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  1. Ev[BCOLOR=#ffffff]er[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#ffffff]y[/BCOLOR]thing is black a[BCOLOR=#ffffff]n[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#ffffff]d[/BCOLOR] white.
    Wh[BCOLOR=#ffffff]er[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#ffffff]e a[/BCOLOR]re all the c[BCOLOR=#ffffff]ol[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#ffffff]o[/BCOLOR]urs?
    Somethin[BCOLOR=#ffffff]g i[/BCOLOR]sn't right.
    W[BCOLOR=#ffffff]h[/BCOLOR]y am[BCOLOR=#ffffff] I tr[/BCOLOR]embli[BCOLOR=#ffffff]n[/BCOLOR]g in f[BCOLOR=#ffffff]e[/BCOLOR]ar?
    Why do I t[BCOLOR=#ffffff]r[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#ffffff]y[/BCOLOR] to look ba[BCOLOR=#ffffff]ck?[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Ple[/BCOLOR]ase, [BCOLOR=#ffffff]C[/BCOLOR]an you lend me an e[BCOLOR=#ffffff]ar?[/BCOLOR]
    Tell me, W[BCOLOR=#ffffff]h[/BCOLOR]en will [BCOLOR=#ffffff]I[/BCOLOR] be [BCOLOR=#ffffff]f[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#ffffff]r[/BCOLOR]ee?


    A squeaking sound went through his ears and it felt like a very small laserbeam went through the head, it was painful, but not as painful as the stinging feeling when opening your eyes and a white light is shining right at your eyes, making you squint as the light disappeared. His vision was blurry and everything was dark, not knowing where he was or who he is. When his eyes got custom with the view he realized he was in some sort of huge cylinder filled with... water? No, it was something else, how else could he look without his eyes getting hurt. When the surrounding was more viewable the dark blue light shining up some of the checkered stone floor and some sort of huge pit that looked a bit old with rust and metal that have fallen off, it was hard to say how big it was since it was hard to move the head, it felt like something was grabbing your neck, preventing you from moving around freely. The blue light came from a window with atleast 16 small squares filled with glass and wood to hold everything up, it was hard to tell the right time but it was probably night. The liquid inside this huge cylinder didn't taste anything nor did it seem that he needed to breathe.
    He tried to move his hands but as the same with the neck, something was preventing him from moving, it was strong and short since you only could move only an inch. This situation didn't seem dangerous but he still felt a bit nervous, something was not right and what was the voice just now? It was a mans voice, not a young one, but older, though it isn't someone you know, yet the voice still felt like you've heard it before and it was calming.
    But now was not the time, he had to get out of there.

    With enough force on the hands and arms he could make what was holding him back more softer on their grip and soon, like a click, they loosen their grip from the cylinder itself. Apparently, was was holding him back was some sort of small movable rubber tubes, now the arms was free but his legs was still not free yet but with the help of his hands it was easier to take it away but the space inside the cylinder made it still hard to move. After some struggle he finally pulled out the small tubes from his body and looked around inside the cylinder, nothing. This far and nothing? No, there had to be some way out of this little glass coffin. He poked the glass, wondering and thinking as he started to very carefully hit the glass, nothing hurt. Then a harder hit, still didn't hurt and then he tried to give it all as a small crack got visible, the liquids pressure was making a force towards the crack as he hit the glass once more and he made a hole and the liquid was flooding out, but it was still not enough. So with his hand he hit and took away glass so the hole would get bigger so he could get out, he was now free but with the price to have wounds on his hands and arms. He looked around and then saw that on the cylinder was a small tag with letters and numbers on. Nr. C2.14 it said. Was that his name? Suddenly another sound appeared as red light started to lit up the room, he had to get out of there, he didn't know why, but he felt that he had to.


    With only one eye, he looked at his "crew". A bunch of random people who have ran away from their fate as brainwashed by the LD company. First, the company started as something small, a helmet, to take you into the game world, then it out to be some sort of controlling device, fooling humans and do the dirsty work for the company. Then it turned out to a small chip and "disappearing" citizens. Now, everyone is brainwashed and the only ones left to turn this over was just this bunch.
    -"As you know, the LD company have kidnapped almost all citizens, implanted this chip and turned them to controlling zombies. But... we need to stop them!" He called out and slammed his robot arm on the wooden table, almost chopped it into two. One of them in this group started to talk.
    -"But how? There are us against a whole city? How are we even going to get in there? Will they not just capture us and turn us into... those things?"
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    A boy who had his back against the wall spoke up "We just have to use their weapon against them,then again that's easier said than done.But who know if yous guys happen to have a will strong enough for this- My name is gary ,and I find the idea of fighting them back so very interesting- not because am angry at what the did to people, i couldn't care less but because...I think this will be fun.Now now, don't look at me like am crazy-we all are,and maybe I just happen to be the only sane one" The boy spoke in such a monotones voice as if this all does not concern him,as if he was just watching over them.
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  3. The "leader" with orange hair and small beard looked at the young man with his only eye visible as the other was hiding under some bandages, which was probably from a fight in the early days.
    -"I didn't ask for your permission to talk, nor about your opinion about what you think about this mission." LG said with a cold stare and then turned to the other whom was rising his voice before, a somewhat muscular guy with blonde hair and a scar on his cheek, atleast he looked like he've been in something like this before and could handle a gun.
    -"As you know, we have to go into the city a-" He got interfered with the man screaming again.
    -"But how?!" The blonde man said as LG, with his big hand rised it to make him continue.
    -"No need to rush, as I've said. We have to go into the city and to do so, we need to take another way around and it's here." He took his mobil as a huge man was displayed out in the air and showed the huge city. There was a green dot blinking on the side on the city, where the water is going out.
    -"We've to go through there." LG said as some looked a bit disgusted.
    -"Through the cloak? No way! Isn't there another way around?" Another one shouted.
    -"Well, either that or we've to climb up through the wall around the city or blow a hole but then they'd notice us, wouldn't they?"
  4. Gary rolled his eyes looking the other way mumbling under his breath in a low voice "aww -that was mean,So I need permission to talk- only me huh ?" He wasn't exactly cooperative but he was smart- he knew when to shut up and when not too. He wouldn't want to get in anyways bad side- specially not from the start.
  5. -"Well whatever. We need to start moving, no excuses tonight and don't just shoot at whatever you see, you might get caught if they or someone hear you." LG said as he took his weapon on to his robot arm and looked at everyone.
    -"Are you all ready? We need everything we got to get to their mansion and... be careful."
  6. Gary kept with him a light weight gun and a small sharp pocket knife.He thought he doesn't need a strong weapon because with his specially costumed eyes he could see the enemies weak point and take it from there.He might not have a strong robot arm or anything like that, but this ability was all he needed .After all he is not one to do the dirty work ,he believed his job was to think,and only that.He saw playing the role of the brain behind anything was the most important role really.But with such a dominate bunch taking such a role might prove to be difficult for him.
  7. When going outside their hiding place was the huge land of desert and sand waiting with hard winds and sand in your eyes if you didn't have protection of course. They all started to walk towards the city and it wasn't far from where they were hiding, after some walking in the late night desert landscape the wall was now infront of them, the huge pipe leading into the city was visible as if shouting "I'm here!". LG the leader went in first and then the others, everything was calm in the city tonight and as to why it was one to wonder, or so they thought. As soon as LG went further in he heard a lot of noise, it seemed something has happened but it was unclear to what. It was not easy to get inside because the way was not as straight as they thought, it was going downwards as to under a building and soon over their heads were cages so they could see lights shine upon them. When feets were coming closer they tried to have a low profile as one of the guards was talking about someone that had escaped but the thought to get inside the city further and suvive took over the brain as they kept moving. Soon they could stop crawling and now were on their feets, it seemed to some sort of building that took care of the water that went outside the city, but now they have to get outside and not be seen by any guards and it would not be easy thinking how someone have escaped now and with all this rucuss.
    -"Okay guys, we've to split for now but when we're closing up to the LD company, but in the meantime we can contact each other on the radio, understand? Okay? Good, then let's go!" LG went on ahead as the others also went their own way, a more elastic girl could climb up to the cieling and take a rout through there, another wanted to keep moving under the building as some would probably take the stairs upwards.
  8. Gary put his shades on to protect his eyes- his most precious assist and walked closely behind the group.When it was time to split up, gary decided to take the most common approach of advancing.He choose to go with what the majority choose
  9. There were very stressful moments with the guards everywhere and also new paths to find, sometimes it felt like you went around in circle. The rooms were cloudy with dust, other rooms had it better, it was dark and sometimes not enough space since you either had to hide or crawl to get somewhere but eventually the majority who took their route finally got outside and breathe the fresh air but not for long since it was still bloding a lot and the sand could get on your face.
    -"Okay so what now?" One of them asked.
    -"Well, we've to get to the LD company, right? Then call for LG when we're there."
    -"I hope the others made it..."
    -"Oh, don't look so down, they're strong people, now... Let's go!"
  10. Gary smiled wearily as he was just glad he got out of there.

    " Thinking of others , your pretty nice aren't you. To bad the good die fast- hey relax ! I didn't mean that- I am just concerned for you that's all"

    it was to late when gary realised what he just said.He would always unconsciously think in such a manner but he knew well to well that his attitude won't help him get through this at all.
  11. One of the guys heard his comment but just ignored it by turning his back as they started to walk around in the shadows. You could hear screams and calls from guards and people as lights were everywhere.
    -"I wonder what's going on." The girl in the group said as she was holding a grip to her weapon, looking around for danger.
    -"No idea, but what I've heard from one of the guards strolling around it seems something have escaped." One of the guys answered.
    -"Something?" The girl asked quietly as they kept moving, there weren't too much talk and the girl knew that no one in this group would have the answer, nor were the any gaurds around who would tell them nicely about information and what's happening. But now they had their own problems and needed to move on and fast.
    -"Okay, we're soon there." One of the group said.
    -"We've to be ready to call for LG."
    -"Shh... quiet." One guard were walking around where they needed to go, either they had to climb upwards or wait and as promised to LG they couldn't shoot how they wanted and that would just make it worse.
  12. Gary bent down taking cover, he gestured for the others to do so as will.He thought it would be unwise to act heroic in a situation like this.After all despite how much he wished this was all just a game -it was real.Any false move could kill him- no second chances what so ever.
  13. They waited until the guard was off sight as one of them closed up to look if everything was clear, when he gave a signal to them they started to move. The company was just above them and they now needed to go inside but first calling for LG. They went behinde and hid as one of them started to talk to them the other looked around. It seemd LG and the other were with him and now was almost by the building but there were many guards around.
    -"He gave the order to search for an opening inside." Samuel said as he ended the call with LG.
    -"I dunno. There must be some ventilation or something."
  14. Gary scanned the area thoroughly to spot a 'door' like ventilation cover that they good reach of one of them lifted the other and then the last person will be pulled up by the ones already up.
    -"We can try that over there" he gestures with his chin towards it.
  15. The 'door' of the ventilation shaft was suddenly kicked off as a woman stared down at the people from inside for a few moments. "Hi hi~ need a lift up here?" She said with a snicker while staring at the crowd of growing people. She had been watching them for some time in secrecy with her thermal eye which glowed red under her pink hair before she decided to make initiative contact. A third party that wasn't part of their movement until now.
  16. A little bit shocked, they accepted the womans help as the guards was moving closer, surrounding the area until someone screamed and they started to run off. What was going on? Many would wonder, but thanks to that they had it an easier time moving on, they just hoped that LG and the others have always find their way in. They started to move and with a suprise it was quite calmer inside than outside but that doesn't mean they can wander off freely. Samuel, who you could say was the message bird of the group, contacted their leader LG once again and asked about their status.
    -"We're inside the second floor, there are more guards here that are moving downwards, you guys can go ahead. We will catch up with you guys, don't worry." Was LG's words as they ended their call, Samuel told about the situation and that they had to move forward.
    -"We have to find this thing which are controlling everyone and if we're lucky, we also might find were most of the abducted people." The abducted people are from this very city that the company have taken in order to inplant this chip so they can be living tools for the company to control, no one knows were they really are except for the company and if they are all still safe.. is a question to still be answered.
    -"Okay let's move, we need to find the room where they hold this chip."
    -"Maybe the men in the suit can tell us something."
    -"Shh-! Quiet."
  17. With a smile she watched the two that stood out and listened to their conversation. "Chip room? That's on the third floor, near the head of the company's office. Good luck getting into there." she whispered to them with a sigh while taking a turn they had missed and starting to crawl up the vent with some gear she had on her. It was simple climbing gear that she utilized
  18. -"Well, we'll just have to beat some guards if we have to. But I mean, how hard can it be?" One of the guys in the group said as they kept going and then got out from the ventelation system and landed inside one room, one by one, they landed on the floor and one of them checked if everyone was there and then they kept walking. Then one person was inside the next room, it was a simple guard with protection and a simple gun, they could easily take him down or if the guard was dumb enough, take him down from behinde. Right now they were in the second floor and needed to get to the stairs but they couldn't get the through the ventelation but had to get there by foot.