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  1. Azelia walked along the sidewalk quietly, jacket clutched tightly around herself and dark brown hair soaking wet. Water trickled down her whole body, bringing about an involuntary shiver that racked the young woman's body. She didn't mind the rain, really, but she'd never really had an affinity for the chilling cold that came with it.

    However.. Fall, on the other hand, she loved.

    Despite the light rain coming down, Azelia still managed to admire the beautiful colors the season never failed to bring. The beautiful reds, oranges and yellows that danced about the shedding trees, the perfect temperature when it wasn't raining, and the time of the year best for settling down inside and just spending time with people you cared about.

    Little did the young woman, blue-green eyes raking over the streets, know.. Her family members and few friends weren't the only ones wanting her for the season.
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  2. Griffin followed Azelia carefully. He was worried that the rain would give him away. He needed to grab the girl soon. The cold rain wasn't helping his bad leg in anyway. He needed her to go just a bit further. Than she would be close enough that he should have little difficulty getting her to the car he had bought. He waited until she almost past the alley where the car was hidden. He reached out of the alley and grabbed her. He wrapped one arm around her waist pinning her arms to hers sides. He put the other hand over her mouth. "I don't want to hurt you."
  3. In all honesty, Azelia hadn't been expecting this in the slightest. She had trudged on unknowingly, completely oblivious of the male up until the moment she was grabbed. Her eyes widened, heart speeding up, and she began squirming on instinct. Evidently, her fight or flight triggered had been flipped to fight. Besides.. Even when she heard the whisper, she didn't stop. How was she supposed to believe a man who had just snatched her without warning didn't want to hurt her?
  4. Griffin grunted as she kicked him. He had know that she wasn't like to believe him. He couldnt say he blamed her. Still he needed her to listen to him. He began moving towards the car. "Look we can do this the easy way and you cooperate or we can do this the hard way and I knock you out. What's it going to be?"
  5. Obviously, no clear verbal response came from Azelia. However, she faltered in her thrashing at the statement, evidently trying to make up her mind. She ended up stopping the flailing, but muffled cries of protest and strings of profanities could be heard, resulting only in hot breath meeting Griffin's hand.
  6. Griffin took the fact that she stopped struggling as a sign that she was willing to cooperate at least some what with him. He drag her to his truck. There wasn't much time. He had to put as many miles between them and the city as possible. He opened the car door. "Get in and I'll explain."
  7. The new development only made Azelia's panic level rise once more. She desperately attempted to free her arms; struggle bubbling up once more, her rationality screaming at her to get away. Her verbal protest began again, though it was muffled and drowned out. What she was trying to say was that she wasn't about to get in the car with this stranger.
  8. Griffin struggled to control the woman. She wasn't going to cooperate. He didn't blame her but it made things harder. He was going to have to let go of something to open the door. He choose her mouth. Removing his hsnd he opened the door and shoved her into the car. He turned on the child proof lock so she could open the door from inside.
  9. Azelia was relieved when her mouth was released, but found that before she could object, she was shoved into the car and locked in. She yelped upon landing, but quickly recovered and scrambled for the door handle. Upon finding it locked with inability to open it, she began cursing and throwing her weight against the door in a desperate attempt to get it opened. "No! Dammit!" she exclaimed in desperation. Frantic eyes flickered about the car as she searched for something she could break the window or defend herself with.
  10. "I'm not going to hurt you." Griffin repeated again. As he climbed into the car. He started the engine and headed down the road.they needex to get going. "Please calm down. I'm trying to help here. Your in serious trouble. But I think I can help. You just have to calm down and listen."
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