Calm Down!

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    What time of the year stresses you out the most?
    Why is that the case?
    Do you know this, prior, and try to plan around it being stressful? How?
  2. Finals...
    I suck at planning so it's just kinda crazy stressful.
    Made the mistake of having six classes this semester *head desk*
  3. When I went to school it was definitely the end of May when every teacher wanted us to write reports and tests and all those things that comes in the end of the school year. Also December was horrible because it was exactly like May except that if you screwed up in some subjects there then you still had half a year left to prove that you aren't worth an F. xD

    Now when I don't go to school and doesn't have a job (yet) I don't feel like there is any time of the year that is actually stressful.. I wonder whyyy... Maybe because I'm home and lazy around all the time so I don't even notice what time of the year it is xD hahah I guess December will be stressful this year, my sister will soon have a kid so we must get home to her before Christmas (which is a six hours car trip) then get home, prepare for Christmas, then when Christmas is over prepare for New years eve because we probably will get guests (at least we have had guests the last four years during new years eve so someone will probably come) And then I can relax until next year xD
  4. Honestly? Christmas and the whole month of December. Not just because of the holidays but putting up with relatives. Not fun.
  5. I can't quite say. Summer is pretty nasty due to humid days. No matter how much I appreciate the ocean breeze and fresh nights, I can't stand the moisture in the air. It sticks to you during the day when it's hot and showering three times a day still doesn't help.