Camel Spins and Hydroblading

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  1. This rp has two main characters who are both male. I have already created mine and the other character will be left completely up to however I deem to be the best fit to be my partner. Here is my character`s reference sheet.

    Name: Kevin Reynolds

    Age: 17 or 18

    Family: Kanako and James Reynolds and no siblings

    -Parents' backgrounds: When Kanako was very little, her and her parents moved from Sapporo to Vancouver. She met Kevin's father James and they settled down. James came from Quebec, moving to Vancouver for University. (Its short, but this can be developed more later if needed.)

    Appearance: Kevin is 5'4 and weighs approximately 130 pounds. He is thin and all his weight comes from his wiry muscles. He looks like his mother and has her black hair, dark almond shaped eyes, petite build, and pretty face. The only thing he got from his dad was his pouty lips.

    Kevin normally wears baggy clothing like sweaters and cargo pants. If its cold out he also really enjoys scarves and toques. He isn't much into fashion and doesn't wear too many bright colours, mostly browns, greys, and the occasional darker colour.

    Personality: Kevin keeps to himself and is fine that he doesn't really hang out with anyone. He tries his best to blend in and attract no attention, so he gets average grades and stays in the library during lunch hours. He speaks 3 languages. English, French, and Japanese. His mother's side speak mostly Japanese and his father's side mostly speaks French, so he had to learn both languages to be able to keep in touch with his family.

    Background: Kevin grew up in a small town called Terrace in British Columbia. (I have never been in this town, so if it isn't accurate, I apologize) He had practically been born with skates on his feet and the moment he could walk he was starting to learn to skate. Hockey was the only thing that they played. So, when he got old enough, Kevin joined his first Hockey team. His coach noticed that Kevin had potential and enrolled him in "extra lessons". It didn't take long for him to figure out that these lessons were in were actually for figure skating. At first Kevin resisted, but with the encouragement of his coach and parents, he continued and soon found that he enjoyed it.

    Eventually both hockey and figure skating were taking up too much time and he would have to devote himself to one or the other. So, at the age of 12 and after much deliberation and guidance by his coach and figure skating teacher, Kevin chose figure skating.

    When he was about 15, Kevin and his family moved so he could get more advanced training and concentrate on his career. In his home town in Canada, Kevin had never had many people judging him about his figure skating and had even been well liked because of it, especially among the womenfolk. Now that he had moved to a different place though, he found that there was much bullying to be had because of it. After a few years of this, he and his family had to move so he could escape this torment and start new. Now that he was in highschool and in a different place, Kevin vowed to keep his extra curricular activities a secret.

    Thats where your character would come in. I can help with character creation and plot planning of course. There is lots that could be added or changed, but this is just a guide line. So, contact me if you have any questions and if you are trying to throw a character together and need some suggestions I am glad to help. When you're ready, submit your character sheet to me and I would love to consider giving you the position.
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  2. As cool as it would be to do a figure skating RP, I'm sorry to say I'll have to leave it to someone else, unless you don't mind if I use a girl instead of another guy.
  3. Ah, sorry. I sort of have my heart set on it being a gay rp. That's why I put the "gay" tag on it.
  4. Whoops, didn't see that. Alright, no problem.
  5. Oh, no problem at all. I am just glad to know that it could possibly have people who would be interested. :3
  6. I have lots of interest in this rp, but so far nobody has come far enough to fill the role, so its not too late to try out, lol.
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