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  1. Okay so I had this idea and was going to try it out. The way this game works is the thread starter posts a picture. No words on it unless it is a picture of a sign of some kind. Each person posts a caption and must vote on one of the other captions excluding your own. You must caption to vote. To vote press the love button on someone's caption post. Person with the most loves at the end wins! Multiple votes are allowed if you can come up with multiple captions. It has to be creative though. You can't just post random words to get votes. You may not post twice in a row. Here's your picture.

  2. Meanwhile, In Ron Jeremy's house.....
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  3. First we tried to hunt the evil chupucabra, then we made friends!
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  4. "So, I take it you want another baby?"

    Try thinking about that one a bit and see if the different parts of the pic click into place. XD
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  5. "You like this? I got it for her birthday!"

    *Sentence intentionally left vague*
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  6. "Guns - $40. Dogs - $50. Babies - 9 months"