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  1. Hi,

    I’m new to Iwaku and very eager to start roleplaying. I hope that if you’re reading this that you are looking for a new roleplay and a new roleplay partner. Before I get to my roleplay ideas, I’d like to share a little bit about myself.

    I’ve been roleplaying and writing for close to twelve years, but I’m nowhere near perfect. I do enjoy writing detailed posts that help create a concrete living world with well-rounded and believable characters. I try to post daily, and sometimes more frequently, with at least 2-3 posts per week. Collaborating with a partner, or partners, to create an intriguing and enjoyable story is what I find most rewarding about roleplay. I will write as both genders, though I feel much more comfortable writing as a female. I feel awkward writing for characters under eighteen and prefer adult characters unless the game or setting requires a younger character. I enjoy Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Superheroes, Fantasy, Medieval, Future, Historic, Action, and Horror genres. That said, I’m willing to try anything, especially if the concept is something special. Finally, I prefer group RPs vs. 1x1, but I’m not overly picky.

    In a writing partner I’m looking for people who can remain active, help create an intriguing and detailed setting, able to create well-rounded and believable characters, and someone who is able and willing to communicate. I feel good communication is essential in an RP, whether it’s communicating that you have a busy week and can’t post much or that you’re confused with a post or creatively stuck. In turn, I will do my best to communicate with my writing partners. I prefer to read well written posts with good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. However, I’m willing to give people slack, especially if they’re trying. Please, though, try to know the differences between there, their, and they’re and use the word correctly.

    So, on to my ideas:


    Whether alien, mutant, fae, or something else my character is a shape-shifter and she has been one since birth. Whatever she is she doesn’t know why she’s able to do what she’s able to do, she just can. Currently, she’s a college student doing her best to blend in and fit in. This is where other PCs come in. Your character(s) can be whatever you want and we can create the setting together. Open for a 1x1 or Group. I could be interested in seeing this turn into a Romance.(Taken)

    Gender Bender:

    A pair of friends are magically transformed into the opposite gender of how they were born. What I want ultimately from this is to explore, and hopefully bend, the gender lines; to try and see things from a different POV; and to attempt to accurately portray the slow and subtle changes a person may likely experience after going through such an experience. Again we could make the setting anything we want with whatever elements we want. There could be a romance here or just the close bonds of friendship.(Taken)


    The world’s history has gone much like our own, at least, until the events of 9/11. It was after the events of 9/11 that “Supers” began to make themselves known. Within a few years, the “Supers” had put an end to crime and war. They overthrew corrupt sovereign governments, dismantled nuclear warheads, and were revered as heroes. “Supers” became celebrities and role-models, and were elected to the highest political offices, including President and Speaker of the House in the United States and Prime Minister of Britain. A hierarchy developed amongst the “Supers” with the most powerful gaining the greatest influence, most lucrative movie deals and endorsements, and became the most recognizable. “Supers” who didn’t work with the others were made an example of and after a few years, it made much more sense to work within the community than to attempt to go against them. Humans are happy with the status quo. They feel safe, are prosperous, and accept the fact that there is very little they can do to change anything even if they wished.

    Enter our characters. We’re street level “Supers”, powerful but not the top of the hierarchy. Our characters are the ones who keep the streets safe for the humans. They’re local celebrities. The bars and restaurants name drinks and sandwiches after our characters. The characters make appearances on the local news stations, Used Car Lot blowouts, hotel grand openings, and all that jazz. There’s a number of different ways this can go and I’m looking for a partner who can help create and twist plots and settings to make it enjoyable.

    Panchrest:(Group Idea)

    The year is 2018. Pharmaceutical companies are a multi-trillion dollar empire. The medical community believes itself to be on the verge of finding a cure for cancer and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, and many more are still being worked towards. Then it happens. Bursera Pharmaceuticals releases a press statement claiming that they’ve developed a cure-all. They call it Panchrest. Panchrest enters phase 2 of testing by the FAA mere weeks after the company’s press release and the drug begins appearing on the Black Market and in countries, such as Mexico, which have fewer federal restrictions on their medications. The rich and powerful find way to get their hands on it and “miracles” begin to be reported on by the world media. The FAA is forced to rush Panchrest through the remaining phases of testing and on September of 2019, Panchrest is approved by the FAA for use in American hospitals and doctors.

    The player characters are some of the first people to receive the newly approved drug. They are normal people who have fought a losing battle against their specific disease for years. Panchrest is the miracle they’ve pinned all their hope on; the second chance they’ve prayed for. All across the country, the characters are brought into a sterile room with and placed upon a bed before undergoing the treatment. When the characters wake, they are no long in the hospital or clinic where they went to get treatment. Instead, they find themselves in a completely white room. Other people (the other characters) lay in separate beds which are also in the white room. The characters discover that they no longer hurt, feel fatigued, or display the symptoms of their diseases. They are cured! More so, they discover that they are young, mid-twenties, and strong. They are left, however, with several questions. Where are they? What other changes have they undergone? And what’s going on?

    I would very much appreciate if someone with experience and success as a GM would decide to run this. I, unfortunately, have very pathetic GM skills and every game I’ve tried to run has failed miserably. It is my hope that we can explore the concepts of mortality, an afterlife, humanity, and second chances within this setting.

    Return of the Gods: (Group Idea)
    After nearly two thousand years of falling into myth and legend, Zeus has proclaimed that now, in the age of the internet, when monotheism has begun to lose its toe-hold and the spread of information has never been faster, the Gods of Olympus shall return to the mortal realm and reclaim their rightful places in the minds of mortals. The King of the Gods has proclaimed that each of them shall pose as a young college-aged mortal, cultivate their followers, and freely display their godly abilities.

    This is basically your typical college, slice-of-life game with a little twist. Players will choose an ancient god, preferably of the Greek Pantheon, and reinvent it in their own imagining. Then, through a number of seemingly normal events and game play, the players will accumulate a following. The focus, of course, will be upon character development and the seemingly “normal” events which become epic due to a gratuitous application of godly power.

    X-Men: A New Class: (Group Idea)
    Placed in the year 2016, Charles Xavier has died and his dream has all but faded from memory. Only a few X-Men survive to carry on their mentor’s legacy and pass it to the next generation. The setting will be dark and gritty, with many of our beloved canon characters no long with us. Player characters will be completely original, no children of former X-Men, who have been collected by the remaining canon characters and brought to a sanctuary, of sorts, for training. The Mutant Registration Law has been in act for half a decade and mutants have always been persecuted. The unfortunates who are unable to hide amongst humans are placed in Mutant-town, a quarantined area in New York City that is no larger than ten city blocks and is patrolled and policed by Sentinels; in truth, it’s nothing more than a giant prison.

    I personally don’t want to run this but would love if someone else wanted to take the reins.

    Glimmermaids (Small Group Game)

    A high fantasy game centered on a small number (2-4) Glimmermaids and their Eldritch Knight companions. What are Glimmermaids, you ask? They are women with magical abilities to control one or two elements. They are taught, from a young age, to control and harness their magical abilities and to use their abilities in the service of the empire, which is comprised of five different countries. The Glimmermaids are more like priestesses than wizards or witches, and gain their abilities through an empathic connection to their environment and surroundings. When paired with an Eldritch Knight, the abilities of a Glimmermaid are greatly increased due to the direct empathic bond which is formed between the Maid and her Knight. In return, the Eldritch Knights gain the ability to control a single element and heal faster, not to mention the fame and glory gained from pairing with a Glimmermaid.(In Progress)

    Dragon Rider (1x1 or Small Group Idea)
    Along the lines of Eragon and other such novels, this story would focus upon a young female dragon hatchling and the rider she bonds with. Dragons are able to transform between a human form and their dragon form; have a breath attack, dependent upon the dragon’s species; manipulation of an element akin to the dragon’s species; winged flight; regeneration; and telepathy with the dragon’s rider. Once bonded the rider gains increased strength, speed, endurance and durability; telepathy with his/her rider; elemental manipulation akin to their dragon’s species; slowed aging; and an increased rate of healing. The adventures should include finding the dragon rider, battling or allying with other dragon riders, fighting mythical beasts, and whatever else we decide to do.(Taken)

    Exalted (Group Game)
    White Wolf’s Exalted without all the minutia of the system and headache of rolling die. I’m interested in a Dragon-Blooded, Solar, or Lunar game. I’d even be interested in a mixed game.

    For the Future of the Empire (Group Game)
    Under the reign of Emperor Casius the VII the empire has enjoyed thirty years of wealth and prosperity, the lands controlled by the empire nearly doubled, and many nomadic and barbaric tribes were conquered and enslaved. Only the orphaned, crippled, and diseased experience poverty and hunger. Slave labor is prevalent throughout the empire and even the lowest commoner has, at least, one slave.

    It is in this state that the empire finds itself amiss a future leader, for while the Emperor had many daughters from many wives, he was never blessed with a son. To rectify this situation, the Emperor and his advisors have decided to issue a challenge to any able bodied man with good breeding and reputation. The challenge is comprised of a number of trials that will test the applicant’s abilities to rule the empire. The first trial is a grand tournament to test the men’s skill in combat. As an added stipulation, in order to progress through the trials, each individual must gain the endorsement of a princess. An endorsement by a princess means that she is willing to marry the applicant should he win.

    While this game seems like a simple quest: defeat the trials and win the hand of a princess; it should deal much more with the politics and happenings in the background. It should take both a strong applicant, and a clever and wise princess to win the throne.

    There’s plenty of room for additional ideas and unique interesting characters.

    I’ll likely be adding ideas or characters I’d like to play to this post as I have more time to develop my ideas and come up with new ones. If you’re interested in any of these concepts, or have a concept you believe I’d be interested in, please shoot me a message or post below.

    Thank you for your time,

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  2. I think I'll be interested in the Gender Bender idea, would you like to try it with me?
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