefer the Trickster as genderless - it makes it more, well, tricky. I also think that is could use a continued body, though likely black and lacking design...
    I love the Mentor's character design. <3
    I can definitely see the Square Enix influence in your art style.
  10. Thanks for the support guys!

    I think in game the Trickster will be undefined.. but i will secretly know it is a female and drp subtle hints and whatnot! 8D

    Also final piece time! Here's the character sheet for the mentor:

  11. Ok double post away!Some more turnaround sheets. The Trickster apparently has ZERO peripheral vision =D[​IMG]

  12. >:3 I love everything so far, Porg-san.
    No complaints here!~ ^^
  13. As I mentioned before, (in the CBox, I believe) I think the Trickster should have a black and white color scheme, but that's just my personal preference. Red and gold/yellow is a good classic jester color scheme, up there with green and purple. Looks good.

    And besides, who needs peripheral vision?

    Also, I don't know if the right eye being bigger than the left was intentional, but it gives it a nice (mentally) unstable look.
  14. Ok and the last 2:



    And on the subject of the Trickster's colours I did a big set of colour palettes for each character, (I didn't post them cos they are pretty boring and there's a lot of em) and the red and sort of sack cloth colour is what i liked best. I had a few reasons for not picking black&white in particular (a palette i tried and which looked quite nice)

    Mostly: it didn't fit the character and looked too evil, for want of a better phrase.
    It also is hard as balls to paint both black and white.. and even worse when they are next to each other.
    Lastly it's so overdone to have a dark gritty jester in black and white.. but that was a fairly small concern.

    Oh yeah and since i uploaded them to photobucket the colours are a little off.

    but yeah, just to let you know that I did listen to you and try black and white.. but there are reasons why it didn't happen =P
  15. I love this.

    Hey, why don't you use these for a video game? IT WOULD BE EPIC!
  16. o.o
    I am fascinated by the Soulmate's hair..
    I wanna touch it.
    WONDERFUL JOB!! > w<
  17. Also this:

  18. Go Go Doublepost!

    Ok so I hate some of these.. the hero especially.. but here's some painting i did of the characters.






    Also a 3D modeler on my course is gonna model the Ally =D I'll put his stuff up when i see it ^^
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