Can you draw this character for me?

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  1. I can barely draw, but I want someone willing to draw this female character that I've come up with:

    -Short brown hair, chin length, with side bangs.

    -Green eyes, with a small scar across her nose.

    -Wears a white tank top

    -Knee length sweatpants.

    -You can add a gun, or knife
  2. Anime or realistic?
  3. Realistic or cartoonish, but no anime.
  4. But if you want, you can still do anime.
  5. Kk, I think I'll stick with realistic though.
  6. And do you want the hair styled in more of a boycut chin-length style or bob chin-length style?
  7. Bob chin length style
  8. Do you have any more specifics you would like to add?
  9. Nope, not any.
  10. Do u mind if I don't add color? I need to buy new software for my laptop and don't have any colored pencils for the sketch, and if your ok with no color here's the finished copy

    Picture (open)
  11. That's alright. Awesome picture!
  12. Thanks! Have a great day!
  13. It won't open, it just says "attachment 57967" after I reload the page. Is it ok if you repost it?
  14. Yep just give me one sec!
  15. [​IMG]

    I made a link to it to make things a bit easier.
  16. Thanks!