Can anyone stop them?

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About the idea?

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  1. [​IMG]

    "Hello my name is Zaria Rue Crane. It is time for me to come out of hiding."

    Alright so this is who I plan to be for my idea.

    I've mentioned this idea along with others and it became tied with a fandom RP. With school being around I didn't want to start the fandom being the time I have free but felt I could do this one instead.

    Zaria is tired of living a hidden life from all those who mistreated her kind. Both witches and dragons. Those who feel the same have chosen to join her entrusting her plans to take over all of the land. First is destroying the town that she assumed killed her parents and then taking over the world. Can anyone stop her and those that follow her? Or will they succeed and the world be corrupted by evil?

    Alright those who have stated so far thanks. That's just a brief mention of my idea. I feel it's enough for a interest check in or so I hope. I have more than that planned for the RP of course. The main point is this idea is someone who grew tired of other's thoughts and because of their past grew up with a dark nature and now wishes to take over the world.

    I am willing to take up a CO-GM if anyone is interested and together we can develop farther on the idea. I don't have to have a CO-GM just thought one would help keep the RP moving when I can't.

    Now if interested please post here so I know to tag you for the thread. Also any questions feel free to ask me.​
  2. Being apparently so far 28 views minus myself. *is guess after a friends comment*

    I added a poll encase I'm missing something or no one wishes to vote.
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