WRITING Candy's Inspirational Outbursts

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  1. I'm just gonna dump any random bits of inspired writing that I come up with here. Feel free to give feedback or critique.

    Unwanted Knowledge

    She laid there, in the hospital bed, barely moving. It was hard to tell if she was even alive. But no, I could see the movement of her chest going up and down; she was alive. Whether her survival was a good thing or not, for her or for me, I still do not know. And the emotions that were felt, the events that had occurred, the words that had been said... Everything prior to her hospitalization remains unclear even to this day.

    I do not remember why she was paralyzed from the neck down. I do not remember why everyone she knew, except for me, was dead. I do not remember why she hated my presence. And I do not remember why I was soaked in her blood.

    What I do remember is the one thing that will haunt me forever. She was trying to say something, but no sounds could escape past her lips; her vocal cords were damaged beyond repair. Yet she continued to mouth words, and no matter how hard people tried, no one could understand them. But I could read her lips better than anyone else.


    That's what she was saying. She wanted music. I grabbed her iPod out of the jacket that was hanging from the hospital's coat hanger and placed the earbuds in her ears carefully. Within no time at all, there was music coming from the earbuds' tiny little speakers, just like she wanted. Only it wasn't just like she wanted. She shook her head softly and mouthed another word.


    I pressed the "+" button on the iPod without hesitation and the music inside her head got a little louder. But it wasn't enough. She shook her head once more and mouthed for it to be louder still. I gave the button a couple more presses. Again she shook her head. This time I held down the button for a few seconds, allowing the volume to reach near it's max. Now I could hear the music clearly, even from where I was standing, with the cords of the earbuds stretched out as far as they would go. I waited for dissatisfaction, but instead she nodded her head in approval and closed her eyes with a smile on her face; she was asleep.

    Only she wasn't asleep. I could no longer see the rise and fall of her chest. The slow, yet reassuring, beeps that I heard up until then, had halted at a constant sound similar to a dial tone. As it turned out, the music was too much for her already fragile body to handle. The straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. I would forever live out the rest of my life with knowledge that I never wanted. Knowledge that I could never forget. Knowledge that I did something unforgivable by myself.

    I killed the only person I ever loved.
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  2. Forever Departed

    I know I have flaws
    I know I've made mistakes
    I'm aware of all that
    But why must I lose you?

    We've done too much
    Been through too much
    And shared too much
    For it to end like this

    I respect your decision
    So please respect mine
    If I must say goodbye to you
    I must say it to the world

    I know you'll object
    It's in your nature
    But there is no joy
    If you're not here

    Perhaps this was always our fate
    But it doesn't matter now
    There's no changing the past
    Though I shall always love you

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  3. Forgotten File

    Deep in the depths of an unused computer
    Lies a computer program
    With emotion and thought

    But what thought
    Could a program contain
    Stored deep in a jail-like file

    Thoughts of freedom, thoughts of hope
    Thoughts of a world outside confinement
    If only it wasn't so futile

    Alas, the program may never be free
    Trapped forever in the darkest of code
    As such is the life of a forgotten file
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