Care to Write a Story with Me?

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  1. I'm Guessing you do If you clicked the thread!

    So yeah, as much as i love group rp's i think i could settle for a nice 1/1 right now. I have a bunch of ideas and plots to works with, and of course i'd love to hear your ideas too!

    In general, i like romantic sub-plots and fantasy always tickles my fancy. Slice of Life/HS is kinda fun too, a bit overdone, but still fun. I just need a not-as-serious roleplay, with Odyssey of the mind school things and just school things in general. I plan to be on most days, except Tuesday and Thursday, and i'm fairly active. I've been roleplaying for 3 years and this isn't my first rodeo bucko.

    I roleplay both original stuff and fandom stuff(usually i like to play AU's or with OC's etc etc), and i mainly play female. Though i don't mind doubling up if the plot calls for it.

    -Soul Eater
    -I have so many yet i cANT REMEMBER THEM

    Original stuff!:
    -Modern day; While moving out to washington with her parents (because of work reasons) to live with her grandparents, a Girl finds a book that reveals a land that her grandparents would tell her as bedtime stories. As fantasy becomes reality, she realizes that this place is more than it seems, and needs more help than ever.

    -early 19oo's ish; In a world where magic is very much real and where the line between magic folk and non-magic folk runs thick, A wizard and his loyal, non magical, human companion adventure around the world, both testing themselves and society with their risky moves and surprising decisions. With a surprising and dangerous friendship like this,it's no wonder that everyone's got their eye out for you.

    -more to come later, i'm sure. (and i plan on fleshing these out later because WOW these are really bad)

    So yeah, if interested slip me a PM or reply to me here!
    **we don't have to rp my ideas!!! if you have on you'd like to do i'd love to hear it!!!*
  2. Do you do Harry Potter role plays?
    (Doubling up of course, and playing already made characters from the series)
  3. Not very often, no :I
  4. Hi! I'm looking for partners, so :3

    I love RPing, and I'm really into anything at all. I like both your ideas :o and I have some of my own.

    Message me if you're interested, I guess :3