Castaways. (Stuck on an Island RP)

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    Her body laid motionless in the sand, a loud ringing sound echoing through her ears. Slowly Anna's eyes fluttered open, taking in the area around her. For a moment she was confused, completely lost at where she was, but within moments it all started to come back to her. The emergency lights flashing, the horrific screams of terrified people. The feeling that she was about to die at any moment. Bracing herself and then finally... Nothing. For a moment she had to wonder if she was dead, but to her surprise, she somehow managed to survive the crash.

    "Hello?" She called out as she slowly tried to lift herself up from the sand. An awful stinging sensation rang through her head, making it spin every time to move. She let out a soft moan, before placing a hand to it. Instantly she felt a sticking wet substance and she quickly pulled it away. Glancing down in horror she realized that she had cut her head at some point during the crash. It was no surprise that she had managed to get hurt during it, but she was surprised that it seemed to be the worst of her injuries.

    Finally she managed to get on her feet and fully take in her surrounding. A few feet away from her laid what was left of the plane. It was nothing more than a pile twisted metal with different parts scattered all across the beach. Slowly she turned around, wincing at the pain that shot through her leg. It didn't feel broken, but it hurt with each step she took. All around her was water, trees and sand. She let out a deep sigh, realizing where she was. A deserted island.

    "Is anyone out there?!" She cried out, fighting back tears as panic set in.

    She couldn't believe all of this, it seemed like a dream. What was suppose to be a nice summer trip, was now a horror story with possibly no end in sight. She might have survived the plane crash, but how was she going to survive this?
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    Lya heard the waves crash upon the beach and blinked her eyes rapidly, she sat up and the quick motion made her head spin. She let herself settle before looking around. She didn't know what had happened, she had been on the plane and then people were panicing, it was decending fast, she shut her eyes for a moment and braced herself...and then.

    She sat on the warm sand surveying the scene before her that made her heart chill. The plane had been ravaged and torn, she heard a voice call out "Is anybody there?" should she respond? She opened her mouth to reply, but the words caught in her throat. She stood up, brushing sand off of her jeans and purple hoodie, she then realized how hot it was here and pulled the garment off. Beneath it, she realized there were red stains on her white tshirt. She sucked in air, realizing suddenly that there was a stinging pain in her gut. She lifted her shirt, seeing a piece of shrapnel embedded in her skin. She gritted her teeth and pulled it out, blood splurted from the wound. She wrapped her hoodie around it to allay the bleeding. Once finished, she gasped for air and stumbled a bit, she was feeling lightheaded.

    Finally, she went to look around, she walked over to the girl, stopping a few feet from her. She said nothing but looked at her, afraid to say anything that might be upsetting. What was there to say after you have just crash landed in nowhere? Not much.
  5. Warm, soft, fragile. Much like the heart of a human, but yet so different. He recognised it, this structure. Sand. Why was he laying on sand?
    He kept laying down, not moving a finger. He didn't want to wake. It was as if he felt a bad omen and didn't wanna see if it was true. But he had to. He couldn't just keep laying there in whatever place he was. Slowly one eye opened, shocking him, making him open both eyes. The horror.... He was on an island....But how?

    He quickly grasped in his pockets. If he remembered correctly, he had an asprin on him in his wallet. An asprin for the terrible headache that haunted his mind. He sat up and quickly pulled out his wallet, but in the corner of his eyes he saw somehting soar down onto the sand. A plane ticket.
    It was by then that he saw the whole thing as if a movie before his own eyes. The service on the plane, the people, but more horrid, the crash.
    His hands started to shake. He tried to open his wallet but somehow it got way more difficult. Even so, he managed to open it and take an asprin out, popping inside is mouth quickly and swallowing it. It didn't help. Of course it didn't. It needed some time to work.
    Breathing heavily and nervous he pushed himself off of the ground and onto his feet. Suddenly, he heard a yell. There were more people, looking for others. If he could, he would've yelled back, but he couldn't. Instead he turned around and tried to find the source of the yelling, which he nearly found immidiatly. A girl. Stranded here too, with another person near her. Her cry sounded desperate and hopeless, but that is what this whole exact situation was.

    He tried to walk towards the 2, but it seemed to be more difficult than he thought, as his legs were numb. He managed though, only nearly tripping at times. He was near the 2, but what would he do? Make gestures to get their attention? Touch them? No, they probably wouldn't have liked that. They'd probably be too catious to even let him do that. Such a pain in the ass, to forget your notepad on a day like this. But then it suddenly struck him. He quickly grasped out his mp4 player and started pressing the buttons. Alive! Yes! And fully charged too! Quickly he unlocked it and started typing words on the screen.
    "Hello, are you okay?" He typed on the screen, as he turned his vision back to the 2 people, walking towards them, trying to show the screen to either.