Canucks! Have ya voted yet?!

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Have you cast your ballot for the Canadian 42nd General Election yet?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Lol Canada what are they voting on, maple syrup flavours? lololol sorry lololol mounties lololol

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  1. Discuss WHO you voted for in another thread if you must; I'm just curious as to who has voted :3
  2. You gave me the third option, I had to take it. Sorry.
  3. I would've, but I've recently moved and don't have any proof of my residence.

    So no, I have not voted.
  4. Your lease/rental agreement/other housing agreement paper, + your SIN card will work!
  5. I voted earlier today.
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  6. I cast my vote, though it didn't really matter in the end. It was as I expected it to be in Alberta.
  7. As an honorary Canadian, I can say that I would have voted if I were an actual citizen.
  8. Alan, tell me more about this... "Honorary Canadian"? :3
  9. If you're a good Canadian stuck in a different country, one day @Minibit will make you one too :D
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