Can see PM posts?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ElBell, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. So looking around the profiles of people, I can see their conversation posts. Others can see mine too, and I really dislike this. Is it a bug? Or was this an intentional change? >.<
  2. You're only supposed to see the PMs of people you are in a conversation with and only the conversation you have with that person. All other should be invincible. If you have seen conversation posts in which you don't take part in, then it's a bug, otherwise it's just as it should be :)

    If you notice it's a bug you should probably tell Diana so she can fix it ^^
  3. Sundower approves this quote.
  4. Ah, okay, so no one else could see it? Only the person in the conversation? Awesome ^.^
  5. Redblood is correct. :D We've already tested it and made sure there's no bugs. It's only YOUR content you see and have permission to view.

    It is very confusing and I am not sure why they added that as an update. O_O I am trying to find a way to turn that off.