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  1. The socialist inside me is screaming with glee. This might actually get to be a thing.

    For those who don't get what this is, I'll lay down the basics.
    BIP (Basic Income Plan) is a guaranteed income given to everyone without question by the government. The general idea being that instead of having a hundred different welfare departments, you can simply hand people their money and let them bounce into economic stability on their own, while the government pays for (or at least helps pay for) your housing, groceries, et cetera, via just giving you the money and letting you figure out how you need to spend it.

    This is basically socialism 101. Redistribute wealth and pay for people's basic needs so that when they get a job, they can focus their attention solely on improving their own lot in life however they wish. Even minimum wage shit jobs at that point would be enough to not only get you on your feet, but allow you some measure of economic freedom to buy the things you actually want, rather than having to redistribute every single dollar you earn into basic survival.

    What do y'all think of this? :ferret:
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  2. I like money, I like having an income that isn't wildly dependent on bad luck with work and health problems.

    I'm down for this.
  3. /sets off fireworks

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  4. wtf. I need this.

    Do you get paid for education in Canada as well? Here we get like 150$ a month. I'm a dropout tho...
  5. ... That's actually a genius way to solve the minimum wage issue that would appease both sides.

    I'm down for this completely.

    Will finally be able to upgrade my graphics card yeah! :3
  6. Something tells me this may have some particularly drastic drawbacks (such as an upsurge in unemployment among lazy folks), but speaking as a (currently) unemployed person, I am horribly, HORRIBLY biased in favor of this plan.
  7. Not if they keep it to 800-900 dollars.

    Nice enough for unemployed living at home people to buy some things and contribute to the economy.
    But not enough to survive off of unless if their standards are terrible.
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  8. Either way, it'd get my support.
  9. Why would I work when someone else will pay for it?
    Why bother with a job when I can get money for literally existing?

    Surely there must be stipulations to this? A limit on how long you'll receive it?

    Maybe it'll work. Maybe a huge success and actually put Canada's dollar back on par with the rest of the world!

    I'd be skeptical. Bad enough now my tax money goes to women who have more kids without repercussions because more kids = more free money from the government.
  10. Because most people want more than a 360 sq ft apartment. With no TV. Or computer. Or cell phone. And they want to eat more than just instant noodles. :p general idea behind giving everyone income is to cut down all the other forms of welfare while you're at it. Meaning that this is basically just more efficient welfare.
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  11. I don't know. As much as this would be a wonderful thing. I can see it being easily abused, just like the welfare system already is. I could also see people trying to raise prices for housing, seeing as people have 'more money to afford it'. Maybe I've just had too many run in with people who abuse the system of getting help from the government, and watching people like my grandmother barely make ends meat (my mother ends up helping her out a lot).
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  12. As a Canadian I wish I got paid to go to school. No. It's only the registered native students get paid as a bribe to get more of them to come to school.. When all they do is spend it on more weed and Alcohol....
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  13. I really, really, REALLY miss Stephen Harper.
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  15. Maybe all that shit is different in Canadia, but down here in the states.. Money for free is money for free. It doesn't matter how much, people will find a way to abuse it.

    Welfare is supposed to be a bandage, a crutch, until you support yourself. Nah.

    All I've found is a single study saying there was a mixed reaction to testing the idea of pay everyone for nothing.

    Also, get 2-3 people on basic income and your quip is kinda useless. Get a family or group together and that house can have as much money as a working family easily.
  16. It's very difficult to abuse Welfare and disability but like you said it can be done. Welfare it's actually allot of money to be honest, my parents are on it and they have to ask me and my brother for rent so we could put food on the table :/
  17. tbh a literal dog with a toupee would be a better choice than Stephen Harper
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  18. Different countries, different laws. Here people 'sell' their kids during tax times because you can only claim on I think 2 or 4, one of those. They let others sign them off as their own so they get an extra 3-5k then split it with the actual parent.
    Same idea with welfare. They get welfare then sell it for actual cash or take other people shopping on it.

    Also, what did Harper do that was so bad? And not just 'hurr he wuz Hitler-lite'. Really, what was so bad that he left on, from what I can read just by googling his name, relatively pleasant terms?
  19. Perhaps I'm not the best to be speaking on a subject like this. After all, stateside I've been (slowly) missing Bush.
  20. Stephen Harper wanted a pipe line that would of poisoned my towns water supply regardless of what the scientists said so... I don't know but might not be good.
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