Captain Hook vs The Flying Duchman!

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  1. These pirates have cracked me up too many times over the years! Now, it's gotten to the point where I don't know who the better pirate is!

    FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN PETER PAN: Shame on you. >:[ It's a great movie and has brought a tear to my eye. But, the main antagonist in the story is the infamous Captain Hook! He's called Captain Hook for a reason. I won't tell you what that reason is though. >:]


    FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT WATCHED SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS: Also, for shame! D: This cartoon hold's the Nickelodeon record for Best Cartoon of the Year! Though the Flying Duchman may not be the MAIN antagonist, he does appear to spook the heck out of Spongebob and Patrick, whether summoned or not!


    Both of them are hilarious, but my question is,


    And, if not either of these cartoon pirates, post another one, savvy?

  2. Oh god..I can't pick one, they're both pretty damn funny..

    But if I really have to pick, The Flying Dutchman..

    His voice actor is one of the bests, and just how the character is, a dead ghost of a typical pirate.
    But how he responds to Spongebob and Patrick is priceless.

    Kid: "Those guys are dorks.."
    Flying Dutchman: "Yes, but they're my dorks." -_-
  3. I find the Flying Dutchman to be more comical. He has had quite a few great moments in the show.

    For example, when he made Spongebob and Patrick part of his crew and they proceed to screw up every order he gives them, wreck his ship (a GHOST ship, no less) and basically make him want to die. A second time.
  4. ...I don't like comedy, so neither of these pirates, nor any cartoon pirate for that matter, really work for me.

    But, if made to choose, I'd say Hook is the better character over all.

    The Flying Dutchman isn't really an antagonist. He may start out like one, but he becomes much more... friendly, almost to the point where you could say he's friends with Spongebob and Patrick.

    Hook, on the other hand, never stops in his quest to kill Peter Pan. Unless my memory of the disney film is being permeated by my love of Hook the movie.

    Another thing I love about Hook is that he is a more rounded and thought out character. He has fears and goals and an entire history. And while he may be over the top, as most cartoons are, he's still easier to identify and fear than FD.

    One point for Hook!
  5. Captain hook, why? BECAUSE HE HAS A HOOK, the flying dutchman doesn't have a hook nor a tree-leg!!!! GRRR >_<
  6. CAPN' HOOK!

    Because I had a crush on him as a kid.
    And I love him. <3
    And his fear of crocodiles that tick.

    And he's just amusing. I grew up with Peter Pan. <3
  7. The Flying Dutchman!

    He's a ghost, he's scary and he has a locker....A locker!