Can you be the partner to my roleplay?

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  1. So I haven't done a OnexOnes in a looong time but as of late I can't help but thinking about having one. So here I am with my ideas~

    PM me if interested c:

    [1.] Colt F/M

    A young and rising FBI agent (YC) is soon tasked with his hardest task yet when he is assigned to "protect" an odd young woman who finds herself in the middle of an intricate serial killing plot. Little does anybody know, this woman can see the dead and is much closer to the serial killer then she or the agent may know.

    It's meant to be a murder mystery kinda deal and romance is completely up to you. Haha. I have the story and twists all ready written up but we can discuss more via messages

    [2] Faithfully M/F

    Follows the story and past of a broken married couple when the husband escapes from jail to make amends with his wife and children before being sent to death row.

    Somebody told me this was a movie already but eh. Will be jumping back from present, happy memories, and sad memories.

    [3.] Your RPs!

    I'm open to join anything F/M or even M/M. Though I'm extremely rusty when it comes to the latter, but I'm willing to try!
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  2. Colt sounds pretty awesome and I like how you have it all planned out too xD
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