CANCELED: Mega Man Legends 3

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  1. Commence internet backlash mode!

    Not shocking. Inafune is gone. Utter disappointment.

    Time to watch Capcom continue to make stupid choices and self destruct.


  3. :/ And I was having such a good day.
  4. You can only make the same game so many times anyways.

    The Megaman Legends series is same in gameplay, true, but its the STORY THAT MAKES IT GODLY!

  6. Very true, you can only go so far with a story and then it just all goes to hell after that. Really the best way to make a third game to anything is have the same theme going on like Mario. That's the only reason it gets money is because it re-hashes the same thing just in a different setting.
  7. But I liked the megaman legends setting and design ;_;

    Better than the reploid setting tripe, in my opinion.
  8. Perhaps a focus should be put on designing other games, rather than continuing to re-hash a game that was a staple in the market in the late 1980s.

    Alas, this requires actual thought. We can't have that, can we?

    Capcom: The "Hollywood has run out of ideas" meme of the gaming industry.
  9. QFT.

    No, you disagree with me. That doesn't make me wrong. What makes me wrong or right is what I get out of the games, not what you get out of the games. It's not like they do with Megaman what they're doing to Bioshock - The orignal setting was getting old and stupid, so they made a new one, where the tech goes back to the 1700's instead of just the 1950's. They put the same characters on the same planet with the same villains and just tweak the gameplay a little, then call it a whole new game.
  10. And don't forget the sequel. Hello Kitty X Street Fighter X My Little Ponies.

    Coming to a console near you in winter 2013.

    If Capcom is really resorting to shit like this maybe its just time for them to roll over and die. Between this, Legends 3, the current visual design of that DMC reboots, and not translating Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Capcom can go crawl in a hole and suck on the dicks of Ryu and Ken for sustenance.

    I'll be the guy in the corner flipping them off playing Blazblue. A much better fighting game.
  11. Between Bang's BANG BANG BANG BAAAAANG and Arakune's BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS, I couldn't agree with you more, buddy.
  12. The thing is... Each Street Fighter looks exactly the same now. Infact, the newest Marvel Vs Capcom is exactly the same as the last. Only a few characters were added, interface changed (for the worse) and, whats worse, they included the same stages.

    Bad show Capcom. Bad show.

    The thing is, Capcom insulted the people who submitted ideas to the game. In short, they said that the reason that MML3 was cancled was that there was not enough support from the community. Yah, there was a lot of outrage from that.

    Oh, and the person who made the Megaman series left Capcom. Lets just say that approval for Capcom is low.
  13. Honestly, I haven't played a Street Fighter game since 1998. And then I played some real games, like FF7 and Legend of Dragoon. And now, they're doing shit like HKvs.Capcom and trolling us. Honestly, shit ain't been good since Zelda left the 64...

    EDIT: YES, I KNOW. CAPCOM HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT. It's a superior game. Just thought I'd counter your 'herp derp that's not Capcom.'
  14. Largely due to miscommunication, that; Capcom Europe were referring to the European response towards the 'help make the game' aspect of this game. Still kind of unfair, though; they did specifically state from the outset that people didn't have to help with that part, that just supporting it helped.

    Keiji Inafune left last October, I think. He was the one really pushing for the whole community-involvement thing, so this project falling apart can be partly attributed to his departure from the company.

    Personally, though? Don't give a fuck. The Megaman series has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for a while now, fueled entirely by nostalgia both from the guys making the games and the people buying them. High time someone took the series out behind the shed with the double-barrel, really.
  15. I played Mega Man in the 80s. It's about time, really. Just imagine if Interplay was making Bard's Tale sequels. "Bard's Tale Tactics Legends Sequeldesequel Eleventy -- Coming Soon!"

    Besides, the next big thing is Hello Kitty v. My Little Pony. Talk about reliving nostalgia? There ya go.
  16. Fun fact; they totally did that. It went as well as you predicted.

    As someone who's never found Devil May Cry's over-the-top shenanigans terribly appealing, I'm actually finding that I really like the direction DMC is going in. Fan reaction is... going as well as you can expect it to. "You've CHANGED SOMETHING?!! FUCK YOU CAPCOM, FFFFFFUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU."
  17. Well, I meant more along the same lines that Capcom completely wore out the Mega Man series, then tried to revamp it, and wore that out, then tried another revamp. Bard's Tale was never that extreme in its sequels, but looking back, my post was unclear. :)