"Candy Is dandy, But liquor Is quicker."

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  1. Chicago, December Seventeenth 1926.

    The prohibition had caused this, at least to a certain extent. Chicago had been turned into a haven for gangsters, criminals, and moonshiners all looking to make their money off of the public. Many people had been against the prohibition and those were the ones who were simply adding fuel to the fire.. and more importantly money lining their suppliers pockets. Violence was something that was no longer looked at as shocking simply a daily occurence, whether it be the cops, gangsters, or whatever scum roamed the streets.

    It was late, easilly bordering upon twelve at night, the city lights and the faint moon were the only things illuminating the city streets. Most people had turned in for the night, while others had decided to go and participate in one of Chicago's favorite passtimes. The bars they had were few and between, and for that very reason they could charge the good people of Chicago whatever they may please. Amongst those men and women looking to line their pockets in the only 'honest' way they could was me.. hell, I was just trying to survive.

    The bar was a well known place amongst the Chicago native's, not crowded with out of towners however within was not exactly the softest crowd in the world. There was a mutual respect in the sense nobody would try to kill anybody while inside.. but once your feet hit the sidewalk pavement all bet's were off. At the moment at least it seemed like a fairly quiet evening, with most people having cleared out quite some time ago.. those who stuck around were what I called the regulars. It sat in an alleyway, what looked to be a cellar simply led down a flight of stairs and once you opened the door it led inside. The inside was hardly luxurious, an Irish Pub it seemed or at least something along the lines. It was ammusing to see a place like this had traveled so far west but considering the amount of product they carried and the reputation it held people didn't seem to come just for the atmosphere.

    A man stood behind the counter. Tall, with a pair of broad shoulders thick arms and a sturdy frame. Dark blonde hair remained cut close to his scalp while a pair of almost unnatural blue eyes were easilly his most resounding feature. They were followed by a defined jawline, squared chin, and sunkissed flesh. Attire consisted of a simple pair of black slacks synched around his waist, matching black loafers along with a light grey button up shirt. For now at least he seemed content, a book laying open upon the bar counter while a glass of amber liquid remained within his grasp. Things were slow indeed.. a pity, he could have really gone for a snack.
  2. Click! Click! Click! Was the sound of her heels against the pavement. Any words that seemed to mingle with the sound came to a halt. No one dare even to look in her direction. Despite the fact the streets were almost empty Alanna could hear the whispers as she passed with her posse. "Don't look at her." One would say, while the other would respond, "Stop staring your going to get us killed." Alanna couldn't help the giggle that escaped her lightly pink colored lips. "They fear me Eric. At one point in time I didn't want such treatment. Now I am proud to see someone shiver. Is there no hope for me?" She couldn't help but to ask her right hand man. Eric stopped dead in his tracks. The look of shock imprinted on his masculine face. Even his mustache twitched before he leaned his six foot two frame downward. He stared into the cold emerald eyes of Alanna's face. Before bursting out laughing, "You hear that boys. Miss Dubrunski made a joke. Good one!"
    The others hesitated before laughing themselves, but in truth she wasn't joking at all. Alanna tilted her head to one side, "Shut up you idiots. We got work to do." She quickly said with a malicious tone. How dare they laugh at such a honest question. This is how I had to survive....Those words repeatedly rang out in her mind. Alanna was so lost in her thoughts she hadn't noticed she had turned down the wrong alleyway. The swish of her lavender dress giving away her sudden stop, "Damn it Eric!" She said while quickly back handing the man. Leaving behind a small red hand print on his left cheek. The other men quickly took a few steps back. Even her own feared her, "I had a set plan and with your mockery you confused me." Alanna said flustered with anger. Despite her height she shocked herself. Most of the time it would take her to stand on her toes to land a hit like that on Eric. It must of been the extra three inches from her shoes giving her five foot body the lift it needed. Forcing the thoughts aside she turned to head back to the main road, but something caught her attention.
    A staircase leading down to a slightly shadowed door. "Eric where does that lead." She said without even pointing in its direction. Quickly Eric recovered from the sudden lashing. Lifting one hand he signaled towards the others, without question two other men ran down the stairs. One stepped back and kicked the door off its hinges. It made a loud crash as it slammed onto the floor. Eric and the others seemed to flood inside the tavern. "Please don't get up." His voice boomed to however sat in the room. Alanna waited a few moments before entering. The silk of her dress clung to her curvy frame, and her long strawberry blonde hair framed her face. She was indeed a beautiful woman, but under it all danger seeped from every pore. "Hello everyone sorry for such a rude interruption. We were just slightly curious what secrets were hidden here. So who is the owner of this fine Irish establishment?" Alanna asked with a hiss in her voice. Her eyes scanned the room slowly. She only counted seven, but only one caught her attention. His hair was cut short, and he seemed distracted. That annoyed her most of all. Did he not know who she was?
  3. It was a personal display of great.. self controll that he remained seated. As the door was removed from it's hinges and slammed loudly upon the floor it seemed the majority of people were upon their feet. If the opportunity was given it was safe to say half of the lot would have tried to slip by the men.. however for now at least they remained standing and particularly dumfounded to what was going on. The man behind the counter however remained seated, after a moment of sizing the men up his eyes returned back down to his book.. free hand extending to slowly scrape along the page before a bookmark was flicked into place and it was slowly closed.

    " Might I help you? " Tone was a calm audible, not carrying a sense of hostillity nor did it carry any measure of worry within it. He was curious to say the least why someone would come trounsing aroud his bar in such a disrespectful manner. Slowly he would have shifted to his feet, glass was raised to his lips and the remaining amber liquid dissapeared past them with a small gulp and the glass was set back down. As no response was offered he slowly exited from behind the bar counter.. approaching the two men, that was before however the young woman made her apperance in which he reconsidered his approach.

    " That would be me. " Accent had an Irish flare, however it was watered down if only slightly considering he had been living here for a number of years. Eyes would have met her own, facial expression remaining particularly rigid.. if only for a moment. " Might I help you miss? Perhaps a drink? " Yes, they came into his bar kicked down his bar and otherwise disrupted an evening.. however picking a fight at the moment was an option, simply not an ideal one.
  4. "That would be me." As his lightly accented words seeped their way into her ears, she shivered visibly. It felt as someone poured cold water down her spine. Yet she did not respond to the man. Tilting her head to one side she shifted her gaze towards the three who first entered. "Put the door back gentlemen, and clear the room. I wish to be alone with the boss." A hint of laughter dripped from each word. Was she purposely tormenting this strange man, or did she know something the others didn't. Alanna folded her arms as she watched her small army of ten strapping men filter the room. Each grabbed at a gasping patron to only fling them from the building. Some landed on their feet others smashed their faces into the concrete steps. Still none of that mattered to her. This was all business or was it? Even she wasn't sure.
    After the room was cleared of customers Alanna did not bother to look back towards the owner. What ever expression he held on his face went unnoticed. "Whiskey your best bottle." She said stepping around him to walk towards the bar. Once at a suitable seat she raised her right hand to snap her fingers. All her men exited the room to wait outside. Except Eric he was the last to make his way towards the empty door way. Without much effort he leaned down to pick up the door. Once outside he slammed it in place. Alanna waited till they were completely alone before taking her seat. One leg crossed over the other through a thigh high slit of fabric, and her hands clasped in her lap. Silence filled the room and it seemed to stretch like a black void, but she refused to break it. He had already heard what she demanded at that certain point in time. No other words needed to be said. It was up to him if he wished to fulfill her desires.
  5. [RAINBOW][/RAINBOW]She would have found his lips curling into a grin, though there was little pleasure amongst his features.. it was something perhaps a bit twisted to his look. As the patrons were grabbed and dragged away he watched her men carefully, still particularly curious to just what she may have been after.. and if she knew what she was doing at that. He watched as she moved to take a seat at the bar, as if she were merely a patron placing her order. He almost chuckled at the sight but instead he would have circled the counter once again. Turning his back on the woman, the only sound's that were made was that of a glass and a pair of ice cubes being set within it, while a hand reached down below.. and far behind the counter to remove an unlabled glass bottle that seemed to have been collecting dust upon the exterior.

    Her glass was set down, and with a small blow of air the dust was swept off of the bottle. The cap was unscrewed swiftly and he dolled out a healthy portion of the amber looking liquid for the lass. " It has some bite to it.. " He smiled at this point, offering a breif glance at ivory white teeth.. and those slightly enlarged canine teeth. Yes, it has some bite to it indeed. In the meantime his own glass was grabbed, the liquid poured without any ice in his case.. and a small swig was taken. Hand went back to flick open his book, and eyes lowered back down to the page. " Quite the show.. simply for a drink. "
  6. Alanna glanced up at him as he walked behind the bar. A small smile pulled at her full lips, but still she said nothing. He was smarter than she was first lead to believe. She simply watched him fix her drink, paying particular attention to his back. The way his muscles moved beneath his shirt. There was some calm grace to his movements considering the way she had treated his property. She was so enthralled that when he turned a slight hint of lust would be shown in her eyes. Quickly she fluttered her lashes to rid herself of such thoughts. "I can handle it." She responded to his statement of the drink. Reaching out she grabbed the glass from the table. Slowly she brought the glass to her lips, but yet she did not drink. Taking a small sniff of the contents before setting it back on the table.
    She was still suspicious of this man. With one finger tip she circled the rim of the glass. Alanna was so lost in thought she almost missed his words. "Quite the show..simply for a drink." His words repeated themselves in her mind for several minutes before she responded. "You do realize it is rude to not hold eye contact when you speak." Alanna said with a soft bite in her voice. She was somewhat annoyed at the fact she did not have his full attention, or was it the fact he was not afraid. Either way she continued, "And your right I did not come here for a drink. I found this place by accident. You see this is my territory. I like knowing what is hidden in every corner. Nor do I remember giving authorization for a bar to be put here. However, since your such a good sport I may let you keep it at the right price." She tried to give him her sweetest smile, but anger was already taking hold.
    When she actually thought about it. She didn't know how long this bar had been here. Completely undetected from her radar. Already she was making notes of who was going to be punished for such neglectful information. Without hesitation she lifted the glass from the table to take a sip. The liquid sent a flame down her throat. It took everything she had not to make I sucked on a lemon face.
  7. It would have been an amusing sight to see from a third party.. the woman so clearly trying to assert her dominance yet the young man seemingly oh so oblivious of the fact. When she had claimed to find this place by accident an eyebrow quirked slightly and his eyes met her own in a more casual stare this time around. " Seems you have some luck.. " He didn't offer any insight to whether it be good or bad, because in reality he was still waiting to see just how things were going to turn out. As her little spiel went on and she claimed this as her territory his eyes would have lit up and the book.. was ignored at least for the moment.

    " Listen.. girlie. I've been here for the takeover and reign of more gangs.. criminals.. and crooked cops then you could pull from your recollection, I payed them respect by not interfering in their business and they sure as hell stayed out of mine. I'm going to ask you nicely, to not try and pull a stunt with me, I assure you I'm not the type to fuck with. " His tone was calm and crisp, there was more intensity sitting within those eyes at this moment, and he made it a point to lean in and make the distance between the two uncomfortably close. " Now, would you care to enjoy your drink, or are you finished for the evening? " He offered a wicked grin.
  8. Alanna tilted her head to one side, "Luck I don't believe in such trivial things, and I suggest you don't either." She tried to sound casual. This was a business matter after all. However, to her surprise she struck a nerve. His level of irritation quickly rose, and at that very moment Alanna was very pleased. Slowly a smirk of amusement pulled at her lips. "You should use your words more carefully." Her voice was soft calming whisper. Though something was off about her. The hue of her eyes changed from a bright emerald to a deep aqua. His lack of respect had secretly angered her.
    She had the sudden urge to slap the very pearls from his mouth. It didn't help when he moved closer. Alanna could feel his very breath on her skin. A soft colored blush took hold of her cheeks. Lifting her free hand she pushed at the wall of his chest. While the other crept around the glass. That same circling motion took hold of her finger tips. Desperately she needed a distraction, but for some reason she already knew he wasn't going to back off. Alanna dropped her hand from his person, and pushed back her chair. Her other hand fell away from the glass. "Now, would you care to enjoy your drink, or are you finished for the evening." His words seem to spit acid. Her gaze fell to the bar, and that is when she noticed her mistake.
    Taking a few steps back, "No I'd rather not, and you made a huge mistake." Alanna said rather quickly before turning away. The cup had turned to ice, even the fiery liquid had become solid. Even a trail of frost lead off the bar to the very chair she sat in. Had he angered to the point of losing control? The question turned over in her mind as she made her way to the door.
  9. Watched her reaction.. and the change with a good deal of curiosity. As her eyes began to shift and he felt her fingertips digging into the fabric of his shirt to hold him back.. his own hand raised casually coiling around her wrist to hold her there. " A mistake? Pity, and here I thought we would be the best of friends. " As she pulled away he wouldn't have tried to stop her, instead he watched carefully.. only to feel the heat being sucked from his hand. Looking down his fingertips had brushed against her glass which now appeared to be frozen solid. Eyebrow's narrowed and lips pursed into a straight line while his attention rose back up to her.

    He would have come to a standing position, head tilting to the side curiously and slowly he made his way around the counter moving towards her. " Your just full of tricks.. " While most would probably terrified it actually appeared he was more ammused if anything. Eyes remained locked upon her own, hand reaching across the counter to take his own glass of whiskey. What remained was raised to his lips and downed, before the glass was once again set upon the counter.
  10. She knew all to well they couldn't be friends. Specially with someone like her. Alanna had almost made it to the door when his words stopped her dead in her tracks. He had found her glass a lot quicker than she desired. Like a statue she stood, not even looking back at him. Fear for once in her life hit like train. Was he silently judging her abnormality that gained her so much success. "I'm afraid that statement is true. What you going to fear me like the rest of the population? At least I wont know your name to keep a memory." Her voice held a bitter taste along with pain.
    How she wished some one would look past such a curse, but in truth she would never admit it. Alanna finally worked up the courage to face him. Not wanting him to see the slump of her shoulders. She stood tall and elegant. Refusing to look anything other than confident and content. "I will admit one thing. You are the only person to make me grow so angry so quickly. I wouldn't use that to your advantage if I were you." She said softly. Yet she was unsure why she even admitted that to him. He was no one special to her, but something about him made her want to reveal everything.
  11. He was watching at this point, almost intently to every small reaction.. change of her facial feature or movement the woman made. At her first comment he shook his head softly, slowly.. coming forward. Footsteps were slow and calculated, not trying to set the poor girl off any further then he may have already. " Angry with me, for what reasons? " Eyebrow quirked and only when the distance was closed between them did he dare reach out. Fingertips would have gone out to gently grip the underside of her chin while the others carefully did the same with the very hand that affected the glass.

    For a moment at least he simply studied her features from up close, no amusement in his eyes , no malice, simply honest curiosity. " You're not the only one with things to hide lassy. " Slowly he stepped back, fingertips offering a lingering swipe of soft flesh beneath her chin before pacing back a few feet. Eyes closed for a moment as lips peeled back and the display was.. quite horrific. Canine teeth jutted forward and outward taking the shape of something far too large for the human maw. Eyes opened upwards and the once brilliant blue had turned into a frightening display of orange. Muscles rippled which offered a sign of impending change below.. however eyes shut again and it took him a good two minutes.. to bring the 'monster' back in.
  12. Alanna watched him intently. To most she would resemble a corned tiger. Waiting and calculating what he had up sleeve. Did he intend on catching her? Was he going to try to force himself apon her flesh? So many questions flooded her mind. That she almost didn't notice the outstretch of his hand. It crept closer to the underside of her chin. For the first time in her life she was froze in place. "Because...." Was the only thing she managed to say before his skin touched her own it felt like a spark of fire. Lighting raced through her blood to coil in the middle of her stomach. "You're not the only one with things to hide lassy." His words seemed soft as they penetrated the layers of fog that gathered in her mind.
    Before she could respond, his fingers hand slipt from her person. Alanna opened her mouth to protest before slaming her lips shut once more. He stepped a few feet back. For a breif moment she thought he was only giving her space. How wrong could she get. To her shock his face had contorted into something she had never seen before. Teeth shot out jaggedly in her direction. It seemed like bugs crawled beneath his skin. Alanna couldn't hide the look of fear and shock from her face. He was something different all together. Even when he managed to pull himself back into some sort of normal state. She was unsure how to react. Several minutes ticked by before her lips began to move. "Who and what are you?" She asked with a raised brow.
  13. The look he gave her bordered upon pure amusement, he wasn't expecting such a skittish reaction.. however it was fair to say that her abillities were far less horrific then his own. He would have slowly stepped forward once again with a calm if not effortless manner. His hand reached out and gripped her own, fingers gently curling around her wrist while lips gently pressed against the top of her hand. " You may call me Conrad.. " He held his grip for a few lingering moments, however he would have released while looking to her for a true introduction as well.

    Whether is was offered or not he was turning away afterwards towards the bar. The bottle of whiskey was gripped and he would have gone about refilling his glass with a healthy portion before turning towards the woman and leaning against the counter. " I'm a bartender love, and what might you be? " The sarcasm was obvious within his tone, yet if she were so curious to finding out just what he was he assumed a trade of information would be for the best. " Ladies first.. " Tone was coy rather than cocky, but perhaps simply to push her buttons he would have once again walked her way closing the distance and making it rather uncomfortably close.
  14. The awkwardness continued to stretch between him. Despite she now knew his name things were still on the rocks. He had kissed the top of her hand, and when she thought he would no longer be making skin contact he came back for more. Her nose slightly wrinkled, "Alanna Dubrunski, and don't be silly you already know what I do Mr. Conrad......However, you still asked so I must answer. I am the don of the southern territory." Alanna said while taking a few steps away from him.
    He had strange powers like she. Who could even be stronger. That in its self scared her, it took a lot of self control to hide it. Quickly she continued to speak, "This where the problem lies. Your bar is on the boarder of these territories. If I control any part of this area my power grows if you will. So do you care to make a business arrangement or not?" She said with a stern expression. Alanna expected compliance from everyone. Even the demonic bar tender Conrad was not excluded.
  15. Lips curled into the faintest of smirks as she continued to press the need for an arangement. He shook his head softly at her proposal, slowly coming up with a sigh. " I understand.. why you'd like an arrangement, however I'm not quite sure I see the benefit of such a thing. " He would have moved in again, it wasn't apparent if he was intentionally trying to make her uncomfortable or simply reacting though it was more then likely the former. He leaned inward, taking a soft inhale.. attempting to put her scent to memory. " You smell lovely.. " Perhaps another jab at the woman, however he would have stopped his assault at this point. Leaning back slightly and allowing her some space to operate in, perhaps even come up with a response.
  16. Alanna could feel his breath on her neck as she considered his question. She was already growing tired of the games. Finally when he stepped back she decided to speak, "If you take me up on this opportunity you will make thousands of dollars. Plus get to see the underground life. What's wrong scared of the dark?" Alanna couldn't stop her eyesbrows from wiggling playfully. Honestly she didn't have the time to explain all the pros and cons of the job.
    With a quick turn of her heel she turned away from him. It was almost time for her to take her leave. Over her should Alanna spoke towards him, "Maybe you need time to think about it. I could always come back and break another door or two." A small smile pulled at her full lips. Maybe to win him over was through a different approach. She needed someone like him working for her, or was it she felt alone. Alanna's cheeks flushed a light red from the constant flow of her thoughts.
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  17. When she spoke of money he was tempted to yawn, he really had little interest in that aspect of the work.. he was however interested in the woman. Curious to say the least perhaps to a fault, and when she turned away from him to close the door he oh so innocently moved beside her an arm wrapping around her shoulder. " No.. breaking more doors would definately be a hinderance to my abillity to run this establishment.. Let's walk and talk, you can explain what you need then. " She had him listening at least, and if she looked to see if this were sarcasm she wouldn't have found any of it upon his face. At the mention of being affraid of the dark, he pondered it for a moment before shaking his head. " Being affraid of the dark is foolish.. being affraid of what lurks within however.. " He allowed his sentence to cut off there, assuming she had the idea.
  18. Her nose wrinkled slightly at the fact he was yawning. Was he already sold to another territory? If so he would die in a matter of days, and she would find someone else who would take her up on the offer. Though they wouldn't have the abilities he possessed. The very thought made her slightly sad. However, the thought quickly faded when his arms slipped around her shoulder. Alanna's gaze shifted to his limb, and her brow raised curiously. He was more brave than she gave him credit for. Most didnt't touch her fear of being frozen solid must of played with their minds. "I will not break anymore doors. However, I need a inside informant. Also wouldn't hurt to have someone similiar to me around. Despite the fact I'm still not sure what your capable of doing." Her words were soft as a whisper, but still she tried to be vague.
    Quickly she lifted her gaze before speaking, " Where do you plan on walking...Unless you have a back door my men will follow. Beside do you know a man named Giovoni Dishman?" She had to know if he was already sold to another. Had the northern territory don got to him already? Was his plan to kill her? Alanna kept a fake smile plastered to her face, while her thoughts ran rampid.
  19. He would have gently nuged the woman forward, arm still enclosed around his shoulder as he moved to the once torn down door. He opened it, the wretched thing appeared to be barley hanging upon it's hinges at this point. He would have led her up the stairs, slowly taking a left down the alleyway and then onto the main street. He wasn't too worried about her men following it seemed, if anything he appeared particularly relaxed about this entire situation. " Giovoni Dishman.. can't say I've met the man before.. " He offered a glance her way, brow arching as if she were going to explain her intrigue with the man. In reality he knew very well whom he was, however that was not to say he didn't want to ear just why she was curious.
  20. Alanna slid one arm awkwardly around his waist. Considering her forhead was level with his heart she felt small beside him. Tilting her face to one side a sign that her mind was working to solve a dilemma. She could try to trust this man whom she just met, or leave him in the dark. Which wouldn't be long before Sir Giovoni found his way into the picture. A deep sigh escaped her lips, " He is my mortal enemy rumor has it that he has abilities like us. I'm not sure how great they are, but all the others before me has died. My life is in danger, but I do not fear it." Alanna's gaze drifted down the empty streets. Images of her past's ghost flashed before her very eyes. " I need help....." Her voice trailed off into a sheepish whisper. How could the don fall so low to ask a stranger for help. Only a couple of hours ago she didn't know he even existed.