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  1. So whats this whole forum about? The title caught my eye but i dont know what wip is?
  2. Angelo flew around camp surveying the campers. This group was pretty good about following the rules, yeah they broke a few now and then but overall they were good kids, except for the goddessling her parents had forced him to accept Angelo to accept her even though she caused more trouble than all the demigods combined.

    Xavier walked around camp trying to find his friends. He was currently looking for Ezio, he hadn't seem his friend since breakfast. He assumed his friend was hanging out with his sister, who he wasn't a huge fan of but put up with it because he liked Ezio.
  3. The sound of girls screaming filled the air as toilets errupted and sprayed any unlucky soul who happened to be in the way. A bit ways away from the girls toilets, a black haired boy lay on the ground. Laughing and holding his stomach. He knew the councilers would be after him in a bit. Bjorn, son of Loki, was a top grade mischief maker. His daily agenda consisted of doing some sort of prank then being grounded to his cabin for the remainder of it, but at least he wasnt alone. A huge Anaconda lay draped over the teens muscled yet slim body, Bjorn patted the snake on the head chuckling in his amusement. He looked around for anyone to converse with, needing to look innocent.
  4. The ever cheerful beacon of light, Haruko, emerged from the cabin completely ready to tackle the day that was ahead of her. It had been a least a week since she arrived in her mother's chariot and so far she loved the freedom that she had. There were no ladies-in-waiting to tell her what to wear and fix her hair in elaborate designs with ornaments. She stepped off of the porch and stretched her hands up to the sun.

    "Morning Mom!" She beamed looking up at the sun with biggest smile that was possible.

    She set her eyes on the path that was in front of her with a mission. She was going to run around the whole camp as a morning exercise. Without hesistation she took off down the path as fast as she could. Her florescent pink mid-thigh length dress fluttering as she moved. Her wooden clogs clopped with every step she took, it was kind of a wonder she managed to run in them.
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  5. Alex stood at the firing line of the archery range. A few archers stood along the line, bullseyeing targets. Alex couldn't understand why anyone would want to use such an outdated tool. The rate of fire was so low, it was unwieldy and one could only hold so many arrows. Atleast, that was what he thought of it. He pointed his handgun down range. He slid the magazine in and pulled the hammer back. A round slid into the chamber with a satisfying click. He smiled, that click was like music to him. He held the weapon with both hands. he fired rapidly. The loud bang startled the other archers a little bit. Twelve shots and twelve seconds later he had expended the magazine. It dropped out with the push of a button. Now this is a weapon. He thought.
  6. Fenfir thrusted Ragnorok into the dummy, he then pulled the blade out, spun, and brought his blade down diagonally onto the dummy, completely cutting the thing in half. Fenfir sighed as he too a seat on the soft grass in front of the now mutilated dummy. He had made a habit of doing so ever since he got to camp. He would wake up in the early hours of the morning, just so he could practice his sword play. Not to far off were the archers, they seemed to be doing what the did best, archery. As good as Fenfir was at it, he was more interested in his sword than his bow, but that did not stop him from practicing it latter in the day. Fenfir sleathed his blade and walked out of the arena towards the boys cabin, after that work out, he would definitely need a shower. As he walked past the girls cabin, he could hear the screams of girls inside, it sounded like they had been pranked. Fenfir stopped and whistled loudly, apparently, Bjorn had struck again. Fenfir and never seen a better prankster of joker, until he saw Bjorn, son of Loki, a Norse kid just like himself. Fenfir walked into the girls cabin porch and looked in the door, and found himself looking at the laughing body of Bjorn, and the surprised and angry faces of the woman.

    "How on Odin's prickly beard did toy do that?" he asked in awe as he stared at the toilets.
  7. Bjorn got a few slaps but that didnt stop his laughter.. well it did die down a bit after the 7th hit to his face. The angry red mark very visible on the demi-gods pale skin. He decided it was about time to get out of there, not wanting to have the handprints permanately marked into his face. He made a clicking noise and the snake slithered up his body and wrapped around his chest and the bicep of his arm as though hitching a free ride "back off ladies, hes a man eater" he said in a completely serious tone though there was laughter dancing in his vibrant green eyes. His snake was the farthest thing from a man eater but they didnt know that.

    He turned as he heard a fairly familar voice of a fellow norse kid, Fenfir "hey there pal. Oh ya i totally forgot about that thing we had to do!" He said walking to the door and swinging a arm around his shoulders and steering him off the porch and away from that place "a little magic my friend is all it takes, tell me that wasnt the funniest thing ever?" He snickered, his other hand scratching the anacondas head "aint that right Dracul" he coed at the serpent.
  8. Fenfir visibly cringed as he saw Bjorn repeatedly get shaped on the face. As funny as the prank was, the consequences would be worse, he hoped that the administrators did not "Discipline" Bjorn like the last time, it would not be a pretty sight to behold, not at all. After a couple of minutes, Bjorn and him were walking away from the Girls cabin. Fenfir, listened as Bjorn asked him if it was the funniest thing he has ever seen.

    "I won't lie, it was funny, but you'll be on the hot sear once the administrators hair about this, and it won't be pretty." he said chuckling as the walked along.
  9. Haruko ran down to the end of the path. She stared at the land that was outside of the camp. How she wanted to run out of the camp and continue going. She took one step and was blocked by a white pup that had jumped in front of her.

    "Hime-sama. You are not allowed to leave without permission." The pup spoke with an adorable voice to match his appearance.

    "I know, I know Inu-san!" She knelt down to pick him up. Holding him to her chest she started to pet his ear and walk back to the camp.

    "Hime-sama, have you eaten?" He questioned.

    "Nope!" She replied. "I want rice! Rice and red bean paste! And star candy!" She said laughing like an idiot the whole time.

    "You know that isn't allowed. You will have rice, grilled fish, soup, and a salad with a side of fresh bread."

    "Hai, hai!" She replied not allowing him to damper her good mood. "The Great Inukami has spoken his orders. I, Haruko-hime, shall obey." She didn't put him down the whole way to the mess hall. He didn't seem to mind as he kept a watchfully eye on those around them.
  10. He shrugged "ah whatever. Life is to short not to have fun... besides im really just respecting my fathers name and what he stands for" he said grinning at Fenfir, that was his favourite line to use when he got in trouble and the councilers couldnt really argue with him about that "besides the fact that they cant punish me if they cant find me" in a sudden moment he was suddenly the spitting image of Fenfir. Everything the same except the mischievious grin and green eyes.

    He chuckled, his voice changed now to match Fenfirs "No councilers, Bjorn didnt do that nast trick but i heard it was someone from poesidens cabin. Those water guys are real tricksters" he laughed "Bjorn has become a real model citizen. A mentor for us Norse kids" he just thought everything was a joke. Almost never having a serious moment in his life, unless someone brought up his personal life but no one really cared to do that.
  11. "If im not mistaken, life is even shorter Pr deni-god, we should do what we can do in the time being, make the most of our life's. But I guess honoring your father is another thing." he said as he shrugged his shoulders. Bjorn, was always like this, but it was one of the things that had drawn Fenfir to him.
    Fenfir was about to depart and finally be able to take his shower, but went from happy and cheerful, to shock and slight anger. Bjorn had used his powers to become a splitting image of Fenfir, even adopting his voice.
    "Sigh, Bjorn, Bjorn, Bjorn." Fenfir said eerily as he watched his friend use his voice to accuse the Poesiden's Cabin of the prank.
    "I will give you one friendly warning, shed that form and take your original right know, or I will shove the sword so far up to arse that Apollo would not be able to find it." He said with a slight smile on his face.
  12. He listened to his friend and chuckled as he rolled his eyes and changed his form back to original. He was still grinning, the threat not even coming close to dampening his spirits whatsoever "oh Fenfir how you amuse me. I think you need to live a little. I mean honestly, what do you do all day? Stab at those sword practice things?" He scoffed "la-ame my friend"
    "Tomorrow, come with me and Dracul and take a visit over to some of those greek kids, they are a delight" he chuckled and pet the snake fondly "i havent thought the exact details out but it'll be funny... depending on how much trouble i get in today... if they can catch me" he laughed.
  13. Enyo and Ezio awoke early that morning. Neither one of them seemed to know why, but there was still several hours until breakfast would be served. Mornings like this, they usually followed the same route, they would meet up by the practice dummies and train, so that way they could increase their skills with both khopesh verses khopesh and also khopesh verses gladius. Through the exhibition fights, they talked in perfect Egyptian, a benefit to having parents that actually stayed with them.
    "So, where shall we go now?" Ezio said in their native tongue, Egyptian.
    "Ohhh! Can we go to the ridge?" She loved that ridge so much, but they didn't give it a proper name yet.
    Giving a nod, they walked toward the forest, and as they got close to the trees, the darkness started to glow black. What looked like a tear in the world, jumping through, they found themselves on the ridge that had more suicide cases then murders in New York. Enyo immediately went and sat on the edge while Ezio almost passed out from exhaustion. "We.... we have to find a way to make it less taxing on me." They had been going to this ridge since the first day they stumbled across it when their parents were training them to use the Duat. Reaching his hand out, beyond his elbow disappeared as he invoked his power to grab a bottle of water he had stored there earlier. Taking a drink, he passed it to his sister, whom hadn't drunk anything all morning. "We need to head back soon, however, breakfast is almost upon us." He said in English, since he needed to get back into the habit. With a nod from Enyo, they held hands and jumped from the ridge, one of the most dangerous things they had done when they found it originally. At the bottom it opened into a small cave, so there were plenty of shadows to go back with. When they got back to the camp, Enyo had Ezio over her shoulder, "We should have stayed longer brother." she walked toward the mess hall, barely breaking a sweat from his weight.
  14. Out of no where Enyo and Ezio appeared. Jumping he cliched his chest and said, "you guys really need to stop doing that." He always jumped when the two flashed in and out using their shadow travel, Xavier had never shadow traveled with either of the two and didn't plan on in.

    "So where were you two? Off battling monsters." Xavier said with a smile toward his friend, and no smile toward Enyo, the girl scared him. She was always so violent especially for a girl, he had never said anything to either of the twins though for fear that the girl might put him in the Duat. Could that happen?

    Angelo seeing that most of the campers were heading towards the mess hall turned back toward it and then he saw two of the Norse demigods outside of the girl's cabin laughing. This wouldn't have been a problem except 1. They were boys and 2. They were Bjorn and Fenfir. The later of the two usually didn't cause trouble, but Bjorn took after his father and was always causing trouble landing in front of the boy's Angelo glared at them saying, "Fenfir what happened here, I know you will tell me the truth."

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  15. "I don't swing a sword all day, I just need to practice, don't want to find a monster under my bed and not be able to kill it." Fenfir said with a slight grin. "Oh, you thing you out run godly's... you got another thing coming." he said chuckling slightly, there was no way he would escape, they were basically gods, the could smell the bad. Fenfir was about to make another remark but was interrupted by the decent of Angelo, on the the godly. Fenfir looked at Bjorn and shook his head in disappointment, as if he was scolding him.

    "Fenfir what happened here, I know you will tell me the truth." Angelo asked him seriously.
    Fenfir looked at the man with sad eyes and then looked back at his friend. "It was horrible, the girls bathroom....BASICLLY EXPLODED. It was very, very bad, and it was all the Greeks fault, all there fault, I saw one of them running from the scene. We just happened to stumble here on our way to the mess hall." He explained with a straight face as he looked into the man's eyes with and unbreakable will.
  16. Angelo knew that the boy was lying, he was godling sure he wasn't as powerful as a full god but he was close. He was honestly disappointed in Fenfir, normally the boy always told the truth, but Bjorn had started to wear off on the boy. "Fine Fenfir, you always tell the truth so it must have been one of the Greek demigods, do you have any idea who it could have been? We don't have that many demigods here to begin with so it should be easy to find the culprit."

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  17. "Sure, but I don't really know the culprit, all I saw was three orange shirts and assumed they were Greek, you could easily find the kid." Fenfir said casually. Ever since Fenfir for to camp, he had been a shell of his former self, losing his mother had through him into depression, which he was still battling till this day, But this was on of the few day that he was finally being himself, the loud, sarcastic, jokester he really was, he still had to wonder, how did people really thing of him.
  18. "Well I'm sure the culprit will come out.....," Angelo said with a knowing look toward each of the boys. "Thankfully I am a godling, and the son of Poseidon so this won't be too much of a had just not happen again or the culprit will be in big trouble," he said sternly. He gave each of the boys a warning look before taking to the air. "Head to the mess hall for," he added before flying away to round up the campers.
  19. Alex examined his target. It was as he expected from an early morning shoot. He was pulling left. None of the intended target was hit. He folded up the paper target and put it in his pocket. Time for breakfast! He holstered his weapon and turned on his heel. He caught a glimpse of the flooded bathrooms on his way to the mess hall. He smirked. Antics like that never ceased to amuse him. He made his way into the hall, wondering what they would be serving for breakfast that day.
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