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    What Historical Figure Do You Most Identify With?

    Are you a Ben Franklin experimental genius type with a penchant for humor? Or a George Washington leader-type with strong words and unmatched leadership skills ? Have you ever looked into a mirror and thought you looked a little bit like a certain monkey-president ?

    Or perhaps you've tried suspenders and sitting funny like that night-news-show-host ? Or maybe you're capable of finding random things to say in your five minute show&tell after sixty minutes ?

    Who is the historical figure that you are most like? Or are you like none at all

  2. Let's see here, the person I'd most be like in history would be..................

    I'm not really all that close to anyone in history, but that's because of all the modern whosis and whatsits now.

    But if you wanted me to pick someone that I would like to be like, it would be Tesla, the father of modern electricity. No matter what challenges he faced he rose above them with astonishing success and that is always how I try to work about things.
  3. in my highschool days, im rather ashamed to say i felt i was most like Joeseph Stalin, not in the amss murderor sence, but in the "you've failed to meet my expectations, you suffer a punishment out of proportion to youre crime"

    nowadays, im not so sure of my own rightousness to be so harsh.
  4. Napoleon Bonaparte.

    I show signs of brilliance, but I have a tendency towards egotism. I also have bouts of depression, and long streaks of feeling a lack of self-importance.

    Then it's right back to ego and brilliance and an excess of self-importance.
  5. How do you measure your success, then ? By achievements? By recognition?

    Oo Can you give us an example of a situation where you might have acted that way ? (You didn't really kill someone did you ? Oo) And what about Stalin's plans for the country, economically, does that apply to you as well ?

    Have you ever been exiled ? :D
  6. I've had a self-imposed social exiledness? :D

    I've also been banned from what-was-then-known as Moonwings, er... twice. :D
  7. fear not, i don have the heart to kill most of the time, i just growled and made menacing threats to myself.

    perhaps a good example were my rants, see, i was an annexe student, and the annexe program was and prbably still is for people with social or educational difficulties, thus, with adhd and anger issues i had been a part of the program since year seven.

    now the annexe was a room (with an ajoining office and a sort of quiet room, although it became sort of an annexe hangers out antechamber)

    one time, i jsut went ballistic and went on a great and emphatic diatribe about "canteen rats" and how they needed to be culled for the good of "normal" students, this went on for a good fifteen minutes, and though it was laced with humor (such as the solution being an army of little prep kids (as in there first year of primary school, i think you guys call it kindergarden, but we have that for 3 and 4 year olds here) and arming them withs porks and unleashing them on my enemies.) rather like how Stalin woudl give speeches and rant about "sabatours and wreckers" when they didnt really exist.

    that and i had a tendancy to explode.
  8. All of a sudden it turned into the guidance counselor coming into class.

    I measure success more on how much it helps me or others. The better it helps someone the better I feel about having done such a thing. Helping someone can be anything from helping them understand something they did not before, to making something that allows a disabled person to do something they weren't able to do before.
  9. I've never really identified with any historical figures! I don't know if it's because I just don't have enough knowledge of them to connect, or if it's because I've very rarely ever met someone that has become a personal role model.

    I've always been the person that tries to BE the role model or stand out figure. ._.; So I tend to compare myself to my own high (and often self-righteous) standards.

    The few exceptions have been people that are still alive today who have had a huge impact to me. My former Admin rolemodel who has been a wise old uncle-figure, and a very kind Canadian Angel that's always had faith in me being able to get somewhere in life.
  10. Do you have scabies like he did?

  11. ... No ...
  12. Honestly, I can't say there's any historical figure I take after, simply because there is no one I can concentrate on. I'm of the school of thought that each person is their own person, everyone unique in their own ways. Now, those people are built from the examples of others, but at least with myself, not enough built by one example to simply point at them and go "I am like that person." My person is built up from everyone I've known in my life, using them to shape myself and find out who I am.
  13. Niccolo Machiavelli.

    Not only because I share a name with him, I also understand the views and points that he included in one of his works, The Prince. Kinda.

    "Whatever works."
  14. Eleanor Roosevelt - She was more then just another First Lady, though that is often how she is thought of, being the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt. She was an active part of not only his presidency but in politics and humanitarian services after. But more importantly then being powerful help in the shadows of politics, she also was instrumental in Victory Gardens!