Can things ever be the same again?

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Plot: The world is in crisis mode, a number of large countries, both in the developing and developed areas, are quickly dying out due to famine, plaques and natural disasters, too name a few, the goverments have sent their best people out to find a solution, they have none, but they have found something. A small sparsley populated country seems to be the only place non-affected by any of the drama, and it appears that it won't. So the goverments take joint control of the country and offer some of their richest people 'places' on this island, soon a certain number of places are snapped up. There's still places on the island, and a lottery is held, allowing a select number of people passage to the country.

This country is likely to be the only place that will remain unaffect by all of this, but will these people, from all differnet walks of life be able to get on? Or will everything fall apart? Are they simply too differnet?

Time Setting:

Character Sheet:
Family/Who else is coming with you?:
Brief History:
Did you buy your place or win it?:

I'd like about four or five players for this. Please feel free to double if you want, but it's not nessacary.

If you have any questions please leave them below.

Character Profile:

Name: Anya Maria Renaldi
Age: 20
Family/Who else is coming with you?: Mother, Marie. Father, Nicholas
Brief History: Anya was born in England to Marie and Nicholas, her father owns a string of resturants and hotels while her mother works in politics and fashion. At the age of five, Marie and Nicholas moved over to France with their daughter, opening a new hotel and resturant, building on the family bussiness. 15 years later and Anya's parents are perhaps one of the most powerful in the world of resturants and hotels. Anya is an only child, being the apple of both her parent's eyes, they would wrap her in cotton wool if they thought it would keep her safe. She's currently doing a degree in English while helping her mum out a bit in the fashion end of things. She plans on becoming a writer and fashion stylist, while helping out with the family 'business'
Did you buy your place or win it?: Parents bought her place.
Personality: Anya isn't afraid to speak her mind, if you offend her or her family she goes into agreement mode, she's close to both her parents and feels like she can talk to them about anything and everything, though she's protective of them both. She sometimes has a short temper but generally she's well mannered and caring, but when things go wild she isn't afraid to get stuck in the middle, no matter what the outcome might be.

Occupation: Student/Heiress
Name: Robin Eriksson
Age: 18
Family/Who else is coming with you?: none

Brief History: She grew up with her family on the countryside, she and her brother had a home tutor and except the few that worked there they didn't know anyone else. Robins mom where a famous writer and she learned a lot of her mom and started to write books herself when she turned 15. Robin lost her whole family in the plague and inherited a fortune from her mother.

Did you buy your place or win it?: She buyed it for the money her mother left her when she died.

Personality: After loosing her family she became reserved and didn't talk much to people. She mostly is alone and writes on her books or finnishing the books her mother weren't able to finnish before she died. She is afraid of people dying from her again so she rather not learn to know people.

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Occupation: student/writer
Name: Gabriel Perkins

Age: 28

Family/Who else is coming with you?: noone else

Brief history: Gabriel grew up in Manchester where things can get wild sometimes. He has younger sister and mother. His father left when Laura, his sister, was born so he remember him only a little bit. However, Gabe completed his whole education in Manchester. When he finished university he moved to London where he got a great job as a broker and that has been his job until now. He got quite succesful in this area and earned a lot of money, though he gave half of his salary to a cancer research because of his mum who sufferd this illness. Once Gabriel found out about the island he wanted to buy a place for his mum. Unfortunately, soon after he did so his mother died of her disease and he couldn't get in touch with his sister so he had to go himself.

Did you buy your place or win it?: bought it

Personality: Gabriel can be pretty much anything, from strict cold broker to wild party animal. However, most of the time he is talkative and friendly.


Occupation: Broker


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Thank you two for joining.
I didn't think anyone was going to join
You're welcome ;) this looks like a good rp ;)
I was thinking of starting this with them arriving on the island/country, perhaps they all have to board a plane that takes them there? Or shall we skip all that and just have them on the island?
I think that having them on the island is the best thing to do. When you start in some vehicle like plane or bus, people usually don't do much as in real life. There will be more opportunities to interact with each other straight on the island.

Actually, do we know how the island looks like? Or what there is? It might be useful to add it in the first post.

I would imagine the island to be rather modern looking, silk building, all the basics, luxury things for the rich, but still with the air of a developing place. I'm picturing pure blue water and pea green grass.

I'll find my best to find a picture to explain it all better.
Hope more players come soon so we can start :)
I think we just need one more, then we can start
Name: Alyssa
Age: 16
Family/Who else is coming with you?: my mom, patricia, and my little sister onya
Brief History: my dad died due to the plague
Did you buy your place or win it?: i won my place
Personality: loud, and excited
Apperance: long curly red hair, soft green eyes, heart shaped face
We got all players :) I guess
I'll get to work on the opening post after dinner, is there anything special anyone would like me to include?
i'm new to this site, and heads up i write a lot normally.
would you mind postinf ic roleplay so i don't have to hunt it down please?
Right, I'm starting to write my opening post now, should have it posted with in the hour
YAY excited :D