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  1. Zeliah (open)
    Name:Zeliah de Robyx




    Eye Color:Green

    Hair Color:Red

    Personality:Very neat and tidy girl who loves music and dance. Likes adventure in the form of books and ballet.

    Background:Zeliah has had a perfectly normal childhood. Going to school, doing homework, all those things. For as long as she could remember she has been wanting a change, something that would break the normal everyday routine.

    With a sigh she pulls her red hair up into a bun leaving a few strands of hair to dangle around, this was not really allowed at a professional Ballet School but Zeliah didn't care. She was already a big name in the company and used that to her advantage.

    She stepped out of the dressing room and took the time to straighten out her clothes and get ready for what she didn't want to do. When she felt ready she wallked out onto the floor where the other ballerinas where chatting about. She regarded them with a blank look and they all knew that Zeliah was not in the brightest of moods today.

    Taking the bar in hand she started her warm ups and nodded to their instructors as they came in "Right girls a lot of practice this week so to the bar" Nell the youngest of the instructors said. Zeliah was just staring at herself in the mirror the other voices turning into a monotonous drone in the back of her mind.

    After a long period of dancing they were finally given a break Zeliah stepped out of the room and went to the large stage they had in the company to just breathe and think.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Arteryx

    Age: Unknown

    Height: 6'-1"

    Build: Athletic/Lean

    Eye Color: Red and Ice Blue

    Hair Color: Black

    Personality: Arteryx is a demon who is generally gentle and soft spoken in his mannerisms. However, he is very direct, and pursues what he wants without apology. He can be forceful, even to the point of rudeness. Along with his directness, he also possesses a desire for companionship--a trait gained from spending decades with his spirit locked inside the form of a demon.

    Background: Arteryx sold his soul to save his human family. Now, years later, he fulfills his soul-debt by tricking other humans into giving up their spirits to the realm of demons.


    With formless eyes, Arteryx watched as the delicate, beautiful form of the girl moved across the dance floor. Her motions were captivating to him--strong, lithe, and graceful--and he found that he could not take his gaze from her. The red of her hair shone in the light from the windows, sparkling with highlights of crimson and rouge.

    Focus, Arteryx told himself. You are here for souls and nothing more.

    Yet, even with his own voice ringing in his mind, the demon found it hard to not look upon the lithe girl with fiery red hair, and not dwell on the beauty of her humanity. There was something innocent and pleasant in the way she moved through her dance, and Arteryx was being drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

    As the group of girls were called to a break, Arteryx was pleased to see the red head move off on her own. He followed invisibly behind, watching with curious eyes as she moved to the room with the stage. He could tell she was lost in thought, enveloped with her own mind in the peaceful embrace of the empty space. She wouldn't be alone for long.

    Appearing silently from within the darkness of the backstage area, Arteryx walked forward on black-booted feet. His steps echoed dully on the wooden stage, and he made no effort to hide the sound. His hands were in his pockets as he moved towards the red head, and a slight smile creased his lips.

    "You're a beautiful dancer," He said, his voice deep and quiet. "It's been a pleasure to watch you practice."
  3. Zeliah was pulled out of her thoughts by the echo of footsteps behind her. She spun around the loose strands of red hair falling around her face, heart beating fast. First she thought it was maybe one of the younger students fooling around on their points here on stage. But what met her eyes was far from a young ballerina. The first thing that she really saw was the icy blue of his eyes...then she fully registered that he was a total stranger in a dance academy where he didn't belong.

    "W-watch?" She breathed out, a mix of emotions of which was mostly fear though she tried not to seem afraid.

    Slowly she inched towards a door on the stage that would lead her back to the classroom "W-hat do y-ou mean?" She stuttered not taking her eyes off his obviously inhuman eyes.
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