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    What Historical Figure Do You Most Identify With?

    Are you a Ben Franklin experimental genius type with a penchant for humor? Or a George Washington leader-type with strong words and unmatched leadership skills ? Have you ever looked into a mirror and thought you looked a little bit like a certain monkey-president ?

    Or perhaps you've tried suspenders and sitting funny like that night-news-show-host ? Or maybe you're capable of finding random things to say in your five minute show&tell after sixty minutes ?

    Who is the historical figure that you are most like? Or are you like none at all

  2. Otto White
    Interaction: Tyler
    mentioned: Adam and Maine

    "I didn't ask if you wanted my help, I never intended to give you or the other the option not taking my help when I offered it and unfortunately your choice to follow or not follow was taken the same day the rest of our choice was taken. You seem be under the impression that you, I or any of the others have a choice in any of this...I merely want to make sure you and the others won't walk onto that battlefield only to be crushed like maggots under foot..." He paused to look away "I don't expect you to understand my motivations or as to why I seek to help you hell I don't even know for sure...i'm just a wind up fucking solider who worked for the highest pay, nothing but a worthless body with no soul or conscious of course for you what we are doing is so foreign, so out of your zone that your instinct is to reject this whole thing but for me this is life and if we live i'll be the same as I was before, a wind up toy."
    He walked around Tyler. "I...didn't ask to lead you and the others but I have been asked to lead this battle, our fight against E.I and i'll do it until they kill me or we win. Nothing I say will make you understand where I am coming from Tyler or make what I do seem to make sense to you and maybe that's because you have something to live for but for me you and the others are all I have anymore." He spoke, defeated, his words holding nothing in them any fire left leaving his form and a cooling of his skin as he moved around Tyler again to the entrance of the training room. "You win, train yourself to death or to the point of passing out I won't stop you, I won't interfere anymore." He voiced as he opened the door to leave but he called back just before he was out of view without facing Tyler. "And Tyler, if you feel that your only option is to turn your back and join E.I again then make sure to drive a spike of wind through my back and into my heart, I don't think I would be able to face you in mortal battle." The broken man spoke as he walked away, the tears he shed never to be seen.
  3. "Yeah.." Harmony sigh, "He does have an obsession with her."
  4. "Not very long if you ask me." Harmony chuckle, "I mean I think I can fit into that. Though I doubt in the way it should."
  5. What you have so far looks good, and I should get my characters out tomorrow on Sunday.
  6. "They're cute."
  7. "I wouldn't be surprised."

    Astorath awakens next to Melissa's bed.
  8. Harmony flick her flame at Meredith.

    Meredith opened her mouth and swallowed it.

    "Melissa raised this tiger, were you expecting it to be normal?" Harmony raise her eyebrow at Lucius.

    Lyra blush, "Ehehe.. not my fault."
  9. "Aria miss daddy so much!" She cling to him tightly.

    Anya chuckle, "She's been mopping around for you."
  10. Good Morning...meh...yesterday I was thinking I would start around 6 am, but that clearly did not happen.

    Hmm...so what you doing this week? You got a job? Looking for one still? Something with school still going on?
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  12. I'm hoping these next few posts can give all the Hushcobb supporting characters a chance to show off

    I mean, crippling's a friggin' werewolf. That needs to be used somehow!

    Also, I started a new Clan -- Disney Multiverse. In case you're interested, the plot revolves around Yen Sid (the wizard from the Sorcerer's Apprentice short in Fantasia) vanishing and his friend, Jack Skellington of Halloween Town, gathering heroes from all other Disney franchises (except Star Wars and Marvel) to find him. Complicating matters is the appearance of a mysterious and malevolent force capable of erasing all its touches, known simply as "the Blot." (as in, the monster from Epic Mickey).
  13. Eleanor Roosevelt - She was more then just another First Lady, though that is often how she is thought of, being the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt. She was an active part of not only his presidency but in politics and humanitarian services after. But more importantly then being powerful help in the shadows of politics, she also was instrumental in Victory Gardens!