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  1. Camp Kilawaka


    Camp Kilawaka has been in the making for the last ten years. Coming up on it's eleventh summer, there is quite an interesting group of people arriving. A camp for ages 8 to 18, the kids are split up into groups of similar ages. They offer all sorts of activities day and sometimes in the night. Meals are given as a whole, and there is a strict curfew on the younger tenants. However, the older teens ages 14 to 18 often go out on night activities while the other sleep.

    Everything about this camp seems normal. But lately, things have been getting a little weird. Some of the younger teens have been passing around a rumor that something fishy is going on with the counselors. Entering the last session of camp, they promise a large camp wide game. A treasure hunt competition with all sorts of different things, but any time you talk to your counselor about it, they seems to get a little dodgy. What on earth is going on here? And why do you have a sinking feeling it involves you?

    The History of this camp isn't long. It popped out of the blue ten years ago, and though strange seemed to be in running condition. At first it didn't draw much attention, but after the first batch of kids the camp just grew and grew and grew. And now they are coming up on the eleventh year of the camp, the second session. Mid July to August is the time range. There are a couple roles already placed in, but some are completely random. We will be playing an older group, minimum age is 15, max is 18. The exceptions are counselors who are a little older. There will be one to two.


    1.I am the GM of this roleplay I have the right to kick people from the rp, reject characters, ideas, etc. I also have the right to this story and anyone trying to rip it off or copy paste it now, or in the future will be violating site policy. If you want to use some bits, you have to ask, and usually my answer is no but it depends on what you ask for. That being said I usually play to the audience, and like to keep things nice and relaxed. Don't be afraid to ask me anything! Getting my clear on something you aren't sure about doesn't hurt. Gives me a heads up.
    2.All people participating in this rp should be comfortable writing romance, and be able to accept some plot hurdles I will be throwing at you. This is not a regular have fun summer camp rp. There is a plot, though however strange it might be will somehow make sense.
    3. This rp was crazily based off a fever dream I had that Seiji is helping me make sense of. Things might change as they go along, and some might not make a lot of sense. Hopefully it all will when the time comes to it.
    4.Yall better like animals, because there is going to be some relation to that. The camp does have stables and farms etc. Mostly for food or riding.
    5.We all can't help that we don't get along with certain people, but the last thing I want to happen is people talking about ideas out in the open, and other people assume, people get upset and drop for the sake of others, feuding people take over the rp, etc. So if you got issues, there is a fancy ignore button, or you can speak to a staffer about it. I do not want any feuds in my OOC
    6. Post all the character junk in the sign ups, because that way I don't have to go sifting to find them
    7. Try and keep as little BBC code in the posts IC and OOC as possible. A lot of the time I am working away from home, and it's hard for me to read. I know that's redundant because this post is BBC code heavy, but this should be the only one. I also tried to keep as few images as possible on one page.
    8.There are some roles that have more specific requirements, but others are open range. It all depends on what kind of characters you play, but I do need the slots filled before we start. You can talk to me about any of the spots, feel free to ask questions.
    9. Read the stuff I type. I don't just type it to fill space. It's there for a reason. If you don't, I usually end up having to reject ideas and characters because someone didn't read it right.
    10. Most important, have fun!

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  2. I'd like to reserve a male and a female — 16 & 18 respectively.
    Thank you for taking the time to construct this role-play, I really do appreciate it.
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  3. Sounds good to me! Hope you can handle both
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  4. I'm just assuming that it's still a W.I.P, because I can't see a CS anywhere present, though do correct me if I'm wrong.
    For my sake, I'd like to ask at what amount of campers will we begin ?
  5. A few more than we currently have. And it's not, this is just the OOC. I will have a separate thread for characters to keep things, together
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  6. Ah, okay, thank you for enlightening me; I have a tendency to forget that the sign-up sheet is expected to be in the sign-up thread only.
  7. Some people do it that way, I just like how it keeps out the clutter
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  8. I'd like to reserve one female camper and one male camper please!
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