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  1. Simply put, this game is about captioning the avatar above you with a remark, witty or otherwise. I'm afraid I can't start this seeing as I don't have a person to caption.

    (copypasted from previous thread)
  2. We already have a plan, are you going to come?
  3. "Just cause my lower body is like a fish doesn't mean you can stare at my ass all day, jerk." - some random mermaid
  4. "You'll have to speak up, my swag is too loud."
  5. I see you! With my glowing golden eyes!
  6. My mother was a parrot, my father was a peregrine; they call me the Rainbow Hawk
  7. I'm gonna play some tunes now.
  8. I'm a falcon, not your average bird either.
  9. Where is the logic in slowly poisoning your body with a toxic substance?
  10. Surgery done - here's my before & after pics!
  11. So what if I hit a wrong chord, It's called practicing!
  12. the heron and the otter are my friends!
  13. Red vs. Blue: anime girl style
  14. Daises really do grow everywhere!
  15. had you seen how colbart berate bird inside of television (and endorse robot bird imposter)? Maybe instead of human we have toaster then!
  16. (all my wat. lol)

    Average jump, or WAY SMOOTH DODGE?
  17. How the Hell'd you get in my room?
  18. Leap frog fox style
  19. I would sport a fashion hat and a cool shades, if could be found birdsized. this will be a success for me. #MAKEITHAPPENFASHIONIserious
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.