Carved-in Revenge

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  1. Well! This was made up on a whim, so try to bear with me!
    The inspiration for the person mentioned as the main character of this tradegy came to me the moment I saw this picture:

    The story starts many hundred years before, close to a thousand. Back then, a people only mentioned in fairytales existed. In lack of a better name, the humans called them "The Winged People". In the young kingdom of Edo these winged creatures, despite living in complete peace, were fearful. The purer the color of their wings, the more powerful they were - and they were said to be descendants of the all-powerful angels, blessed with abilities such as magic and other sorcery. Deep down, the people knew that humans feared them, and thus lived out of their radar, in small villages hid between tall trees, where they continued their lives, hoping that the day would never come.
    In a small village that was smaller than many other, a boy of what humans would dare refer to as "royalty" lived. For he had the very rare pure wings that not many carried any longer. His were red as the roses on his kimono that hung so his wings could freely move, just like all of the others' robes. He was treated as royalty, as well, and was even to be married to the most beautiful maiden of the town.
    One summer evening, the darkness fell, and the sleeping, winged creatures were disturbed in their sleep. The waking, young man only managed to see his parents get dragged away to the town square to be executed where all the other villagers were lying, before he was knocked out.
    Waking only to have his wings stripped off his body.
    Caught up, the creature swore revenge on his own eternal life, cursing humanity, vowing that one day, he would get his justful revenge.
    Many hundred years has passed since that day, and he has degraded from a being equal to a human to a machine fueled by his own revenge, having cast away name, soul and heart to pursue his goal.
    Currently, he is held captive in the house of a rich mercenary. Struck down and put in chains, having his robes pinned to the floor with arrows.
    It seems that the mercenary's son is getting suspicious of this vast, sealed-off room that no one is to enter.

    Well! The idea for this was that I would play this creature (as I have a pretty good idea to how I want to play him) and your character could be the mercenary's son, breaking in there and perhaps trying to help out the person held captive in his house? Well. This is really just an interest check.
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  2. I really adore this idea to be honest with you <3
  3. Thanks :3