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  1. So I've been craving a Supernatural roleplay for a while now, but there doesn't appear to be any groups on this site. I was wondering as to whether the idea always just crashes and burns or whether I'm just missing the threads, but I thought I'd voice my cravings and see if anybody else is feeling similar.

    I have some fears about this as I want it to be an advanced and literate roleplay, not simply a paragraph from each participant which doesn't really develop the plot any or create anything remotely fun. I want this to be enjoyable, not something I feel forced to reply to because I'm too nice to drop out.

    As far as characters are concerned, I have compiled a short list of characters which I believe will be active for participants. For roleplaying sake, not all characters that are dead have to be dead. Furthermore, you'll have to bare with me with any references beyond Season 8 as I haven't watched the following seasons (I'm in the UK and we're on Season 9 at the moment due to SPN being taken off British television, and I missed the airing date by a mile due to schoolwork and so I'm using it as somewhat of a motivation by acting as a reward for my post exam celebrations). I'm fine with spoilers, the internet is full of them, so don't feel the need to hold back!

    Dick Roman

    Any character that you can think of, past or present, that you believe you can integrate into the story, go for it.

    I was thinking that the best way to begin the whole roleplay would be through some sort of hunt, and we can take it from there. Any suggestions are welcome.
  2. Not many people seem to be interested in roleplaying supernatural as a group. It's good to have another fan on the boat though I'm unsure what you mean by literate, and besides that, I'd have to wait to see if I'm able to keep up with a group of all things. I take it you only want canon? Are we discussing the main driving plot here or is this simply an interest check?
  3. No, I have noticed that from a little search around the forums.
    But literate, I simply mean capable of good grammar and a reasonable vocabulary. I just don't want this to descend into an awful, gobsmackingly boring mess where it's just every female character trying to flirt with Dean and development.

    Canon, ideally, yes. I think if OCs start getting thrown in then it'll be a lot less interesting.

    And just an interest check for the moment, if enough people are indeed interested then we can go on to discuss a plot. I just wanted to make everyone aware that I'm open to suggestions, I'm not forcing a single idea down all participants' throats.
  4. I'm referring to groups in general since this is a group, yeah? Anyways, have fun finding your canon peeps! Hopefully they can read and write! :D
  5. I don't know if this would actually work, I just wanted to pop in and say that Supernatural = <3

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