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  1. Anyone knows any good card games? Share your favorites! This counting the basic 52-card deck.
  2. Yugioh
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  3. For yugioh, I prefer drafted decks, the kind that regular cobble together from a pool. meta decks are no fun.

    Hearts, President, and Cheat are great games to play especially in later rounds where people figure out others. I have yet to learn/master Bridge and Scopa for 52-card games.
  4. Magic the Gathering.

    The metagame is as complex as a StarCraft game.

    I had a badass moment a few years ago while playing it. I used to play a lot in elementary school and, decades later, borrowed my friend's deck to play him and two other friends. And I won. Because I remembered how to look at my opponents' mana pool and judge what style of card they were going to deploy next based on how much mana they were using.

    I had no idea what kind of cards he had (his deck was one of the newer ones), but kind of like in StarCraft, just seeing the resources available and being used tells a whole story to a player. And then I hard-countered him. It was awesome.
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  5. The only one I found that can really stand the test of time is Magic the Gathering.

    Pokemon get's more broken each new edition, Yu-Gi-Oh seems to go out of it's way to make specific "I win" cards, there's some Anime Card game I've seen people play but that one had the flaw of not even letting you customise cards/decks. Then Hearthstones? That one seems to have a big barrier of entry to new people due to how the gem and unlockable system works.

    Magic seems to address all the flaws mentioned above though. They cycle out old editions so in official play all the cards are balanced around one another (you can still use older cards in different game modes. But then you do unavoidably raise potential of deck abuse), it has the Mana cost system so "I win" cards are something you spend a long time building up to get, it's a game that thrives on combining different cards and colours/elements, and they provide both powerful starter decks and 20$ starter kits with 200+ cards, giving anyone a good amount of options right at the start instead of scrapping by with barebones basics.
  6. Netrunner. Not only is it backed by an amazing company (Fantasy Flight Games), it doesn't suffer from trading card game problems since each unique pack of cards always has the same cards in them. Basically, there's no pay-to-win underground market for super rare and powerfultimately cards since anyone can look up what is in each pack and buy accordingly. It's also asymmetrical, with each player trying to accomplish similar goals through different means. Plays more like cat and mouse with elements of chess thrown in, definitely a fun test in planning ahead.

    And the world. I've never seen a card game convey the look and feel of a setting so well than in Netrunner's flavor text.
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  7. Spades! My friends and I used to play Spades for hours. For some reason I always had really good luck with it.
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  8. Million Dollars But... the card game by Rooster Teeth.

    Card Against Humanity

    Although not a card game, it does have cards in it... Secret Hitler.
  9. My favorite is probably Magic the Gathering. I admit, I've been neglecting it lately. There's lot of microing, but once you get used to the terms and phases, its pretty fun. If you have a match with multiple people, don't make plans for a good chunk of the day. Haha.
  10. 52 Card Pickup.

    Play it with your friends.

    Just kidding you don't have friends
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  11. Board/Card game
    Nevermore - Nice little card game
    Warmachine - High Command (With modified rules)
    Devastation of Indines - Nice 1v1 combat Card Game
    Shadowrun Crossfire - Nice Deck Building Game
    Xenoshyft Onslaught - 'Tower' Defense Cooperation game

    Netrunner - Really good, balanced card game
    Warhammer 40k Conquest

    Magic the Gathering
    Vampire The Eternal Struggle

    52 Card Deck games
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  12. I like gin rummy with groups of friends.

    I am also quite all right with playing blackjack with no stakes for kicks.
  13. I have really got a liking for Hearts.
  14. I actively play MAGIC and Pokémon. I also played Yugioh for 6 years but the local community for that game drove me away. I actually a regional win in yugioh and a lot of bubbles for topping in big competitive events.
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