Can some people just not cook?

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Are there some people who simply don't know how to cook?

  1. Yes there are some people who just can't cook.

  2. Yes there are some people who just can't cook, and I'm one of them.

  3. Nonsense! Everyone can cook!

  4. Does one finger cooking count?

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  1. Diana's cooking thread made me think of something that happened in my life a few months ago, and it regards a topic I want to get Iwaku's opinion on.

    Essentially, what's you're response to when someone says "I can't cook?".
    Do you believe them? Do you think that some people just simply lack the skills to cook?
    Do you not believe them? Do you think everybody has the ability to cook (note I mean built in ability, not the ability to learn it, that applies to everything).
  2. Yes, actually. Like I can cook meals and have a few signature dishes that people love however I can't bake. I follow the instructions to the T and it never comes out the way it is supposed too! ...the irony is my brother can't cook but he bakes, lol. I guess it worked out?
  3. Funny thing is, both my parents are great cooks. Especially my father, seeing how he is a professional. Or perhaps it is because of that, that I can't. In any case, I'm a bad matchmaker when it comes to flavours. To me it all tastes good enough, to others there is always something. At least I have stopped burning the pots out.

    As for someone who claims that they can't cook. I sympathise with them, especially if they live on their own like I do. So no, I don't think cooking is some built in talent. Unfortunately. It takes some practise and some people learn by the power of observation and others by doing it themselves.

    As for me. I just started to bother my parents a lot more about some simple dishes and how they are done. The internet has helped me as well with recipes. I still can't bake a tasty pancake tho. :/
  4. Yes. There are people that just can't cook. I have no idea why, because following directions at the minimal should be easy enough. O__O But for some reason they are enchanted with a built in no-cook flaw.
  5. I don't believe that somebody can't cook. I mean, you really just have to follow steps. I would say that they're just not particularly good at it. Really, I bet if I handed somebody who think they couldn't cook those 'Shake and Pour' pancake mix bottles they might change their mind.

    Seriously, all you need to do is just add water and shake and slap it over an oiled frying pan. Flip after a few minutes and serve it doesn't even matter if you flip it wrong.
  6. Nah I think everyone can cook, although some might need more help picking up the skill than others.

    Seriously though, if you can't cook then you're basically fucked.

    You can try ordering take-out everyday, but like 95% of the time that shit is nasty for your body soooooo :/

  7. I voted no, everyone can cook, but would like to add a caveat; everyone has the potential to cook. You just need practice and some helpful receipes or directions and make sure you follow them. Start off with something simple that you know and don't overdo it with spices and sauces. One trick for making cheap and good sauce is mix a few similar condiments together (such as ketchup, mustard, HP sauce, and BBQ sauce) and applying it evenly across the meat.

    Rule of thumb I follow if I am not sure: 20 minutes on 420 degrees, flip the meat, another 15 minutes. Cut it open and if there's still pink, 10 more minutes, repeat until done.

    Another easy thing: mashed potatoes. Peel the potatoes, cut them into smaller chunks, and boil them on medium heat, checking frequently to ensure your water hasn't evaporated, and while it's boiling sprinkle some spices like sea salt, garlic powder, or lemon seasoning in, but not a lot otherwise you'll make it overbearing. After they're nice and soft, strain the water out, take a couple teaspoons of butter or margarine and put it in the mix and then just start mashing the potatoes until all the chunks are gone, and volla, you just cooked some mashed potatoes.

    There you go, anyone who claims you can't cook. Two stupidly easy things you can make in less than an hour with minimal effort. Now you have no excuse.
  8. ^This was already addressed.
    I failed at this before, it was far too watery. :P
  9. I doubt anyone inately knows how to cook. They might figure it out fast, but they also likely had years of watching how their parents prepared meals ahead of time.
  10. Saying "I can't cook" is the same as saying "I can't math." Unless you're a savant (and you aren't), everything in life is attained through practice.
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  11. I think it depends. Anybody has the ability to follow instructions. But only some people have the ability to go into a kitchen and throw a bunch of different things together and create something edible.
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  12. I certainly wouldn't say that anyone has the "built-in" ability to cook. The ability to learn, however, is a different story. I think that anyone has the potential to learn how to do anything, if they have the time, effort, and resources. But I don't think cooking counts as a "built-in" skill that all humans have. Just like almost everything else, it has to be taught.

    So yeah, I'd certainly believe someone who says they can't cook.
  13. Maybe Paul can help you.
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  14. As someone who genuinely thought she couldn't cook at one point in her life, I think everyone can cook. It's just a matter of learning.

    I'm not a great cook by any means, but I can take things and make a decent meal out of them. I mean, I do love food so I know the things that taste good together and the flavors that complement each other. That on its own does require a bit of knowledge, but it's not like it's anything that couldn't be learned or read.

    Then you just take the things that taste good and throw them together in a soup or in a wok or on the grill, SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Cooking isn't hard! It just requires a little bit of understanding and knowing kinda... basic cooking processes.
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  16. Some people can't cook.

    I've tried to show them, but......some are just hopeless fire hazards
  17. I know there are people who can't cook. I'm one of them.
  18. Worse Cooks In America is a show that proves it
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  19. Much love for your avatar
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  20. I believe some have the ability to learn how to cook, just takes time. Experimenting and cook books.
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