Captain America and Winter Soldier Search (M or F!!!) Other Marvel RP's too!

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  1. I adore Bucky Barnes (and Cap is cool too!) so come join me plz.


    1. Avengers Assemble
    -What if we assembled a new lineup of Avengers and what if they faced a different enemy? (this would ideally be a group RP, given that there are 6 Avengers and at least one villain, 3-4+ characters per player can be a bit much for some! If there is interest I'll make a group or if you wanna double up chars, let me know and we could give it a lash!).

    2. Captain America and the Winter Soldier (already doing a couple of these but if you have a cool idea HMU!!)
    - Bucky didn't die in 1945, 70 years later, Captain America faces off against his/her oldest friend who has become his/her deadliest enemy. Instead of reenacting all of TWS through to CW, we'll take things on a different turn. Perhaps Captain America doesn't lose Bucky after he seemed to break through HYDRA's brainwashing and the RP follows as Bucky tries to gather his memories and Captain America deals with reuniting with a friend he believed died 70 years ago. Maybe SHIELD imprisons Bucky immediately and wants to put him to death for his war crimes and Cap has to stop his best friend paying for crimes he ultimately had no control over committing. Anything goes here feel free to come up with your own little twists as well :)

    3. Captain America VERSUS SHIELD
    - (Inspired by CATWS and CACW) Bucky broke his mental reprogramming and went on the run, Cap has found him and now has to protect him from SHIELD and HYDRA. The two go on the run, Bucky on the verge of snapping back into TWS at any second and Cap risking everything to keep them both safe from their oldest enemy (HYDRA) and the organisation they believed was their ally (SHIELD).

    4. Crossing Paths (very want)
    - Captain America briefly breaks through Bucky's brainwashing but before he can catch Bucky, Bucky vanishes, just long enough to remember Captain America's name and that he was something other than the Winter Soldier (though he doesn't know what he was). Bucky writes a note to himself and when he is recaptured by HYDRA and brainwashed again he forgets crossing paths with Cap at all.
    Cap continues the search (with a little help, perhaps Black Widow, I'm willing to double up!). When he/she discovers that Bucky has been recaptured by HYDRA he decides to break into the Serbian base and release TWS himself. Natasha comes up with an alternative, rather than breaking into the dangerous HYDRA facility they'll set a trap to catch TWS. When Natasha plants false info in HYDRA's comms, they send TWS on a mission, Cap and Widow know exactly where and when he will strike and prepare themselves. Bucky, recovers the note he left for himself and goes rogue from his mission, searching for answers. Cap and Black Widow find their perfectly laid trap HASN'T attracted the Soldier.
    Can Cap catch Bucky before HYDRA or SHIELD catch him and who exactly will Bucky be? The Winter Soldier? Or Bucky Barnes?

    5. Revenge (also very want)
    - Black Widow hears some interesting info buzzing about in HYDRA (using her unique super spy ties from her KGB days). It sounds like Captain America's old friend is alive and well. She tells Cap and Cap decides to take on the mission of finding Bucky, before he can have any success, Black Widow hears HYDRA going wild that the "Asset" has gone rogue during a mission.
    Bucky begins a mission of revenge, utterly broken by HYDRA's tortures, can Cap find him before he does something he regrets? Will Cap even want to stop Bucky from his revenge-driven massacre after he/she discovers just what Bucky has been through since WW2.

    6. The Cure
    - Bucky is cured of his brainwashing while frozen in cryo-sleep in Wakanda, but where will his story take him next? What has Cap been up to while Bucky was on ice and what will he/she do now that Bucky's rehabilitated?

    Anyway, I'm always searching for more ways to explore his character and improve my Roleplaying/writing skills. This is my marvel/comicbook search thread so let me lay down some basics!!

    1. Winter Soldier is mine ... no srsly x'D this (aside from no one-liners and keep it clean -as per the sites rules I don't even need to point this out) is my only super serious rule. You'll find I'm a fairly flexible partner, I just dig amnesiac assassins so, make my day and let me cuddle him! All other characters in the MCU are pretty much yours for the taking!!!

    2. NO OC MAIN CHARACTERS PLEASE (side chars are fine)- I wanna explore the canon characters, namely Cap and Bucky but other parts of the MCU are more than welcome (and encouraged to join in). BUT HERES WHERE IT GETS FUN/TRICKY. Ever wondered what would happen if Danny Rand was a woman? Or if Thor was unworthy of wielding Mjolnir? What if Loki was worthy instead? The possibilities are endless. My only rule about this is that a character must largely retain their "essence", for example, Cap can be a woman but she can't be a double agent/assassin like Black Widow because Captain America typically has high regard for honour and honesty, it is out of his/her character to be like Black Widow.

    We can discuss how your character will diverge from canon MU elements as we plan plots etc, just be aware that characters CAN be twisted and changed and tell new stories. You do not need to be a carbon copy of MCU Captain America, you can add your own flair, just try capture what his character is about in your special way!

    3. Regarding OCs and NPCs, they can play minor roles. That guy who delivers pizzas to Ironmans pad, the SHIELD Agent that leaves annoying messages on Black Widows cellphone, go wild with them, but remember, they are MINOR characters, don't let them take over, I'm looking to play with some AU takes on canon characters!!!

    4. General Forum rules apply, keep it clean, don't be a dick etc etc etc. Did I forget to mention, no one liners please (might alleviate this rule during combat/battle scenes OR do collab-type posts via a shared googledoc or IM channel etc and compile into a larger post, we'll sort this out later.)


    I'm open to more ideas, lemme know any other plots or characters you want to explore, remember the universe is pretty flexible here (even though I'm heavily focused on Captain America/The Avengers, you can bring in other characters/elements, Spiderverse, Xmen etc etc etc).

    Re; Bucky and Cap's relationship, it can vary from plot to plot. MxM or FxM, platonic friendship/sibling-like relationship, unrequited love or maybe even a deep love affair ... we'll see which best fits the plot/story we are going for, but again, I stress, this is absolutely NOT M/18+ so its strictly PG at all times. Anything below the belt is implied/alluded to at most, I'll report/delete any graphic/explicit posts (and you could get in trouble with the staffers so don't do it). I know some Stucky stuff gets pretty hardcore (thanks tumblr -.-* -shakes head-), but just remember where you are and what is appropriate post content. I shouldn't need to say it tbh, you know the site rules.

    I am willing to play a female Winter Soldier but it would be my preference to play Bucky largely like he appears in TWS, Cap can be male or female.


    This is STILL OPEN because ... well I can't get enough Bucky, but PLEASE be aware that I am a full time MA student, which means I have a crazy amount of readings to do, assignments to attempt and also craic to have (I actually have friends outside of the lovely folks here which is a blessing and a curse sometimes!). My posts might involve a little bit of a wait. I try to reply when I'm on the 3hour bus ride between my apartment and my parents home (I go home on weekends sometimes), but sometimes on a Friday or a weekend I'm just so exhausted it gets hard to do real meaty posts. Please be patient if I get bogged down in my work. I do suffer with dreadful fatigue sometimes so the full time studying as well as the travelling can be very taxing for me! I really appreciate it if you understand and can be patient with me! If you dont mind a wait from time to time, I can promise you you'll find a very dedicated and enthusiastic partner in me! I try to make my posts worth the wait!
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  2. EDITED; details to CS template and other areas changed! Still looking, Still open, male or female Captain America's required!!!
  3. Edited still looking.
  4. EDIT; UPDATED and jiggled stuff around a bit, STILL LOOKING
  5. Unfortunately I am no good at canon characters, though I love the idea. Best of luck.

    And your first option, the new lineup of Avengers.....would they be OCs or different canon characters? Because I have experience with that sort of thing.
  6. Canon, though my definition is very flexible, you have plenty of creative freedoms to play around with the character but unfortunately I am not interested in OCs for this particular RP. The MC's can have OC side characters though.
  7. I see. Unfortunately, canon characters are not my forte (tweaked or otherwise), so I won't be able to help out with any of these options. ^.^ best of luck on your search, though!
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  8. edited and still looking for male or female Caps
  9. Ohhhh! I love playing as female Cap! Can I play?
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  10. Yep, please send me a PM and we can hash out plot details etc I'm going to bed now coz lectures in a few hours but I'll hopefully reply to you tomorrow evening (or morning if I get up REALLLY early before class!)
  11. *waves* it has been ages. I would love to play fem Cap for you or something along those lines <3
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  12. Do send me a PM and we can get this show on the road :)
  13. UPDATED BY THE WAY!!! This thread is always open but I posted an update since my circumstances have changed due to moving apartment and studying!!!
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