Can't find a partner like me :(

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Hello, lately rping has been quite boring ;/ I am a very open person but I can never find someone who will be male and Dom..
I enjoy horror, romance, and slice of life the most but I can never find someone as dark as me to rp.. I need someone who is playful but serious and who is aggressive since I am very passive and also someone who is the speed of light so I don't get left hanging..
I know that's a lot of ask for but I've been rping for so long and I've only found 1 person that I truly enjoy rping with and she isn't on most of the time.. So please I need help! How can I find someone like this? I've made so many threads but I am always ending up playing the male and dom.. :( And an rp that I do not enjoy..


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Well, first, stop playing the character types you don't like to play just so you can get an rp! I know it seems like that is the only way you can get RP sometimes, but all it does is make people think they can talk you in to playing what they want (and if you are a softie, you're always going to cave in and do it even when you don't want to). So ONLY post up requests for what you want and DON'T compromise too much on your core interests.

Second, just keep trying! Repost, repost, retry, hunt. Finding someone who shares your interests and your playing style is HARD, especially if your interests are very focused on a certain thing or when what you like isn't popular right now. (I have always been in this same boat too. You just don't find a lot of manly men charries in one on ones without a lot of searching! D:)

As long as you keep trying EVENTUALLY you find some partners! Sometimes a good thing to do is go looking through other people's requests and reading through other people's active one on ones. You can see who likes to roleplay what, and you'll see how it plays out. If you like the way they play or the characters they play, send them a message and invite them to roleplay with you. (This is scary when you're shy, but it WORKS!)
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