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  1. Capture
    Those who do wrong are to be punished. Or at least, that's what she thought. Capturing someone's heart and then releasing it again for the sole reason that you've taken what you wanted? Revolting. Which is why she found it odd she was attracted to him. A high-school social butterfly that's seen with a new girl every week, and a girl with no sense of humor and a burning desire to acquire top grades. They'd never mix. Or is it truly possible they could be together? Maybe. Just maybe.
    - - -

    The basic idea for this role-play is the awkward, unsettling teenage love between a goody-two-shoes and a socialite with no boundaries. For some reason, they're attracted to each other. They don't know why, but are willing to investigate and find out. If I had to give a reference material, it would probably be an anime called Say I Love You, or another one called My Little Monster.

    So, is anyone interested? c: I don't care about the gender of my partner, it only depends on your writing level. A paragraph (maybe two) minimum, not much. Just reply to this thread if you are willing to try it out.
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  2. I love the anime "Say I Love You"!! This is a really good idea and I would love to try it our! I can easily type 1-2 paragraphs, so te length's no problem for me :D
  3. Are you still seeking partners, or has this been filled?
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